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Humans Vs Humanoids
03. December 2018 at 11:20
Artificial intelligence is one of humankind’s truly revolutionary endeavours. As AI becomes more sophisticated and its ability to perform human tasks accelerates exponentially, we're finally seeing some attempts to wrestle with what that means, not just for business, but for humanity as a whole.
Faced with automated future, what moral framework should guide us? Optimizing logistics, detecting fraud, composing art, conducting research, providing translations and what not, intelligent machine systems are transforming our lives for the better. But the question is getting better by how far and to what extent?

The rudimentary form of algorithmic optimization for content and other numerous tech addictive methods are the new frontier of human dependency. When used right, this could evolve into an opportunity to nudge society towards more beneficial behaviour. However, in the wrong hands it could prove detrimental by directing human attention and triggering certain actions. These actions can compel us to think “are we heading to be a cyborg?”

Stacking information in an intently nuanced way with oligarchs under control have inevitably destined ‘tech for lives’ lowering the threshold of conflict and winning in jeopardy with possibility of artificial consciousness to humanoid robots is no far to be realised. To entrench the power of powerful have firmly affected our insights into ‘extinction threat for humanity’. Surely we are not sorting at AI Apocalypse. But are we really sure about where we will land after these contentious discussions with emergence of consensus to create beneficial intelligence? We need to steer well the storm of influences and ramification of complicated issues for smooth mechanism of reward and aversion associated with robots, artificial intelligence and any others element of the tech world.

The intellectual capitalism referred to the soft skills activities that involve creativity, imagination, leadership, analysis, humour and original thought can distinguish us from non-livings who tend to surpass the livings. AI can evaluate, select, act and learn from its actions making itself independent and self-sustaining. With AI to develop competency in emotional intelligence, cross-cultural awareness, curiosity, critical thinking and efforts of persistence organically, are all signalling us that we can't afford to leave them to chance. To cultivate human abilities on a societal level by communicating empathy and ethics would mark a human presence.

Increasing automation and digitization are making these robots newly relevant and urgent. Robotic technology is boosting profits to unprecedented levels but posing a catastrophic threat to humanity. Doggedly informed with collaborative human dynamics, although bearing uncomfortable confrontation, still calibrated to unleash seemingly innocuous value could pose a serious threat to the world in terms of to what extent we can use technology. The global condemnation that follows is enough of a deterrent so far. Hence, we need to refrain ourselves from making grand proclamations about maximum potential. Resorting to become compatible with ideals of human dignity, rights, freedom and cultural diversity would make the ‘human stay last long’.
Again, how far the human value alignment is done? Are we going rogue?

This is not about being a luddite. As these systems become more capable, our world becomes more efficient and consequently richer. Popping out with an endless question mark : “Will it one day, have the same “advantage over us”?” In a nearly boundless landscape of AI , there's still a new frontier for ethics and risk assessment of emerging technology. Engaging with their communities and learning new ways to contribute to human society is the new aim. If we succeed with the transition, one day we might look back and think that it was barbaric that human beings were required to sell the majority of their waking time just to be able to live!

Machines affecting our behaviour and interaction have modelled human conversation and relationships and thus humanity on the whole. Artificial stupidity of learning that can be fooled is no more relevant now. Also we need to remember that human dominance is almost entirely due to our ingenuity and intelligence. The racism created by judgmental biasness by robots is replaced with fair neutral social progress which is catalyst for positive change.

It's not just adversaries we have to worry about. What if AI itself turned against us? Reinforced learning with improved performance, a huge leap to ponder, perceive, feel and act along with ethics of mitigating sufferings is ironically what we are expecting of our build machines. Why can't we expect these from our own selves. Being a human is in a grave need and of a great concern.

How far is this interruption of robotics safe for us? Let's pry the wonderment, again. Strong instincts to explore and enjoy novelty and risk for the envision of unimagined opportunities and achievements are giving insights to crumble us rather than cultivating brilliance. All kinds and forms of technology are marching relentlessly forward but its all pervasiveness doesn't mean it's always going to be the best option in every situation.

Are we evolving to become technology itself? Survival level need of human race as ‘being human with humanity’ is facing a unique challenge of imminent obsolescence to deliver human value. With robots becoming more life-like, humans are resorting to more of robot-like. Tech addiction is the new frontier of human dependency. If we envision a time when AIs exist that are as capable or more so than the smartest humans, it would be utterly naive to believe that the world will not fundamentally change.

In the end, anything a Robot does has to fit into a human-centred value system that takes our unique human abilities into account. Still then, why would we want to give up our humanity in favour of letting machines determine whether or not an action or idea is valuable? Instead, while we let AI get better at being what it is, we need to get better at being human.
Cite This Article As: Siddiqa Magar . "Humans Vs Humanoids." International Youth Journal, 03. December 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/humans-vs-humanoids

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