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Mission Happiness
16. April 2019 at 09:01
Our generation is suffering highly from mental disorders, low level of happiness, and high disappointments must be taken into account. Together, we can make right things happen to make this world better place for each other.

As per data, provided by WHO around 450 million or 1 out of 4 people are suffering from mental health disorders. More than 40% of countries have no policies regarding mental health issue. There are several mental health disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsion where depression is ranked on 4th as disease burden cause. It is estimated that by 2020 it will be ranking 2nd. This data and reading about mental health sounds really big, and unrealistic to many. Many of us can’t imagine 1 out of 4 of us is suffering from a mental disorder, it sounds like umm no not us, right?

Major causes of stress and depression are found out to be any kind of abuse (majorly emotional), conflict, and loss of your close people, genetics and certain medication. If we discuss and go little in depth of our routine, and trends of society we might save our loved once from this horrible experience. So, the world is moving more towards competition, another side yeah we are talking a lot about “being myself”. But, inside somewhere directly or indirectly, consciously or sub-consciously we all are comparing ourselves to someone. Wearing brands, being trendy, having smart electronics, being social, being famous, and being able to answer everyone has been some of the common desires. Additional things are being given attention as primary factors of life.

Whether we say it or not, majority of us want to perform up to certain levels in society. Even though, we know, we see and we hear from the people who are standing at good position out there at any level being teenager or adult still don’t feel satisfied. They are not happy, people surrounded by 10 laughing feels lonely at the end of the day. Still, we don’t want to accept what the real happiness is. We try to give excuses and various shape to the definition of happiness and satisfied life. 97% of us want to live the way they like, but still less than 8% of that population is doing what they want to. Doesn’t this sound very stupid? Knowing that following certain trends is bringing no positive changes in life, listening to their experiences by our own self, feeling their stress by our own heart if can’t change us than what would.

All of us want to be loved, all of us want to share and care. When it doesn’t happen, we feel disappointed, that little pain in heart is quite sad, those headaches we go through are just exhausting, the tears we shed feels like stone weighing more than our body, and that heart-beats as in the race for wining gold medal. This isn’t easy; though, it is okay being a human being we have to go through these emotions, we have to go through sadness that’s how we are made by Lord. The thing is nature isn’t made to destroy us, and when these emotions do it has ugly effects on our lives. This all come from disappointment, than it is obvious we are also reason of someone’s sadness somehow. What happens actually, we don’t behave well when we are sad and we don’t like it when someone don’t behave well. It irritates us seeing someone reacting over sensitive or frowning around.

How can we resolve it? Since, we all are suffering from it; first thing is to not say I have suffered from problems and heart-breaks. Now majority of us have suffered hence, there is no point of seeing our own-selves as the only victim. Second, we want happy surroundings, and again we all have problems so how can we get people smiling and loving us? The solution is keep them happy, research shows when a person is happy they react better. Even they show more love, care and concern when they are at peace. While people suffering feel lonely which causes the growth of negativity in mind, and eventually a negative perception of world. They can’t behave up to our expectation while they are already fighting a battle in mind. Talk to your people for what they are feeling, ask question when feel instability in their emotions. It’s not just for them, but you yourself would have better surrounding. Keep in mind we all have problems, and if we leave each other thinking that I am the one suffering, then who would initiate?

To lead happy, healthy and successful life bring smile on faces. Love a little more, let’s get all together to increase life expectancy of our loved once. Your little compliment could make someone smile. A dairy milk, a hug, a kiss, a walk in garden or may be just a 2 minute soulful talk would be enough to brighten up someone’s day. Stand, go and spread happiness.  Let yourself and your people live more, and live better. If we all get together this depression expected to come at 2nd could go below 4th. Anything is possible just we all see each other as a team. Mission happiness!

Cite This Article As: Bharti Kumari. "Mission Happiness." International Youth Journal, 16. April 2019.

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