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Netflix and privacy protection
22. September 2019 at 09:03
For the past four years, I have been watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. Usually, I pay annual subscription fees that allow me to watch all types of movies. I find this approach cheaper and convenient as compared to buying movies every day. Besides, I usually receive notifications regarding the latest movies.

I am updated when new movies are released. At the time I was registering as a member with Netflix, I was required to fill a lot of personal details in my profile. First of all, I had to give my full names and email address including my alternative email addresses. Additionally, I was required to provide my phone number under Membership and Billing.

Moreover, I had to provide my payment and billing information for payment purposes. Here, I inserted my credit card number under Payment & billing information so that Netflix can deduct annual subscription fees. Before giving my payment details, I was concerned about the ability of Netflix to protect such critical information against malicious employees, hackers, and crackers. The fact that my credit card is directly connected to the bank also made me more worried. This is simply because if cybercriminals accessed my personal information and payment details from Netflix, they could be able to withdraw all the cash in my bank account.

In an effort to address my concerns, I had to go to Netflix Privacy Policy to determine whether my personal information especially payment details are safe from disclosure. After reading Netflix Privacy Policy, I realized that Netflix only shares personal information with its family of companies and service providers. Payment details are not shared with unrelated parties with consumers’ consent. Besides, personal information is fully protected against any form of unauthorized access and disclosure. With such insights, I trust that my payment details are safe with Netflix. Besides, I am free to remove my profile and credit card information.

Cite This Article As: Kunal Bansal Chandigarh. "Netflix and privacy protection ." International Youth Journal, 22. September 2019.

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