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Is Youth Really Derailing?
28. June 2018 at 21:55
The Youth isn’t derailing from the mainstream rather it’s the mainstream which has changed its course. Calling Youth Derailed is a Sin and if I talk about it from the legal point of view, it is a Libel on human nature of Indian Youth.
Youth in any country form its backbone. It is on the Youth’s shoulder that the responsibility for change, progress and innovations lies. In a country where more than 40% of the population constitutes Youth, it become very important for that country to understand the turbulence he is facing alongside the achievements. In that context, an inevitable question stuck to our mind “Is Youth really Derailing?”. The answer is dissenting and in negative. The Youth isn’t derailing from the mainstream rather it’s the mainstream which has changed its course. Calling Youth Derailed is a Sin and if I talk about it from the legal point of view, it is a Libel on human nature of Indian Youth.

Mainstream mostly contains elder generation. Problems like Corruption, decline in moral values, decline in national character etc. are a long run process and are present in today’s society. It is clear from this fact that the elder generation is somewhere responsible for the growing problems abovementioned as it is because of their slackness and negligence that these problems have increased to such high degree. Youth isn’t derailed from the mainstream. Youth of today has extreme love for the country and want to serve the nation with grit and dedication but the prevailing system doesn’t allow it to do so. People forming the system are engaged in their own progress and self-aggrandizement. They give preference to their own well-being over the national cause and even don’t hesitate to sacrifice the national interest for their own upliftment.

Coming to the problem of youth, he is not derailed rather he is drifted as wanderer and it is just because of the existing circumstances in the society. There is a difference between Derail and drift. Derail is in Negative sense as in derailment, deviation is intrinsic whereas drift is in positive sense, drift occurs because of aimlessness and being aimless is the most significant feature of a wanderer. Besides that, lack of motivation, proper guidance and direction are the reasons why the youth has drifted.

Again, a nexus can be drawn between the youth’s lack of motivation, proper guidance and the Irresponsibility on the part of elder generation. During India’s freedom struggle, it was youth who spearheaded the movement under the inspiring leadership of father of the nation- Mahatma Gandhi alongwith his comrades. Young men and women played a crucial role in achieving freedom from British empire. But after independence, our leaders didn’t set high targets and goals that could have motivated the younger generation.

Talking about India’s Education system, it remained the same as was esta blished during British rulers with the aim to produce Baboos(Clerks and Bureaucrats) who were loyal to British Empire and served the cause of British rule in India. The slavery attitude and psychophantism developed during that period is still prevailing in our present society. There is no scope for learning India’s culture, traditions and Indian philosophy.

In fact in the present Education system, Indian’s values are condemned as backward looking concepts. Students are no more interested in studying Indian ethos and moral values. India sets an example of “Unity in Diversity” but still there are many differences in different parts of the country. While North-Indian are slowly and slowly losing their moral and ethical values and are mere interested in imitating the western culture, south-India witness a totally different image.

Few years back, when I visited few places of south-India . I was impressed with the culture prevailing there. People of that region are so close to their culture and traditions that they have adopted their traditions, ways, customs in their daily life. No doubt they also copy western culture but unlike north-Indians, they have also been successful in retaining their moral values. Those people are more focused to their work and hardly pays attention to useless things. They have been successful in establishing a work culture and are very loyal to their respective duties. Very disappointing it may sound but it is the reality that South-Indians don’t consider North-Indians as True Indians and the reasons are best known to us.

Another problem which the today’s Youth encounters and which has been generated probably by the so-called Religious Gurus is Communalism also called Religious Frenzy. Either these Gurus are not well versed with the teachings of their respective religions or even if some of them are familiar to some extent they don’t preach to others and keep the subjects in darkness. Oftenly they use the religion in such a way as to create communal riots and disturb the entire peace in the nation which is highly condemnable.

At the very earliest stage, youth imbibe such tendencies if not governed in a right way and later on they prove to be detrimental to their own nation. To avoid this, we should gain more and more knowledge of our religion and try to relate different religions in a right perspective to bring harmony which is the essence of great men as Missile Man of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said “For great men, religion is a way of making friends; small people make religion a fighting tool” . Now we have to decide as in which category we fall.

So after having an insight into the problems of Youth, it is clear that mainstream has actually changed its course and Youth isn’t derailed rather he is Drifted. Now it is the time for youth to realize as to what he has to do and contribute to self, society and nation. Optimistically, if he realizes in a right perspective, he will be successful in overcoming every challenge and not allowing the weaknesses to overpower him.

Every Youth has hidden potentialities within him. Hidden talent is present in everyone but to know it and displays it to others, he may be made to read good literature. Good literature helps in developing the personality, the vision, the thinking process, communicative skills, oratory, language etc. It shows real path, he needs to work hard and set aim of his life. Everyone knows that the path to success is always very challenging but it is also a fact that Youth is known to the world for the reason that he loves challenges so why not to take benefit of the same. The Youth who face the challenges and with grit and full dedication as its companion and finally achieve its aim is the real Youth.
Cite This Article As: Zirgham Hamid Zaki. "Is Youth Really Derailing?." International Youth Journal, 28. June 2018.

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