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Investigative Studies.
06. June 2018 at 12:50
Its a new way to learn with great engagement & creative ways.
Investigative studies means the start of your learning in such a way that the most part of your brain as curiosity, imagination, logic & deduction skills work together. You ask question from the first moment. You need to recognize why and what you are looking for. Investigate it like a detective do. You start with a messy book chapters, articles,lectures and notes etc. But it will get solely organised when you know what you have to know. Now let's see how it works: Before starting a subject learn about it that what it will going to teach you don't be like illetrate to the topic you must at least know its significance.

Next once you know what you are learning ask your self questions about the subject and try to built a empty space with full of questions in mind that how it happens and why its important just like if you are willing to learn algebra, calculus,history,science or anything you must know its origin & importance. Then let's proceed to learning part I would like to suggest that instead of choosing more than one choose only one subject or topic you are learning " limit yourself". That will help you to explore and connect to everything that relates to the subject or topic.

Surely in the beginning you lack of resources & things are not organized well but think like a detective again who reaches a crime scene & know nothing about what happened what the detective do?? The answer is observation. It is a key that enhances our ability to understanding. Once you start understanding you start connecting it logically and when you ask relevant questions you start understanding all the case you are working on.

Let your mind run in all directions just know how you connect it with your work that way is very entertaining & gives you flexibility in your thoughts.You become an active learner with some practice & imagination you can actually connect everything you call distraction into your smartness. Don't focus too much on resisting thoughts in your mind that makes you dull & also takes up very much of your energy just to resist instead let yourself explore all around just a little attempt to make connections with your subject slowly you realize that the subject becomes too much interesting & you can relate to it everywhere that is called mastracy or command over it.

In subjects like history we might think what could be interesting in that but if you carefully be the part of it, see the war & play many characters in your imagination just your script is history lesson it will become most interesting you are Alexander the great, king & slave common peoples just your eyes moves through sentences & mind makes it up for you as story you see in your mind. Similar in Science you can be the part of the subject itself that's very powerful way to learn any discipline. "Be smart & creative in your process and always question".
Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Investigative Studies.." International Youth Journal, 06. June 2018.

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