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Lamjung Climate Convergence
25. September 2017 at 12:01
Lamjung Climate Convergence brought enthusiastic youths to discuss on climate issues and involve youth to initiate climate awareness programs from Local level.
Lamjung Climate Convergence organized by NYCA-Lamjung and Digo Bikash Institute between September 15 to 18 had 27 youths from Tanahun, Lamjung, Kaski and Gorkha met at Hotel Tukuche Peak, Besisahar Lamjung to discuss on status of climate change with its effects on the local level, best ways to solve climate crisis, need of climate justice in national and international level and role of media for climate change. Kushal Naharki, City representative of Tanahun from YPPO participated in the convergence as a participant from Tanahun.

With the aim to unite the youths from different district to advocate them to act at their local level in climate issues, second regional climate convergence focused on team building and awareness campaign beginning from ground level. The convergence was facilitated by different trainers and resource persons. Sahil Shrestha(President, Clean Cycle City) presented on "Development and climate change, Alternative thoughts". He also collected the views of all participants on cause, problem and solution of climate change at local level. Pradip Bhattarai(Programme Officer, Prakriti Resource Centre) presented on "Environment and climate change in Nepal: Response to climate change from community to national level". Campus chief of IAAS, Lamjung Campus educated the participants about "Climate Smart Agriculture" including the threats of climate change on agriculture. Mr. Abhishek Shrestha(President, Digo Bikash Institute) facilitated the Panel Discussion joined by Mr. Megendra Pokhrel (DDC, Lamjung), Mr. Janak Mishra ( Mayor, Sundarbazar) and Mr. Dal Bahadur Majakti (NGO Fed.) where participants asked their queries and inquired about their current roles and future plans. Rajendra Bohara from RCDC, Lamjung presented on "Payment of Ecosystem Services (PES)". Santosh Pandey and Niraj Kafle from We Inspire Nepal focused on working on a programme through issue selection, background study, building a team, allocating of resources and marketing and promotion. Abhisek Shrestha also presented on "Climate Organizing" and working on "Press Release".

Along with the training sessions, convergence involved entertainments, energizers, experience sharing and group working sessions. Documentaries " Destruction" and "The Economics of Happiness" were screened. Climate Dance was performed by all the participants on the roads in front of the hotel. Mafia and Balloon Blasting game brought intimacy and closeness among the participants. Different groups of participants were formed to teach team building where groups were asked to present a group song to advocate the issue of climate change. Groups were asked to form something innovative from the wastes available at hotel area. The formed structures were damaged by the organizers and asked participants to rearrange or form something new immediately to teach participants about the immediate change during the programs and risk management during the program. Program designing group work at Dahlal jharana and banner making were the fun moments during the convergence.

The youths of their individual districts formed a district group and designed a program to initiate climate awareness programme at local level. Team formation, exchanging ideas, panel discussion and group work were the best moment of the convergence. The opportunity to meet enthusiastic youth, discuss on climate issues and making new friend circles motivates youth to work on climate awareness campaign initiating from local level.
Cite This Article As: Kushal Naharki. "Lamjung Climate Convergence." International Youth Journal, 25. September 2017.

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