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New Year New Commitments
08. January 2018 at 22:34
Lets make a new commitment this new year to stand together to protect our environment and planet Earth
People celebrate every New Year with great enthusiasm, celebration and fun. We make new plans, analyze our last year works and hope to live a successful year. New Year is not only a beginning of a brand new year, it is also a beginning of a new believes, new hopes, new duties and new responsibilities; altogether it is a beginning of new beginnings.

Every new year we make commitments to lose the withdraws within ourselves and bring changes within our self. People feel that with the beginning of new year, they can leave their bad habits, faults or mistakes they are making and build a better version of themselves. Students make commitment to bring better grades, officials make commitment to do their job more efficiently and grab a promotion, couples make commitment to increase love and affection towards each other and so on.

Every year world is moving forward with developments and new technologies. With the development of facilities, technologies; environmental issues are also developing. Climate change, green house effect, global warming, deforestation, pollution are posing huge threat to environment from local to global level. With the world facing the huge environment challenges, we need make new commitments this year to fight against these challenges and protect our earth, else we will have a no new generation to celebrate new year in future if these challenges go on increasing.

Let’s make new commitments this new year to act for the environment from the local level together. Let’s make a commitment to reduce pollution. We can commit to recycle and reuse waste and dump remaining waste at proper disposal place rather than making a hills of waste materials on the roads or at the chock. We should be able to manage the waste that we are producing. Let’s not harm the beauty of nature.

Let’s make commitment to gift a tree a tree on our friends, relatives and beloved one’s birthday rather than gifting fancy gift and celebrate Green Birthday. Let’s make commitment to plant two new trees, if we happen to cut one tree. With almost 53% of the population being unknown about climate change in NEPAL which is fourth vulnerable country in terms of effect of climate change, Let’s make commitment to share our knowledge and aware other as much as we can.

Along with our regular new year commitments, Let’s make new commitments this new year to live in more environment friendly way and fulfill the responsibility of being a human being to protect our home earth Let’s “Act Locally”, “Act Differently” and ”Act Together”.
Cite This Article As: Kushal Naharki. "New Year New Commitments." International Youth Journal, 08. January 2018.

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