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Leen Albalawi
International Youth Journal Author Leen Albalawi
I am turning 17 this year, I’m very interested in writing as I am a huge book lover (even have a mini library in my room) I’m also interested in journalism and would love to try it. I have lived in many different cities and countries as we are always moving Im sporty and love to paint, I’m also a horse rider and I volunteer on weekends to help the disabled learn how to horse ride, I love listening to music and play the guitar- still learning- I also love car rides and rainy days. I like being comfortable so hoodies are my favourite things ever. I recently got a job at kfc and I am taking the atar pathway at school (chemistry, physics, methods, arts, English, a and Arabic) ive also won a scholarship of some sort last year for academics and I’m very friendly but also kind of bubbly, I get along with mostly everyone but u also keep to myself a lot I joke around a lot and love laughing I wanna explore new things and meet new people and I’m also doing the duke of ed youth program :)

Author Information
Country: Australia
Status: High School Student
Institute: Fountain College

Interests: Horse riding - painting - puzzles - swimming - sports (mostly basketball and tennis) - reading
Member: HorsePower, Australia
Awards: Duke of Ed (bronze level) - currently doing silver, school scholarship, winning group for a business project, champion girl (2018)
Books: Anything by John Green, Agatha Christie, or V.E Schwab
Contact and Social Media
Instagram: lleen54
Articles of Leen Albalawi
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