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My suicide: destroying our planet
12. February 2019 at 12:24
"Me" when you read this 2 letter word you said yourself. Tell me how it feels like. It's a sucide "my sucide"!! Now tell me how it feels while you read. Who's responsible?? Aren't you too.
This is the deepest blow of died emotion from my heart. That why "I" have to write it today. "I" means "you" yourself. Doing sucide every day. Today we can dare to say moon will be our home, someday mars will be our home, Kepler-438B planet be our home .....& a lot more. Why they don't dare to say that they save my home "my earth" that is our home.

We as innovators do invent & that ability is fantabulous but why they destroy my home "my earth". I'm not going to listen your non-sense logics because you are pushing me to the death. The tests of nuclear weapons they call it security & defence. That's the silly mistake even a kid knows that it hurts, it hurts my earth it is killing us everyday. No matter who do that, no matter why they do that, no matter when they do that... .

Who am i today?? I'm just your inner voice that is struggling to survive at my own home my earth. I fears that may be someday it will be finished on the name of silly non-sense that it's war & destruction happens. But no one will take responsibility of mine. That's me, that's you.

No matter who wins but my family will die because my mom told me once this planet is your family always take care of it & it's people. We don't have any home. Trust me; moon, mars, Kepler-438B & dozens like that may have possibility of life's. But it will not be my earth!! Not this beautiful not on my memories, not with this sun & the moon, no mom will say look at the sky & it feels safe from here & builds courage to explore the entire universe but still I wish to come back on this earth to hug my mom, to sit with my dad, to tease my sister on my silly logics, to bow down in front of sages, to love scientists who talk to me with their equations. With my teachers who loves me, taught me, scold me & care for me a lot....

We already running out of technology that is constructive, we rely on reckless destructive & self-suide killing environment. I'm worried.. I don't want to loose my home. I still have a hope that we care, I still hope that good will happen, I still hope that we save our lives. And I still hope that my home "my earth" will all fragrance.

Please look at my hopes. What we can do?? It's a big question for a 21year kid because I might lag in many aspects. But what I can do I'm sharing I'm not going to take part in group sucide. I decided to live. I'm going to consider every small thing I can do from cleaning my home to throwing a garbage. From my bad life to good life to produce lives. To learn & teach not on notes but by growing plants if I don't have much land, I'm going to plant small plants in pots. From improving my life to inspiring the lives.

It's still a small fraction but when "I" be "you" it will be a great possibility. We don't have to save planet that is earth. We have to save our home.. "My sucide" can you help me to live by giving some hope & your hand of yourself for "I" .... We're dying by our own creations & don't tell me nonsense that we can't do anything. If our creations welfare remote is in wrong hands why don't we capture & tell them we don't want you. And no one can destroy my home.

We're a family from the first day we're born how can anyone decided that who is going to live & who is not. Let's stop this "slow-known-globalgroup sucide".. we all know & want to live save "I" just start from one from you. We will change the world. And I wish & pray no one in this tenderage will again has to cry & write this ever again as "my sucide"

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "My suicide: destroying our planet." International Youth Journal, 12. February 2019.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/my-suicide-destroying-our-planet

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