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Girls are the best gift for parents
19. August 2018 at 19:31
We often hear about girl’s struggle that how they are discriminated in society and family. But this is that side of the coin which we know and there is no need to describe the history of it. I would like talk about another side of the coin which may bring change in the mindset of people.
There are many people who discriminate between a girl and a boy even in this modern world. But there are also some great parents who treat their children equally. We must have heard that when a boy child is born then their family celebrate and think that the boy is pride of their family but when a girl is born; she is not welcomed in such manner by their family. I have heard about many great parents who never discriminate between a girl and a boy. They have supported their daughters and now these girls have become their pride.

Malala Yousafzai is one of those lucky girls who has got great parents. Ziauddin Yousafzai is one of the best fathers which I have seen. He is the one who has set example in the whole world.As far as I have seen, many girls are close to their fathers because he always takes side of her and saves her from all the scoldings of mother and the most important they are like support system to her. Their mother gives them unconditional love and be like a friend to them with whom they could share everything. Malala Yousafzai is also very close to her father. I think it was the support of her great parents by which she was able to prove that she is the best gift of God to her parents. I think she needs no description because the whole world is well acquainted with her.

Furthermore, I would like to give a example of a girl by whom I was influenced a lot. She is not known all over the world but I strongly believe that she would be known in the whole world soon. She is very special because she is simple and comes from a very simple, middle class family. She is the first child of her family. She is also very close to her father and she has also got one of the best fathers of the world. I think God has given every family something special and for her parents she is that special gift. People often give respect and value to those who have money, power and possession; a good human being can be praised but can not get respect by so called society. The same was the case with her father. Her father’s friends were also not valuing his worth.But now she has gained respect for her parents.

She is a god-gifted child because she is excellent in all the fields. It is said that every person has some talents but according to me in her case every talents are in her. She is excellent in her studies ,Art,public speaking and everything which you can think of. But these are only to prove her worth. As a human being she is really kind,generous,hard working,polite and the most important quality of her is that she never forgets the aim of her life which is to do something for her parents. She has proved her worth and now her father can raise his head steadily and say that she is my daughter. I always have respect for good person and for her father I had respect but when I came to know about the healthy bond between a daughter and father and their story then the respect for her and her parents was engraved on my heart which can not be eroded by any agents.

According to me, Girls are more loyal to their parents than boys. A girl never forgets the sacrifice, support and love of her parents but a boy can forget everything and send their parents to old age home or directly say to them that they do not have time for them as he is busy in work. The girls are the ones who can never refuge to be the support system of their parents when they will become old.Only parents can change the mindset of those conservative people, who think girls are inferior to boys in any respect. If all the parents will support their children like other great parents of the world,then only we can bring about a complete change in the society. A child can’t achieve something great in life without the support of his/her family.

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