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13. December 2018 at 09:02
by Malik Saad
This article is based on the status of women in our area. The enchanting scene of flowers in the deserts is eye caching due to the blending and contrast of the colors. The Kaleidoscope of desert would never pass into nothingness because of fascinating and vivid colors of flowers. It is the mystic phenomenon of nature.
As I think, children are flowers due to their attraction to every eye. We should care them because some cruel savages are crushing them for their fallen desires. Further, in a flower, the petals are harmoniously arranged along with the stem and other parts to make the flower beautiful. Similarly, we should keep up an internal harmony, by balancing activities of our body, and mind.

The flowers also stand for innocent children who had to undergo the crushing circumstances. The children are being burnt and ruined by the power-drunk crazy cruel. Bewildering sight of every place is still without flowers. Flowers keep the humans spell bound because body is valueless without soul. Flowers bring about bliss for both body and soul.

When I dived into the topic, I realized that woman is also the most beautiful and magnetic flower of this world. According Thomas Otway, an English playwright and a poet:
“Oh woman! Lovely woman! Nature made thee
To temper man: We had been brutes without you;
Angels are painted fair, to look like you;
There is in you all that we believe of heaven,
Amazing brightness, purity and truth,
Eternal joy and everlasting love.”

The delicacy, unique prevailing serenity of nature and glamour relates flowers to “women kind”. Due to debauchery and lechery, children and woman are not safe. It is totally bashful and boorish doings. It is due to the pitch dark of ignorance and selfishness. We should protect flowers in our surrounding from such bad animals.

But at last, can anyone imagine a world devoid of flowers? The delicate colorful and fragrant little flowers have changed the whole world - without flowers humanity cannot survive, flowers actually enrich our lives.

Cite This Article As: Malik Saad. "Flowers." International Youth Journal, 13. December 2018.

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