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If you have fire learn to become the sun!!
27. October 2018 at 20:50
If you have the fire, learn to burn yourself and there the life wins. If you have the fire; learn to become the sun. So am I motivating today "yes" at some extent. Also I wanna make you aware that when you dream the passion comes in. We as dreamers have fire in our hearts, it beats and it beats inside you.
Learning to organise your passion, your energy and the entire science comes in role. Well the science yes it is. Culture is our safety assurance!! But Humanity is what you need to save so that it can flourish on this great planet that has life. Learning to be the sun is the exact phrase I looked for because it's a fire wall and it lights up everything for us. All around it doesn't require any light to be seen. A famous Indian metaphor is " Sun don't need any candle to be seen " it reflects its own. Be like the sun and don't worry or make yourself require or get identified by anything or any reference.

You reflect who you are and truly Knowing your nature is what is called self exploration!! The better you know yourself the efficient it reflects by your work. Glowing ball but this all is only possible when you work and nurture your inner dimensions and this is what a seeker must do. Be the seeker to organise your fire to become the sun that lights up the life.

Add your valuable energy to this great planet in contribution. Why so.. well easy to answer, if you can think like this for some moments as we all are travellers on the a small and sweet planet called as earth. We don't know where we started and also don't know where it is taking us in the space. Everything is moving right so as our lives.

When we live & enjoy the journey with fellow passengers it's called as life. I don't know how much time it needs in the arrival of our common destination but let's make this journey joyful and good news we have done a fantastic job in that so great work partner! Look around you if you can smile with them for some moments. All the best!
Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "If you have fire learn to become the sun!!." International Youth Journal, 27. October 2018.

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