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Hamidur Rahman
International Youth Journal Author Hamidur Rahman
Hi! I’m Hamidur Rahman. I’m currently a theoretical physics undergraduate student at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh and I’m pretty much serious on it. I and my team won a bronze medal in the 9th international “University Physics Competition – 2018”. I’m currently working in Open Space as a Human Resource Manager and as a committee member of the organizing committee of Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics. I’m also working as an ambassador of International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition to promote astronomy in my country. My aim is to work with organizations or research groups dedicated to education and youth empowerment in Bangladesh and Worldwide to promote physics and mathematics in Bangladesh and open the door of the vast universe of physics and mathematics to the millions of students of the country. Nothing gives me more joy than to help the enthusiastic young minds to utilize their true potential and thus taking the field of Astronomy to a great height.

Author Information
Country: Bangladesh
Status: University Student
Institute: Jahangirnagar University

Interests: Reading Books, Event organizing, Cycling
Awards: University Physics Competition - Bronze Medal; IAAC - Best ambassador most participants and finalists; IAAC - Finalist
Books: The Ultimate Fate of The Universe by Prof. JN Islam, Cosmos by Carl Sagan
Contact and Social Media
Facebook: hamidurrapu
Twitter: @hamidurrapu
Instagram: hamidurrapu
LinkedIn: hamidurrapu
Articles of Hamidur Rahman
Link to Author Profile:  https://youth-journal.org/hamidur.rahman
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