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Of Social Vices and Youth
27. November 2019 at 09:01
It's an article that tells the tale of a notorious Nigeria burger, who developed his inevitable interest. It shows the way of this inevitably inevitable problem in the society. The article also treats different things that causes social vices in our society.

Meanwhile, it's worthwhile before I proceed that the phrase "social vices" be expantiated. ''Vices", according to Wikipedia dictionary,it's a latin word -'vitium' which means defect or failing. Therefore, social vices are bad traits, unhealthy and negative behavior, that agree against the morality of a society and frowned at, by members of the society.

 For those who have ears to hear, and of course those who blind but not mindedly, would sense menace should we continue mistaken right for wrong and wrong the rights. Though ,not all who engage in what society frowns at, are of willingness but just as a say has it -" Show me your friend,and I will tell who you are". Through chosen a wrong friend , a semblance of soap and leave as different entities which become one,when stitched together for long.

Among what we celebrate this days are : cybercrime, burglary, smoking,terrorism, in the host of other animosities. It's never seized being inquisitive, what hope does a tomorrow of this kind today has. As it is, the saying never get ebbed, that 'Youth are the leaders of tomorrow', when today is even tired of hosting them young; let alone harbouring them as leaders of yonder. Do youth of today ever thought of this, that one day would be one day to pass-away this bridge, only ones deeds would remain alive forever. If life would be of paean, then hardnut that requires be broken with bear hands must come your way. Isn't all about hastiness in being like someone? The exotic car owners, expensive tapestry , and of course, the kings of no kingdom . You want to look like them, walk a semblance of them,and as well, making mountain out of molehills as they do.If not on hustling ,then embracing societal animosity is inevitable. Society would only secure a good name, if youth sees success as a bare footed walk on broken bottles. 

Just as the people of olden days eyed one life career or the other. And they walked towards seeing it crystallize to reality. So is the youth, making choice out of immorality. Sailing through the world of acrimony and naivety with passion. Isn't this the present world, where toddlers would rather associate and embrace cyber crime , unlike those professions that spurred the people of before now joyfully. 

Though, individual background as well, has a say. And how responsive parents see the task of child bearing. Just as the first celebrated armed robber in Nigeria narrated . Ishola oyenusi, popularly known as doctor oyenusi who terrorized the people of Lagos and other neighbouring cities In the 1970s. He and his gang killed scores with utmost hutzpah that nothing could stopped them from their notorious act. Forgotten that, if falsehood goes yearlong; it takes just a day for truth to match it. So, when his incautious roof finally sank, before he was shot; he confessed to have ventured into robbery when his vision of becoming a medical doctor could not be satisfied due to his parental poor status.

Thus, to save our society of the present mess. And of course, the future menace, all hands must be on desk henceforth. Parents must be responsive . And as well, youth must be ready to take charge of today, regardless of the decisive mantra of "leaders of tomorrow". Lest I forget, irresponsible government is also an impetus towards energizing social vices; citizens thrown to the mire of poverty ,populace's shoe subjected to get pinched. Until then, when today's youth would believe no paean without pain ,and that societal reputation needs be protected,through their submission to break egg before omelette could be made.

Cite This Article As: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi. "Of Social Vices and Youth." International Youth Journal, 27. November 2019.

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