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Muhammad Athar Azad Athar Maqsood
International Youth Journal Author Muhammad Athar Azad Athar Maqsood
 Myself Muhammad Athar. Recently completed my FSC(Pre-medical). I am Author at International Youth Journal as well as a Debater and Speaker. I have an honor to be a Junior Ambassador of Harvard University for a project about partition of subcontinent. I am attached with Rahimia Institute of Quranic Sciences for 3 years. Where we learn How to build a society on Islamic Principles like the Era of Muslims of Subcontinent. I am passionate to serve Humanity by eradicating Tyranny and to tyrants from society. I have worked with many NGOs and organizations like Greenify Pakistan, Donate for humanity, Save and Serve Humanity, Pay for others, Amnesty etc. I have an honor to be a Core member of Astrobiology Network of Pakistan.
I have done many outreach activities in schools and colleges by ABNP. I also did a Teacher training in a Trust school.I wrote articles for education in Pakistan such as  Education Budget and our needs, Why twelve years of education is necessary for girls.

Author Information
Country: Pakistan
Status: Other
Institute: Misali Zakerya Higher Secondary School Arifwala

Interests: Football, Reading Books, Photography ,Traveling ,Writing,Management,Volunteer,Work,Snooker,Vlogging
Member: Rahimia,Greenify Pakistan, Donate for humanity, Save and Serve Humanity, Pay for others, Amnesty.
Awards: Student of the year at college, Junior Ambassador by Harvard University for a project.
Books: Think and grow Rich, Alchemist
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