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Of Udus and the state of insecurity
20. October 2019 at 09:00
Remorsefully, I remind you of the fear of students, especially those in the new city Hostels (Bakassi) and indeed all of the students, who still feel unsecured holding their laptops and phones; that's in addition to the fear of being assaulted on the way to our respective halls of residence.

In UDUS, like other higher education institutions in the world, safety and security of persons particularly students’ residence remain topical. Studies revealed that crime and violence are prevalent in schools and higher learning communities, so UDUS is not excluded.

Clearly, security of lives and properties on our campus is deficient — especially main campus — this has dragged us to an emergency, and the university management taking priority in ensuring that students can pursue their academic activities without threat.

This incessant habit has caught the eyes of many on campus as night reading by students has become a thing of threat, and their properties unprotected. This has been observed to be a result of security negligence by the school authority. The glaring result is stealing of properties of not only the students but the university staff. The vice has also metamorphosed into attack of ambitious and enthusiastic students of the university by unscrupulous so-called 'yaro boys' who the students are neighbouring. It is crystal clear that this perpetual acts has 'almost' cost the lives of most students who left their loved ones at distant places. Students are not comfortable at all as their lives and properties are at risk of robbery. They even attack students on their way from night class. This capped the escapades.

However, I must commend the Student's Union in collaboration with the management for the introduction of Jacket for Okada rider on campus. This initiative requires all Danfodites to know the bikes allowed on campus and which not to be hired. This, we are told will ensure security and safety of students on campus. Unfortunately, this initiative is not enough to deal with the situation.

Remorsefully, I remind you of the fear of students, especially those in the new city Hostels (Bakassi) and indeed all of the students, who still feel unsecured holding their laptops and phones; that's in addition to the fear of being assaulted on the way to our respective halls of residence.

For years, security at various hostels have been nothing to write about. Kwankwasiyya (female) hostel experiences routine of attacks, Jubril Aminu Hostel, Friday. Whereas most hostels are without well trained security personnel, if at all any was deployed to secure the place.

The recent attack on one of the male students along Bakassi Hostel by an unknown assailant is evidently clear that the safety and security of our students are threatened. According to reports, the attacker stabbed the victim severely. Left him with injuries. This incident has left most students in state of fear and panic. The safety and security of our students is everyone’s responsibility. Many unknown and unreported students suffer the same fate. It seems no one cares about our safety anymore.

What is the way forward?

In order to ensure full security and safety on campus, Management and the Students’ Union (SU) must team up with regional police command for patrol to eliminate all kinds of attack on students during such odd period of the semester.

The University Hostel Board should charge all hostel operators in the vicinity to make sure they provide well

trained security guards and electronic security installations if possible in the hostels. Proper Screening should be conducted on people especially, visitors and strangers who go in and out of our hostels, as a measure to ensure the safety of students most importantly our female hostels.

Management must equip the campus security guards with all the appropriate and necessary logistics for their work. There should also be a campus emergency number or short code. This will encourage the prompt reporting of all emergencies, violence and criminal incidents around campus for a rapid response. Proper monitoring must be done on the security personnel to ensure that those at post do their work effectively.

University Management and Hostel maintenance must do their possible best to improve on illuminating the routes that lead to the hostels, especially at areas where students consider unsafe at night. Students must also become security conscious at every point in time. It’s important that every student remains at alert. They must also be encouraged to avoid walking alone in the night.

Students’ security is undeniably significant for students’ welfare. The need for all concerned stakeholders to play their roles in ensuring safety and security of students should never be taken for granted. Students are expected to perform their expected roles to ensure their own security in and outside their hostels; hostel managers should see security as fundamental in their hostels; thus, all the necessary security measures should be put in place.

There is also the need for the university to enforce the prescribed security measures. Because right now, Danfodites are gripping in fear. Today, we are students in the university, tomorrow we will be the people making decisions for our country, hence the need to create a sound and secure environment for our academic development. Our security should be a priority for management and all stakeholders.

Cite This Article As: Yasir Ibrahim. " Of Udus and the state of insecurity." International Youth Journal, 20. October 2019.

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