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If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
22. June 2018 at 11:13
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Let’s find out what Ukrainians have answered. What has influenced on their opinions? Why is it important not to hurry up with vital decisions?
Interesting question, isn’t it? Every person has at least one time thought: “I wish I were in…” Someone can end it with a place of vacation, another one with the place where his\her interests and passions are, another with a place of dreams. Even if you proud of your country, what will you answer on this question?

Frankly speaking, I need some time to think about it. It is so hard to answer this question immediately because there are many fantastic places in the world. Moreover, it’s hard to imagine how your life would change if it was real.

After taking some time I’ve chosen. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be San Diego, the USA. For me it is fantastic. Just imagine… You and the ocean… The ocean and you. What can be more pleasant?

“But why San Diego? Ocean takes 70% of Earth. You can go anywhere and you have decided San Diego?! It’s so strange!” – could say someone…
To my mind, every person has its own place which he\she want to visit\ want to live or just to spend a minute there. It doesn’t matter where it is San Diego, Ukraine, Samoa, Namibia or Siberia, if you feel good there, it will be your place.

However, plenty of people when answering this question specify the place where they have never been. People thinks that in the world there are many places better than own hometown or country. It is normal to want to take more from life and live in a better place. I have never been to San Diego but the information that I know about it have built a wonderful picture in my mind which makes me want to go and even live there. However, if you really decided to go to the place for permanent residence and you have never been there before it is irrational to make a decision like that.

I asked 50 Ukrainians 15-24 aged this question and here are the statistic. 45 (90%) of the respondents answered a country. From this number 4 (8%) people said their country (Ukraine). 5 (10%) people don’t answered any country, here are their answers:

  1. Natalia, 23 – anywhere with mountains
  2. Anjelika, 18 – a big house near the ocean
  3. Svitlana, 23 – anywhere with friends, family and high level of life
  4. Anastasia, 16 – small town in Europe
  5. Lyudmyla, 23 – need to visit various places to decide

You can see that the first answer is based on love to nature. In the second one, love to nature is with addition of a big house (material value of that person). In the third case, you can see that the main 3 reasons that influence on her place of dream is only her values. In the fourth answer girl specified small town (the place where she maybe feels herself comfortable) and part of the world (says that she prefers European culture or style of life).

Therefore, results can be different and each person can answer diversely. It depends only on your position in life, lifestyle and values.

Do you want to know what countries Ukrainians have chosen? Here are the map for better perception.

Cite This Article As: Anna Kontseba. "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?." International Youth Journal, 22. June 2018.

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