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Negligence: The journey of West Africa education
23. May 2017 at 11:32
Prescribed education is essentially and culturally valuable in a society. A good school presentation is like a litmus paper which shows, future social success providing a wealthy bundle of knowledge.
Since the early 20th century, there has been anxiety in thoughtful why some children had difficulty learning. In recent years, access to school has become universal and consequently, complaints of examination malpractices, underprivileged school performance and difficulty learning have increased in doctors' offices.
Since last decade, the enormous majority of children are enrolled in basic and junior high schools. The access to school is no longer restricted, but "education quality" and examinations misconducts are still problems to be solved.
More than a few studies show that about 15% to 20% of offspring in their early school years have difficulty wisdom and, thus, a deprived school performance. These estimates can reach 30-50% if the first six school years are scrutinized.

Let's start by first looking at the foundations of negligence, why do people engage in examination malpractice?
Firstly, one major cause of examination Malpractice is Overemphasis on Certificate.
Rightly education is liberation, but around the people of Ghana we have been made to know that without success in formal education (good grades) there is nothing good from you, what do you expect? Get the grades at all cost. Transactional sex remains to be the alternative for the beautiful ladies and the male teachers. This over emphasizing of a thing is caused by low job opportunity in the labor market... And the only thing the labor market uses as its standard is good grades. And yet we still realize that even good grades do not get the job but good connection...That is Gold Coast of today!

Secondly, insertion of redundant progressions in the prospectus as vital compared to others. The system has made it extensively recognized that best students with poor Mathematics, Science and English language background are useless after school. Glowing interrogations are: How relevant are those courses to an environmentalists? How relevance is mathematics to a person who wants to do communication? How relevant is Mathematics to a community champion? Does/he or she has to plot time to calculate on how starves can be rescued while in most cases urgent actions are needed? Yet you fill our curriculum with unjustified courses making young people and students feel useless as living being.

Also, I will shift the blame on the decline in Educational standards as caused by a failed edifying policies and curriculum. What do I mean by failed policy and curriculum? The UN on education has given as policy that 27% of the nation’s budget is to be spent on education for countries with less development in terms of tutoring. However, contrary is the case in countries like Ghana and Kenya, governments does not care for the education of the nation having many institutions of learning abandoned.
In our education boards, we have less than competent administrators making our syllabus and curriculum. Salaries of teachers are not encouraging enough coupled with the fact that some of the teachers are not qualified to teach the students. The students themselves do not have the incentives to encourage learning in the less conducive atmosphere of learning that students are learning from. You can imagine students of over 1000 forcing their way into a lecture room of 250 capacities with no Public Address system for the lecturer to communicate his lectures to the students.

I once had a debate with one of my tutor in the government class some years back on this same cause and at the end we later put the blame on the above mentioned point and poor educational system when the competent teachers don't get the job but the well-connected incompetent one.... Africa is a tragic land which needs quicker actions for recovery.
In a nutshell, I was once in one junior high school to deliver letter. I was disappointed when I heard the so called English teacher speaks. The same teacher has been in that same school for over 6 years.... What do you expect; over 90% of the students I interviewed couldn't make a complete sentence.

The way headfirst:

I suggest that making Information Communication and technology an elective subject at the senior high school level will build the capacity of students to have basic employability skills to enter the Job market. ICT is about working with people, solving problems, finding solutions and making a difference to peoples’ lives. Imagine where ICT can make a difference to reduce global warming. Students can help develop ICT solutions to reduce industrial discharges of greenhouse gases, design and develop alternative energy sources, introduce more efficient systems and technologies to manage energy use, establish and run countries’ greenhouse gas emission trading schemes, and drive many vital climate change initiatives into the future. Through this, we would end up achieving Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and too a combination of Quality Education as samples of the issues paraded in Sustainable Development Goals.
Cite This Article As: Francis Ametepey. "Negligence: The journey of West Africa education." International Youth Journal, 23. May 2017.

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