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Mirror Mirror
21. March 2019 at 09:01
In the past, whenever I had to go on a date or attend an important meeting, I’d usually spend up to 3 hours in front of the mirror. Once the make-up routine came to an end, I would proudly say, “Who can be prettier than this girl?” But my inner mind was like, “Kendall Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian are still prettier than you , HAHAHA”.

I always seem to make myself somewhat sad, and unconfident, because I always believed that “pretty is not my thing”. So, I cleaned off all my make-up, undressed, ordered a pizza, and cherry coke. Anyway, I thought that I didn’t have to go on a diet because I was “ugly”, even when I was thin or fat I still believed I was ugly! Would you believe me if I said that it was everything I’ve thought for the last 5 years?

I later found out that it wasn’t just me, who was unsatisfied with the way I looked. About 97 percent of girls think that they are ugly, or unsatisfied with the way their body look or different type of unsatisfaction about their appearance.Only 3 percent of them thinks they are perfect.

Another reason why I was unhappy, was because of the environment I was in . My “friends” always told me that I was not that pretty, “Anujin, your nose is like the Alp’s hills etc.” My boyfriend always said “I like your mind your thoughts, but I don’t like your style”. All of these people, made me UNCONFIDENT in myself.

‘Mihi sic usus est;

tibi, ut opus est facto, face’

This is my intention, mind your own business

  • “If you describe someone, especially a girl, as pretty, you mean that they look nice, and attractive in a delicate way”.

But guess what ? They see my disability and I see my ability to do hard. There are some incidents, that happens in our life –those incidents break us, deform us, but they mold you in the best version of you”. Beautiful is not only visual. It is also you mind, your behavior, your soul, and your desire.

“I'll tell you a secret about storytelling. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty... were not perfect in the

beginning. It's only a happy ending on the last page, right? If the princess had everything from the beginning, there wouldn't be a story. Anyone who is imperfect or incomplete can become the main

character in the story.”

―       Peach-Pit

Lot of girls might think that they will not be accepted by the society because of their appearance. So, I would like to share with you, my thoughts. Girl, you are beautiful. Don’t let others put you down, you must not believe in the way they see you. Just let them go, with their idiotic thoughts about you. Be confident, and live on. “Live your life fully” –accept yourself the way you are. Be kind to yourself and only then you can be kind to others. Love yourself and spread that love.

Now, I look at my mirror and I always say, “I am ugly, so what? I am not that pretty, but I have enough power to live okay ;). You can’t make me feel down, mirror...

I am highly encouraging you to say "Mind your own business" to your mirror too. Best wishes, Your Anir.

Cite This Article As: Anujin Saruul. "Mirror Mirror." International Youth Journal, 21. March 2019.

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