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Let's walk the same step
29. May 2017 at 08:56
It all started three years ago when two years after my Baccalaureate second part, I followed a documentary HOME of Yann Arthus-Bertrand who presents the state of our planet, the causes and consequenses of the overconsumption of Its resources by man and his unconsciousness. I was then a student in Biology and Animal Physiology at the Lomé Campus. So touched by the facts, I immediately turned my jacket and oriented myself towards the environment and the preservation of Mother Nature.
The beginning

The environment, which makes people laugh, makes others smile and calls for consciousness at least one is also an area which for us citizens of certain countries is an opportunity certainly but also a journey.

After a one-year course, we initiated and organized the "Waste Management in Kpessi" project, which consists of collecting the waste generated by the IAEC students on their integration day and returning it to a structure Competent authority; A tradition that has been perpetuated until now. More than that, we organized the fourth edition of the Celebration of the Earth in Togo (CETETO) in collaboration with the Students of the Water and Environment Management of the University of Lomé and the association ASOL Togo under the theme: "How to make our cities cities ecological" which saw the participation of a hundred students from all walks of life. All this in order to sensitize the students on the protection of the environment and veracity on the climate change.

From Technology to Climate Change

The action taken in our school was perhaps praiseworthy but not sufficient. It would have to impact more and go beyond the limits. Then a tour of the community of Woelab allowed me to understand and to know the importance of the social networks. I made a passion and directly associated with my profession. And here is my blog Envi228News, the first source of report dedicated to the environment and related sciences in Togo (www.envi228news.wordpress.com). This blog is for me a springboard to federate a community which, thanks to my articles and publications, will become ambassadors of Mother Nature. From organic farming to renewable energies, biodiversity to environmental education are the different subjects I deal with through my blog. To demonstrate the importance of the tree in an urban environment in order to limit the climate change a little, a study was carried out in partnership with Eco Tec Lab (An ecologic Makerspace : #Ecoteclab) and Tech228 The online press dedicated to technology) entitled "Togo: Technology to demonstrate the importance of the tree in urban areas" on June 1, 2016 (www.tech228.com/togo-la-technologie-pour-demontrer-limportance-de-larbre-en-milieu-urbain/). Other trainings that I animate at the level of Scouting where I am Trainer of the Trainers in organic agriculture or in the framework of competitions like Africa Energy Generation Prize of which I am ambassador allow me to impact more than one. Currently Assistant to the Director of the NGO Social Action for Integral Development, I sensitize through the project of collection and recycling of electronic waste the schools on the risks related to the said waste.

So to the question of what I do to fight climate change; I answer that I educate and slowly but surely integrate the notions of sustainable development and eco-citizenship with the Togolese people. I have self-proclaimed myself as Mother Nature's ambassador and I invite my peers to do the same and then act locally because it is only by doing so that we will succeed in changing mentalities and therefore to wait for the Sustainable Development Goals
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