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Is Life Simple?
01. May 2020 at 22:15
In these times of pandemic, the life has retarded from pace to slow! we all were running here and there trying to make adjustments with the speed and at the same time cope with the stress and anxieties endowed with it.

Looking at 'Life' and how everything has changed instantly, I wonder, "Is this pandemic good for people like you and me?".People who had been caught up in this labyrinth of mundane race of rats where we jiggle continuously thinking just going this one more inch, hard, will eventually lead us out of troubles and bless our lives with the materialistic ornaments that we'd desired. Well, hell to do with it! nothing like that ever happened and we seemingly got lost and vanished our own beings into some kind of imposter.

And, now while taking a sip from my coffee(because, it's the sleep buster that i had gotten myself addicted to) i wonder should asking wikihowpsychology today, or reading, blogs or articles from medium are going to be any help, alas! I involuntarily, ended up searching the solutions to my problems only to realize that it only made my situation worse because even when i say to myself that "enough is enough we'll bring up the change and all of these beautiful things that we just read will certainly help me", made me procrastinate more...

Life often throws adversities i'd rather love to address them as 'beautiful', partly because they are challenging and also because, they were much more complicated than the previous one!

Anyways, with all of its UNCERTAINTIES and CHALLENGES integrated, life is amazing isn't it?

So I'd request the readers, to accept what comes but at the same time, do not ever settle to anything less than your caliber, work hard!

I'm Working HARD too..

Cite This Article As: Mandy Sharma. "Is Life Simple?." International Youth Journal, 01. May 2020.

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