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Love: Beyond An Act 2!
14. June 2020 at 22:06
Tyler: I like you. You are a very bold girl.Girl 1: Thanks so much....Girl 2: Uh uh! I heard when Tyler said he likes you.Girl 1: Yes! That isn't a big deal. I stood up to the bully and he likes me for it. It's normal.Girl 2: Really?! You must be daft. No boy likes a girl like that. He wants you.''Girl 1 wonders why Girl 2 is taking the whole thing beyond what it looks like.''

Why do people attribute love and relationships to sex and romance between a male and a female?

85% of the articles and pictures on love and relationships online all portray romance and sex. You hardly can find a write up or picture on love that is separate from sex. Even physically, when someone says ‘I love you’ to another, it is automatically interpreted as ‘I want us to be romantically involved’ or ‘I want to have sex with you’.

So, how do we explain the Love that exists among friends; the love displayed by parents to their children and vice versa; the love between co-workers; the love expressed by students to one another in school; the relationship of couples aside sex?

Things are getting so worse that children, students, teenagers, even adults cannot use the 'love or like' word for another person without being suspected.

“So, what is Love really? And what is Love not?”

•Love is not first romance, it is not sex nor a first sight electromagnetic goosebumpy phenomenon.

•Love is more of the knowledge one has of another person or people that births a response of mutual understanding. Love has its own emotions in different cadres of relationships.

The emotion Love evokes in a marriage relationship is different from the one in friendship, work place, among school mates, etc. This is why it is wrong for a father to sleep with his daughter or a close relative and very wicked to rape someone because the act of sex should come from a knowing (love) and consent that has birthed an acceptable, approved and mutual emotion strictly between the two parties involved.

Love is not sex; Sex is not love.

Seeing that many events of sexual assault happen these days, it is becoming almost impossible for a father to tell his daughter ‘I love you’ or people innocently declaring love to themselves in order to avoid being misunderstood or suspected. I know there are still many who don’t care whether they are misunderstood.

So, a girl is raped and some of the questions asked her is if anyone tells her ‘I love you’ often which her dad says all the time. Mentioning her dad innocently makes him a suspect of sexual assault. Why?!

It is important we have an overhauling and formatting of our mindsets, irrespective of the evil sexual assault flying around. Until we are changed in our minds in all areas, our society will not be liberated.

Sex ist not love and love is not sex.

As a matter of fact, there are people who having not met one another before have sex with one another when they are drunk, or horny. This is the flip side of sex.

Sex is meant to be a far reaching expression of Love between two people who know each other and have a mutual emotion evoked by their knowing. So, rather than sleeping around, we all deserve to do sex in love in marriage. This is the way GOD who is LOVE desires it to be.

And rather than thinking of someone to be romantically involved in in the name of loving, look for friends sincerely and you will realise that Love is beyond an act put to win someone's heart for something far reaching; it is a knowing and decision every human must make for a more comfortable mutual human interactions.

Cite This Article As: Mary Joy Orola . "Love: Beyond An Act 2!." International Youth Journal, 14. June 2020.

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