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How to quit Lethargic life
22. December 2019 at 18:53
Winning a cup or simply waking up all you need is to quit your lousy nature. What it all takes to be active like a child is enthusiastic to play. Its the science of understanding your body type and where you want to be at.. Let's get together with your better self.. So let's began our roller coaster ride...

 If you become life sensitive you can anyway be better than your today. 

Waking up with some life, with some energy. I know the importance of health is widely known in educated community as an important aspect to live a healthy and happy life.. It all starts with when you are awake so let's began from the mornings....

How do you start your day?? What is the first thing you do in the mornings just answer yourself.. If your answer is lethargy then you're my obvious audience haha :) but if your answer is even different & healthy you can wide spread awareness and can keep continuing for more better reasons that you can find in upcoming lines..

Morning the perfect morning must be start with "You" not any tension, aggression until you're not on any spy mission. It must be your smile that you began with & along with a Champion spirit. You must be your best friend because you be your first friend.

So you might be find it ambiguous that what it all has to do with my cozy morning with full of lethargy??

Well I give you a moment to think and sprinkle around of past memory...

Well what is the best gift you can give your best friend. Well there are countless & I think its about gifting them a great life.. So what if I say you have to do everything to make your friend's life be most memorable and historic everyday and what if you're your best friend. Well you can experiment don't rely just on my words..

Experience change in your relationships, work, educational life, hobbies and lot more actually everything.

Well we talked enough on emotional lethargy now let's talk about food.. Yes that yummy taste and watering mouth.. Well do you know -

Anything that you eat can feel more delicious even if you don't like that.. Well don't believe me so just keep yourself hungry and skip a day's meal and then see how delicious your taste be for the dish that you really don't like.. So in conclusion we can make it an axiom that taste of food and energy of that food comes more when you are more conscious and not have any preassumptions about what you eat and what not.

Your most favorite dish be never be your favorite dish if you never ate before.

Now are you pondering what i'm pondering...

Well that's just my favorite line from Pinky and the Brain cartoon can watch that too.

So what to eat??

Love what you eat and not always eat what you love.

It simply means change and the very first thing that connect you with the outside world that you directly consume. So what you consume will going to become you in just a period of time. Don't believe me??

Go and eat something is not that in your stomach and will it not become blood finally and you call it your blood..

Hah I got you!!

So eat consciously because it will become you!!

I'm not gonna plan your diet I think you can make a better chart.. I'm only telling you the hack my mom taught me years ago..

Just imagine its so delicious before you start eating anything and not just for your premindset dish.

And always wait a while and don't rush to eat just simply wait and when you are having watering mouth, will give you patience and will enhance taste of your dish too.

Well its like self hypnosis but you can call it mother's recipe.. Just try it..

So now what about lethargy?? Well cook up a recipe and try it your lethargy will go out..

Live for a purpose & live with a smile and take full responsibility of your life. All the best my friend.. I left many things for you to explore your weekend.

Keep smiling see you in next article soon!!

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "How to quit Lethargic life." International Youth Journal, 22. December 2019.

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