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International Youth Math Challenge: Winners of 2018
30. December 2018 at 13:43
by Fabian Schneider
The International Youth Math Challenge of 2018 was a great success with about two thousand participants from all around the world! The interesting math problems of the qualification, pre-final and final round have been challenging: Nine students have achieved awards for their outstanding performance and additionally, nine schools have received special awards!
The International Youth Math Challenge is an international mathematics competition that enables students from all countries to prove their math skills and to unleash their creativity. Mathematics is essential for the understanding of the world, scientific achievements, and progress, and for engineering and prosperity in our society. There is no doubt that math education is crucial for students of all ages around the world.

The team of the International Youth Math Challenge aims to establish a global competition that is accessible to all students and teachers - youths receive the unique opportunity to challenge their skills, be encouraged and rewarded, and to enjoy the fascinating world of mathematics. This year's competitions took place from September to December and nine participants received awards for their outstanding performance.

IYMC Winners 2018

1. Prize: Keshav Goyal
The outstanding student Keshav Goyal was able to achieve the 1. prize in this year's competition. He is from India and studies at the IIT ISM Dhanbad. Keshav Goyal is highly interested in solving mathematical problems and participating in math competitions since he was a child and is very proud of this achievement on an international level.

2. Prize: Richell Isaiah Flores
The 2. prize was awarded to Richell Isaiah Flores from the Philippines. He studies at the Philippine Science High School and the IYMC has helped him to improve his skills in mathematics even further. He is planning to become a teacher for mathematics and to inspire other students for mathematics in the local language of the Philippines.

3. Prize: Junbin Gou
The student Junbin Gou from China studies at the Sun Yat-sen University and reached with his excellent performance the 3. prize in this year. He will continue to challenge himself and to participate in further international math competitions.

Regional Awards of 2018
Additionally, six students have been honored for the best performance from each global region: Nataliia Pohasii (Ukraine, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University) receives the award for the "Best Participant from Europe", Abderrahmane Driouch (Morocco, Zineb El Nefzaouia) receives the award for the "Best Participant from Greater Middle East", Ogheneyoma Ekure (Nigeria, University of Benin) receives the award for the "Best Participant from Africa", Tanveer Ahmed Khan (Bangladesh, Notre Dame College) receives the award for the "Best Participant from South Asia", Yuanming Zhang (China, Shanghai Maritime University) receives the award for the "Best Participant from (South)East Asia", and Subin Manandhar (United States, Amherst College) receives the award for the "Best Participant from America"

IYMC School Awards of 2018
To emphasize the crucial role of teachers and schools for mathematical education, the IYMC award three school awards to honor the efforts of the teachers and the school: The Heed International School (Bangladesh) receives the "IYMC School Award for Most Participants" and the Riviera High School (Rwanda) receives the "IYMC School Award for Most Finalists". Also, seven schools receive the "IYMC School Award for Excellence" for many outstanding students that have achieved high results throughout the overall competition: Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Senior Boys Campus (Pakistan), Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science (Philippines), Model Institute of Engineering and Technology Jammu (India), Dulwich International High School Zhuhai (China), Nigerian Tulip International College (Nigeria), Haileybury Astana School (Kazakhstan), and NASR Boys School (India).

Further Information
For more information, please visit the official website of the International Youth Math Challenge ( and view the official announcement of the winners and awards: Official Announcement
Cite This Article As: Fabian Schneider. "International Youth Math Challenge: Winners of 2018." International Youth Journal, 30. December 2018.

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