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Noah Yesuf Yimer
International Youth Journal Author Noah Yesuf Yimer
Noah Yesuf is an instructor of Law, Human Rights Practitioner, and Researcher in Ethiopia. He holds his LLB from Wollo University, School of Law, and is currently LLM Candidate in Human Rights Law at Addis Ababa University. In his studentship he represent his country twice in international moot court competitions and bring first records for his country. Noah Yesuf has also won twice in national moot court competitions.

Author Information
Country: Ethiopia
Status: Working
Institute: Wollo University &Amp; Addis Ababa University

Interests: Human rights research and advocacy, climate change and environment, peace bulding, investment, world order
Member: Wollo University & AHRE
Awards: National and international moot court competetion awards (4 cups) and one best oralist cup award.
Books: The seven habits of highely effective people, Stephen R. Covey, 5 am Club, the Alchemist
Contact and Social Media
Facebook: lij.noah
Twitter: @noahyesuf
LinkedIn: noah-yesuf-bb3978191
Articles of Noah Yesuf Yimer
Link to Author Profile:  https://youth-journal.org/noah.yesuf.yimer
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