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Finding local solutions to the global problems in Climate Change
01. July 2018 at 21:11
Climate change is happening and it is going to change adversely in the coming years. And one has to find the best possible solution for this. But it cannot happen, if one person or an entity is held responsible.
In fact, we all are living in this world, and we have to protect it, and make it habitable for the future generations to come. However, the solutions provided are not going to help us out if we do not act as soon as possible. Climate change is a real phenomenon, which if, not taken seriously, can make life extinct on this planet.

Firstly, to understand climate and its relation with the world, we need to understand what climate change is and how it affects us. Climate change: the change of weather in a particular region over a long period. However, contemporary change has covered all the regions of the world, simultaneously. The temperature is rising, despite the 2 Centigrade markup set in Paris Agreement, 2015. And it is the developed countries who are blaming developing nations for this reason. Temperature rises due to more industries, and one can see where industries are the most. However, it is also due to excessive pollution and unattended waste disposal.

On this point, global problems are increasing every day and climate change is one of them. One of the solutions is to grow more trees, but no one would agree on reducing carbon emissions produced from industries. In the world where everyone seeks more wealth, this is the least solution possible, as businesses might get disturbed. Moreover, due to global warming and with ozone layer depletion, the problem is getting worse.

So we have to ask ourselves a question about where are we now and where is this climate change is headed towards? What are the possible solutions for reducing carbon emissions, pollution, and temperature rise? In my opinion, to reduce carbon emissions: Construction of industries, if necessary, in a region which is far away from residential area. To reduce pollution: Storage of waste disposal and generating electricity through it. And to decrease the rising temperature: Growing more trees. On this point, it is only possible through various awareness campaigns, and carrying it out, about the advantages of the said solutions. These are some of the local solutions which every country should consider it.

Now it is the time to stop our differences and blaming each other, and join hands to carry out these solutions together. Every country has to have a say in it, and all should be respected for it. Moreover, each country has to start from its own land in carrying out these solutions. As it goes out without saying, “Piece by piece, shall we make it whole”. Now is the time that we act fast, efficiently and effectively. It is not a blame game, this is a real challenge that the world is facing and we must act upon it.

Cite This Article As: Zulfiqar Ali Ramzan. "Finding local solutions to the global problems in Climate Change." International Youth Journal, 01. July 2018.

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