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Gift A Tree
19. November 2017 at 01:37
Celebrate "Green Birthday" by gifting a tree on your beloved person birthday and lets fight together against global environmental issues locally.
With the world already facing the huge effects of climate change, global warming, green house effect, ozone layer depletion, these are sure to cause great threats to humans and living beings in near future. Its already a high time to “Act Now”, “Act Together” and “Act Differently” to adapt and mitigate their effects to secure our planet for today and tomorrow.

The best solution we can have to minimize this impact is to increase in the trees and forest but due to rapid increase in rate of population growth, industrialization, urbanization; rate of deforestation has increased and decreased the number of trees. The conversion of forest area into human settlement area, industrial area and agricultural land has reduced the large number of trees.
We need to act now and act together to protect our home Earth. Although, many initiatives have been started, they haven’t been able to reach the local level. Planting a tree in their own birthday has already been a trend. But are people planting trees on their birthday? Not really!! Only few environment activist are found following this trend.

We gift beautiful presents to our beloved friends, families and relatives on their birthday. Now, instead of gifting them fancy gifts and presents, lets plant a tree for them and gift them a “Tree” as their birthday gift. Let the birthday of our beloved person be the birthday of a new plant too. With trees we will be protecting our earth and habitat of many birds and animals. Lets start a initiative from our local level to fight against these global threats to protect the planet for us and future generation. Let’s decorate our home Earth with trees and greenery instead of decorating our rooms with fancy gifts.

My birthday is on November 08. I request all my family, friends, relatives and well wishers to gift me a tree on my birthday rather than gifting me fancy gifts. Instead of posting your and my photos on my Facebook timeline, you can post the image of tree you have planted for me on . Lets celebrate a green birthday.

I wish to receive a tree as gift on my birthday and will gift a tree to my beloved person on their birthday . Will you??
Cite This Article As: Kushal Naharki. "Gift A Tree." International Youth Journal, 19. November 2017.

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