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If it wasn’t for reading Books there would be no imagination and no creativity
01. May 2020 at 22:05
If it wasn’t for reading Books there would be no imagination and no creativityDo you like reading stories? Well, I love reading.When you’re reading stories, you can go to places you never imagined. And the thing is that when you read many books you get so many ideas that you’ll naturally start writing a story.

So how does reading affect our lives:

1. It reduces bodily stress. In 2009, the University of Sussex did a study that showed that half an hour of dedicated reading is better for your stress levels than several other more traditional methods of relaxation, like having a cup of tea or listening to music. It reduced stress levels by up to 68 per cent. It is because when we emerge inside a book the tension on our muscles reduces

2. Before 1992, studies seemed to show that books were on the way out: readers looked as if they were comprehending text more slowly on a physical page than they did on a screen. This is why we get more information from the physical books we read than Ebooks

What it feels like when you’re reading a book:

When you’re reading a book feel like there’s a TV in your head. The best thing of all is that you can decide how characters look and speak like. This is why we can’t hear anything else until it becomes too loud when you read a book. In Thrillers and Mystery books you’ll be very curious about what’s gonna happened next, so it will be hard for you to take your eyes off the texts. When we read, our brains believe we have experienced the things we're reading about, which is why we feel so connected to some books. The same neurological regions of the brain are stimulated by reading about something as by experiencing it; it's hard for your brain to tell the difference! If you can’t buy books join Sharjah Library. You can borrow books from there and return when finish reading. I find it more interesting to read books than to play video games or watch movies.

Saving Environment

Many people say reading Ebooks can save the environment as we’re not using paper.

But E-books use electricity which is made by burning of Fossil fuels. So it causes Air- pollution. E-books also spoil your eyes. Instead of using E-books, you can donate your normal books or trade with your friend for a new book which you haven’t read. Now we’re recycling. This is the reason I prefer normal books.

 Books are the best as they are televisions which don't harm your eyes. But be cautious not to read in a moving vehicle as this will damage your eyes and read in proper lighting conditions.

 Let me end by the quote “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”- George R.R. Martin


Cite This Article As: Madhav Manoj Vachali. "If it wasn’t for reading Books there would be no imagination and no creativity." International Youth Journal, 01. May 2020.

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