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Hoax of equality
17. June 2020 at 22:02
Our world we developed it & each time come up with a room of amendment in thoughts and by words. We make certain rules for Crime to Economics and for streets to grammer text. Then why and what's new in that?? Well i came up with something i was waiting to write from a little long.. wanna get dazzled with your habit??.. stick with me for few count of words i will reflect that to you.

"Each day is complete when we stay with our loved ones. No matter tough time or easy. He/She must think it over and over again. How do you think it comes"

Well lets start with an experiment and you will dazzle i bet on this!

Pick a paper and pen write my quoted lines. You are free to change sequence of word or line if you wish but write the same.

'Aa aa no cheating write first then read On!'

Now I hope you wrote that already without any cheating on this.. haha. Its gonna be serious now its Results time. I am Sorry boys if you wrote the same lines i have wrote without any question or oppose you already lost.  And Girls Congratulations!! But are you conscious while writting this?

Now time to reveal the Secret its just one word sequencing "he/she" have you wrote this like that? 

When we support and talk about equality. It must be in thoughts, words and deeds. If any of you write it as she/he I congratulate you atleast you gave it a thought. I am not talking about any kind of gender equality neither I have to because we feel its there just needs to be followed but are we making it possible is a responsible question. I checked stories, ideas, messages, papers, teachers, people, books and even journals. We never learn on this. I mean this is not you Tens or Voice or Noun lesson. We simply never questioned it in this way. I try on doing it from a long time but to a sudden realisation I changed my habit "yes" it became a habit! I never understood why?? Its like that..

Its not grammer rules as per my knowledge and even it is it must change.

Its not just a line or place we are cheated in terms of equality but on the level of intelligence its a fraud with our mutual respect and love for each other. Not even knowing it wow! What a great bug. On my investigation I found boy/girl, men and women, he/she, sir/madam ??? What is this?? I am glad if I am wrong with this and I wished I were but its not that. 

Well you probably ask me but how a writer knows that a man is reading or woman is reading either boy is reading or girl is reading?? This is true as being a writer it pops in my head too. But why even i have to give this a second thought. Why it even matter I can go with he/she or like i do she/he.. but is it okay to give it a free choice of writer when so many people will start perceiving his message with very conscious aptitude. 

They dont even get aware of this. For me my conditioning were such that my first teacher was my maa or mom as in english word. And I have met equal or mixed environment of female and male teachers, friends and even in my family we all are happy and true conscious of our acts that it might not hurt anyone later.

My point is simple why not all boys write she/he and all girls write he/she is that not fair and mutual respect and love we can have.. my sister, my teachers, my friend, my mom etc.. i love them all equally and truly equal i am sure you do the same. Yes I talked with boys from few lines. Now girls and my dear sisters, aunts, teachers and friends is it not our responsibility too. Taking care and being utter concious and aware of this. This is not in between us and it cant be yes I am talking about the discrimination. We still be friend and family with love, care and respect for each other. We can change this trends.. if you are a writer be aware, if you are a teacher make kids aware, if you are a mom make your child aware. No matter the way we choose but it must be conscious and not imposed upon us with hoax. 

Well i hope you will do it.

 But i know that each bit of code matters yes i am an final year engineer too. I know every small speck of your job matters otherwise you face unwanted bugs and you have to crack your head up in fixing that up. It becomes a struggling process what could be so smooth if you simply make your basics clean regularly and make it with little more conscious effort not all but many problems will go that will give you extra time to fix up something that really needs boggling solutions from your side and cracking head part. 

Anyway i have so much to say but to meet again we must go. So See yaa we will meet again.

Use a "#Change the world" and change the world with dare and care.

Keep smiling : )

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Hoax of equality." International Youth Journal, 17. June 2020.

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