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Maximizing the human abilities.
04. September 2018 at 22:10
It all starts with our birth. When we born by the time we learn emotions, to crawl, to observe, expressions, demands, requirements of survival is inbuilt in our system or dna from very moment we got birth. Then one day comes and crawling baby tries to stand on feet may fall many times but efforts to stand makes enough courage & strength and we walk.
Then we start walking & no mistake till now. We learn language and start talking. That all things we learn requires a lot of effort & starvation to do it. But eventually we go to school some day where we learn to read and write. But wait tell me before I proceed how will you teach me the letter " A" . Is it by saying draw line and curve or something like that almost any of your word is "WORD" assume I'm fully illiterate and hardly 2 & 1/2 years you can't teach a letter by using a word?? Does that bother you. How can you even expect from me that??

Tell me do you have some other way.. But we all know we managed to teach & learn somehow. But that contradict our whole natural learning process into believe system. The most powerful tool in learning in the entire Cosmos is "Mind" is not that so. So learning how to learn is more important than to rush for learning itself. Concentration and focus classes are hardly there in schools and in some schools it's hardly in a month or week. The entire science of how the mind works is missing in syllabuses all around in my knowing. It's like you are giving access to Nuclear plant to someone who don't know anything about it or simplifying my words teaching someone to work on any computer software without knowing the computer itself. Yes definitely things work but can we call it education that gives freedom or simply something that has no relevance in life. I'm saying it hard because hardly there are people's who know even how their sleep is. Why dreams comes??

Why we die every single night for 6 or 8 hours. What's that and why?? I'm not talking about any alien thing I'm talking what we experience every single night. So somehow most of us don't know how to relax how thought pops in mind, why some time happy and sad, why some of us are good in grasping the patterns and some are not. We usually say that it's natural that we all are different. And there I feel like lol because we contradict that thought every single day. When we ask questions from our intelligence or most of the teacher expects to teach their students the very same thing and expect from us to recite the same without any distortion or experimentation. If we all are similar but not the same then how can you expect everyone to experience in the same way while learning. So usually kids start memorizing in India we call it " ratta" in a funny way that is called cramming. It simply not going to work very few people's are completely free from that while education.

Our nature is so easy like you watch a movie that you liked very much you can recall almost with a great efficiency it's all the scenes, story, graphics, characters and even set of the movie with props. So how's that?? That we get so ease to recalling whatever we have to even after years and with that efficiency. I will not call it magic of mind I call it feature of mind as when you learn to use ms excel adding is no more a big deal in long charts or to analyze them. That's how the mind works. I let you free to explore your mind with the question how to use your mind at it's fullest. I will come with this soon by which you can start access to your brain. Till then take care keep questioning it will help you.

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Maximizing the human abilities.." International Youth Journal, 04. September 2018.

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