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observation of the day
01. April 2019 at 09:00
Equality is wrong way that is conceptualize in our heads. Equality in rights, duties. Equality of gender. Equality in education & service. Let's explore the truth....

Equality is a wrong way that is implanted largely in heads. The direction itself is wrong. Because of past struggles & various infrastructure to torture the people's in slavery. The rights & revolutions took place & boomed the situation & we're in a better life right now.

For that time the requirements & mindset was struggling with situations & fights are going on at all possible levels of slaveries. Which was right that's why we're here in a position to take charge of the life that comes out of it. But due to slavery periods majority people's around the globe got a tendency to manage & maintain the self security & deep inside be defensive which seems right at surface level observation but when we analyse & go deep inside it's only a sensitivity that is always in alert mode with all senses open to defend any foreign thing or word. Here with foreign I mean with anything that is outside of our physical boundary or body along with brain.

It's a feeling of insecurity that don't allow us to bang with our fullest. The fear that inherited from slavery it's surely came in our genes as the expressions of the past but we need to remove that layer so that life can flourish & accept beyond the feelings of self security & self boundaries.

So what's the meaning of what I said above about equality. So is my point...

I just want to make a way to get self realisation. No spirituality, No science, No nonsense... Just you!!

The realisation to look beyond. Equality is a very critical line that always gives us a feeling of insecurity of either I don't get small or you don't get small. Instead if we see as our eyes do we can see the reflection of our selves in other eyes that is in contact. If we sense a touch, smell a fragment, hear a word anything just anything... It's inside us. May be influenced from outside but within us for sure. So what's nature's intention of making us like this in this long period of evolution?? Just this..

I guess it's a message that if we tune up or elevate our senses... We can learn & grow from inside & accordingly outside both are connected. Equality is the resistance in bowing down that you're & your abilities, performance, skills, nature & importance is no way less than me or anybody. Not for or in front of the people but in front of the superiority of the Natural way to gift us all is different & unique. If we learn to bow down to that. We don't need equality in us that creates complexity.

If you're more sensible then me your responsibility is more than me. That's something common we all live under this as students in a classroom. Teacher knows it all & well what's right somewhere if actually & truely devoted to teaching. Why man & woman equal rights why not both accept the superiority of both & that's practical thing. The fights of equality seems never ending only because of the confusion fall. Very less are able to maintain that critical line balance rest falls in either one of it either you or me is superior. If we sit back relax & think sensibly we easily reach to the conclusion that if not that person but what they carry we value we definitely bow down in learning & accepts superiority. Now don't tell me the movies hero's dialogue that I don't get down in front of anyone & call it your attitude the word that is unfortunately highly distorted these days.

The real champions show courage to knee down in respect to those who deserves it. There's no attitude business there. And for that people you & me in audience gives standing occasion..

A farmer, a teacher, a shoe maker & a President are not equal & we all know this. What we try to accomplish will only succed when we respect & give open heart love for their works they do. Small seems or big seems all is in mind. Where they are they deserve respect & their work is anyhow not less than the other but not in terms of equality otherwise we all don't respect President as shoe maker. But we do... I leave you with this to decide!!

I will come with my answer very soon .

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "observation of the day ." International Youth Journal, 01. April 2019.

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