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Maximizing your default in-built human capacity
26. July 2018 at 21:13
One problem being faced by most students is; the understanding of how they can build capacity for their future through maximizing their in-built human capacity. But first, the discovery of your potentials is paramount, which will then land you on the route towards maximizing your default in-built human capacity.
Being a young talent and purpose driven individual, you will agree with me that there are so many things that tends to fascinate me as an individual. Just like what I use to tell my colleagues and anyone I come across in life; that “a person might not be good at everything, and a person might not necessarily be the kind of an individual you would have wished him or her to be, but there is this one thing (or even more) that he or she derives satisfaction, joy, completeness, happiness and fulfillment in doing that."

That one thing is something I call “an in-built personality.” It is something that no matter how bad a person might be in other aspects; this one thing always tends to give out the best in him or her. This one thing is just like our normal communication gadgets that do have its default settings; of which, no matter the change in settings you make on that device, the default setting still remains there, and you can go back to it anytime.

It is not erasable: it can only not be in use at a current state. Once it is programmed, it cannot be toyed with. Now, the question is "how to walk on the path towards maximizing your default in-built human capacity"?

I, as an individual, do love to network and connect with people, as much as I have the opportunity. Reading and studying have also been activities, I consistently engage myself in (not just when I find myself in the academic environment), as they tend to serve as a means of learning about new things, and getting myself involved in global affairs, which helps educate me about trending happenings around me.

However, just like the default settings of a device, one important aspect of my life that interest me the most, is the act of researching and writing. The act of research helps me to verge into the search for solutions to problems, aimed at finding self fulfillment. The act of writing is the aspect which helps me to convey the knowledge and understanding gained from my research activities to the projected audience, in order not to hold on to the knowledge which if I had conveyed, will help solve some impending problems that is been faced.

Thus, I find fulfillment most importantly when I find myself in the act of solving problems through researching and writing mediums, and, I am fascinated and inspired each time I do that, because I know that the society tends to feel of its impact. Thus, working towards the development of my in-built self potential.

Now it is up to you to discover what in-built human personality you are made of; else, you will be in like mind as to that of a person who bought a new communication gadget and goes on to operate such device at his or her own discretion, without first consulting the device’s manual.

Unless you turn back to the point where you missed the manual towards discovering your default setting, you will be as the earth’s sub surface, which contains in it different deposits that are of different importance, but is or are never known, unless it is been worked upon.

What do you intend to achieve with your precious gift of life? Your challenge could be that you have not walked in the path that would have led you to the absolute maximization of your in-built human capacity deposit. Thus, the first step to walk you up to that height is the rediscovery of what in-built human capacity you have right inside of you. And, that (human capacity discovery) - you can start by asking yourself what you derive completeness and fulfillment in doing. And, if probably you have the knowledge of what default you’re made of, but have not been making full utilization of its importance, then your journey towards maximizing your default in-built human capacity and self value fulfillment can start this very moment.

However, I must remind us that, your discovered in-built human capacity can only serve its rightful place when it is been used in the right manner for which it is meant to be utilized, else you only tend to misuse that which have been placed in you. Thereby, making your path towards maximizing your default in-built human capacity to be obscured.
Many potentials have been laid low into the walls of a cold grave, as a result of so many hindrances, which could be either of this:
- laczity on our own side as humans
- absence of the right environment to make use of your potentials
- the people we surround ourselves with; and many more

All these, can hinder the total maximization of one's potentials, not until we step up to address such issues of eminent importance.
Cite This Article As: Abednego Ishaya. "Maximizing your default in-built human capacity." International Youth Journal, 26. July 2018.

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