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Life is beautiful with Black and White keys
14. June 2019 at 15:03
Life is beautiful with Black and White keys. As much as I love music, I have found it pretty difficult to learn a musical instrument. Maybe I will learn it in some years to come. Anyways, while in the church listening to the melodious sounds, I saw the skillful pianist fingers running through the piano.

Every sound made me shake my head and feet in response to the melody. I wished the choir never got to the last stanza. The music brought healing to my soul.

You know music is sweet to the soul

But while enjoying the melody of the song, I took a closer look at the piano, I was surprised I saw mixtures of colors on the piano. I saw the colors white and color black. To be candid, I really loved the white keys., but right within me, I had a bit of confusion and question, Why will black keys produce sweet sounds? Black is not my favorite color. I love something colorful.

So I watched the hands of the skillful musician and I noticed he had to play the black and white keys to get the awesome sound. I expected the black keys to produce an awful sound, rather, the sound was pleasant. I discover that when you skillfully play the black keys it complements the white keys. I began to have another perspective on black colors.

Just like never before, I sat down and I began to reflect on my life

Life is full of white and black keys.

You must learn to play the white keys and the black keys

To make the beautiful sounds in life

Sometimes life gives us the Black keys in forms of

Bitterness, discouragement, delay, denial, disappointment....

Another time life gives us the white keys and we appear on the

sunny side of life with sweetness, laughter, beauty, celebration, success, sound health....

All the same whatever key life offers you to press don't skip it

Remember life will be beautiful when we learn to play the Black and White keys in a skillful manner. When you get the black keys in life, skillfully play them and you will discover they complement the white keys to give us wonderful sounds.

Life is beautiful with Black & White keys

Cite This Article As: Oluwadamilola Adigun. "Life is beautiful with Black and White keys." International Youth Journal, 14. June 2019.

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