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01. July 2018 at 21:16
This poem depicts the current situation of our Mother Earth where humans, who are supposed to be the caretaker of the planet, ended up as the destroyers. This piece intends to be as a wake-up call for everyone that before it's too late we have to make an action and a change that will begin from us.
Things were no longer the same;
the sweet sounding chirps of the birds
became a requiem as they fell in numbers,
the vibrant and verdant field of greens
were visited by plagues and became barren,
the sun have shed a lonely beam of crowns
instead of striking a blissful rays of touch,
and the wind that was once oozing with joy
is whispering for sadness and craving for cure.

Things were not getting any better;
the rushing water in rivers and streams
ended up begging for rain to quench its thirst,
the diverse species within the healthy biosphere
suddenly went endangered and soon to be extinct,
the splendid beauty of the towering mountains
has become a ravening milieu of human necessities
and the earth’s protectress against UV rays
became a feeble, fragile and weary diadem.

We were no longer the stewards
of this very planet;
we consume the resources without replenishing,
we mine the minerals like a greedy termite,
and we exploit its resources without a single halt.
She’s getting sicker as days marches into years;
droughts, changing climate patterns were the harbingers
yet we tend to ignore her cacophonic callings and
continue what we thought was intentionally right
but ethically wrong—we became her very own
predator and a malady creeping and killing her core.

Cite This Article As: Febeto Potutan Jr.. "Malady." International Youth Journal, 01. July 2018.

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