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Fundamental Rethinking
02. December 2017 at 18:38
From the time we are born we are ascribed with certain ideas and identity regardless of whether they are true or not, logical or not...
...not or with any basis or not and still we cling on to them as if they are the most important parts of our life. Have you ever thought how your mind would have been if you were born on a different part of world or born without influence to any of those ideas. It's time for us to go through Fundamental Rethinking.

Reanalyzing what each of us have been doing and the concept behind it. Morality doesn't require a organized religion, origin of universe don't require a super natural being, it's not necessary for us to be bother by what is in afterlife, country or nation is simply a systemic division and many other things.

There is no need to have explanation to things that can't be currently explained but someday it will be. There are more questions to be found then there are questions without answers in this cosmos.
Cite This Article As: Niroj Bhandari. "Fundamental Rethinking." International Youth Journal, 02. December 2017.

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