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Hatred Over Love: This is Our Society
07. August 2020 at 09:00
The opposite of teaching hate is teaching love and appreciation - not blindness. If hate is ice, then love is warmth and blindness is a cold neutral. If we want to melt ice, we must be warm. Thus, if we want to combat hate then we must love with a passion. The following is an article account of circumstances one may encounter in today's society.

A child arrives.

She believes she is a princess, a crown on her head.

Completely oblivious to what the media blares…

It blares that if she is overweight, she is not good enough.

It blares that she must starve herself to correct her ‘bluff.’

It will make this princess believes she is ugly,

But the media won’t acknowledge that it is corrupt.

A child arrives.

Too young to vocalise his thoughts,

And too young to care.

A mere infant, unprejudiced and unaware…

Unaware that because he was born black,

He’ll always be labeled a criminal.

Unaware that his colour classifies him ‘stereotypical’

 But society still focuses on the pigment, rather than the individual.

A child arrives.

Practically a baby, she can't comprehend what is fair.

This baby cries because her brother’s blood was shed everywhere…

Everywhere her brother went, he was bullied during his play.

Her brother was shun because he was "gay."

Her brother decided his life wasn’t worth it,

And he took his own life today.

Society will discriminate for anything you are.

You’ll never be “up to par.”

When in hatred are we still bound?

When will we tear the walls of discrimination down?

How, from this, will we rise above?

Where is the love?

Cite This Article As: Nandira Xavier. "Hatred Over Love: This is Our Society." International Youth Journal, 07. August 2020.

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