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Narrative of a Yali Beneficiary - A call for youth awakening in Leadership
09. January 2019 at 09:06
My eyperienece as a participant of the Yali RLC Accra Program Online Chort 7 Experience.
Key take away from the program
My key take away from the program is never start a business to make money but to solve a problem and provide a solution. This I learnt from one of the sessions on entrepreneurship.

Challenges or possible reasons for discouragement e.g the attitude of the organizers, your internship or community Service
My biggest challenge during the program was the uncertainty that enveloped the program from start to finish. From the postponement of kick off to the change in the layout--- that is we were promised that we have a 5 weeks of online and 1week onsite training at the Regional Leadership Centre Accra. It was really hard to plan around the program. But thankfully I was one of the few people who completed the program against the odds.

Future plans from here
I have a few things off my sleeve in 2019. Plans are in top gear to launch a retail pharmacy, online pharmacy and primary care startup in Lagos to solve the problem of high disease burden through access to safe fee and affordable medicines, healthcare and wellbeing. Also, I want to continue my work with mentoring small business founders and social entrepreneurs but in a more structured manner. Including commencing my advocacy work on promoting innovation, social entrepreneurship in the areas of transformative technology such as AI, AR/VR, etc for mental health, emotional wellbeing, happiness, joy and human flourishing.
Cite This Article As: Esimaje Michael Onoseme. "Narrative of a Yali Beneficiary - A call for youth awakening in Leadership." International Youth Journal, 09. January 2019.

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