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Lie of 24 hours in a day!!
02. January 2019 at 09:09
We all don't have 24 hours. It's a great myth. We all have two clocks out of which one is mechanical and the other one is biological. And that's what makes it different.
25th hour of the day I found it perfect for what I'm going to tell you because we all don't have the same 24hours. You might heard that we all have 24 hours in a day but that's not true. Really!! Yes. How is so as logically we can't deny the 24 hours in a day concept but think again.

We all have two clocks. One is running outside & the other is running inside. Outside clock uses the mechanical instructions of time. That's independent of what we do. But there is a clock running inside that I called Biological clock. That's connectted with planet's tune with body. Have you ever thought that how someone is so efficient at work & have a productive day and you can't even if you try hard.

The reason is the time variable that person added few extra hours in her/his day so for sure they have some extra ease of doing everything. You might or not met such a person in your real life but I'm sure you heard, saw on TV or read about them on internet. Not with the same title as I. They are the people who taught them selves how to add extra hour in a day & also they are more happy & productive. They complete most of the things what others can't in the same time.

So now I guess you got some curiosity about biological clock well it means how you perceive the time. Yes how you perceive the time & not that mechanical clock that tic-toc hanging on the wall. If you go on reading Physics it's relatively theory of Albert Einstein. And if you go on & look for Yogic philosophy you might get deep glance to it. It's been a great significance in Yogic culture. They relate the Cosmos with self & Einstein related the Cosmos with geometry & Mathematics.
Whichever you choose the truth remains the same.

In abstract the time is not same & don't pass same on everyday & for everyone. I tell you something special we in India say that in Winters the night is longer than the day & in summer the day is longer than night. It's quite distorted statement at many places. But the culture actually related the time span with the body or our concept of biological clock. That's why we say that in Winters you get full sleep at night & in summer you have less time to sleep at night.

Now I think you will not feel the statement controversial. Let me explain 1 more point here very briefly. Logically saying in winter the surrounding is cold & body radiates fast also in summer the surrounding is hot the body radiates slow that's how the basis of the concept is as i told you above. Now can we expand our time & add few extra hours in our day full of life. Happiness & smiles are in bonus.

Yes we can!! If you add little breathing exercises most accurately saying pranayama. Some physical yoga called traditionally as hat yoga ( you need to do very basic one) little meditation & your exercises if you doing it already. Just on my vow just try 30 minutes in the morning for a week. If you don't feel it worthy leave it from 8th day. Or if it really adds up your life allow yourself to continue this for life time.
* It will also add to your intelligence!!

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Lie of 24 hours in a day!!." International Youth Journal, 02. January 2019.

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