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Ho Giustino Lee-biachler
International Youth Journal Author Ho Giustino Lee-biachler
As a student in Wayne, NJ, I found myself enjoying writing. Using my interest during my time in various countries, I could write books and open my writing to the broader world. Thanks to that, I could join various competitions worldwide on writing from the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Canada, South Korea, and the United States; a few examples can be the S. Korea Myeonji University Debating Contest, US Geography Championship, North America Computative Linguistics Olympiad, Concord Review, National Writing Board, Ayn Rand Anthem Essay Contest, John Locke Essay Contest, New York Times STEM Essay Contest, Harvard Model Congress Free the Fact Essay Contest, American Foreign Service Writing Contest, and National Council of Teachers of English Essay Competition. Also, I could be a member of several challenging writing groups such as Concord Review Authors, Authors Guild, Linguistics Society of America, and the National Social Studies Honor Society.

Author Information
Country: USA
Status: High School Student
Institute: Pioneer Academy

Interests: Lingusitics, Geography, History, Politics, Economics, English, Volunteer
Member: Greenpeace, Save the Children, PATCH, Cocord Review Authors, National Honor Society, Authors Guild, Linguistic Society of America, National Social Studies Honor Society
Awards: S. Korea Myeongji Univ. Debating Contest (D), US Geography Championship (D), North America Computative Linguistics Olympiad (D), Concord Review (D), NYT STEM Writing Contest (I), *(D): Done, (I): In Progress
Books: The Linguistics War
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