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Fibres Of Nightmare
08. June 2018 at 22:03
Afterwards, I just didn't sleep. Preoccupied with the cold sweat of a tensed content, trying to sort out and make sense of the silence and secrecy surrounding abuse. A muffled scream darted with an overwhelming sense of sadness, feasibly mingled with anxiety, guilt, exhaustion, and numbness. Undoubtedly questioning my own identity.
Afterwards, I just didn't sleep. Preoccupied with the cold sweat of a tensed content, trying to sort out and make sense of the silence and secrecy surrounding abuse. A muffled scream darted with an overwhelming sense of sadness, feasibly mingled with anxiety, guilt, exhaustion, and numbness. Undoubtedly questioning my own identity. Agitating, sadly soaring high figures of “ABUSE”. Abuse in every form; be it mental, physical, psychological or even spiritual. Children and women have never been too far from its cruelty and violence. Physical maltreatment or sexual molestation being the most prominent one, have inflicted the emotional injury with inordinate physical violence and verbal abuse. Some begin to experience symptoms of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) such as flashbacks and nightmares or recall memories of long-forgotten or repressed experiences of past abuse.

Sexual abuse is truly a nightmare! Graphs going green up with increasing victims of rape and physically abusive relationships have made headlines all through now. But only getting a Mention is all that is sorted at? Could these sexual assaults by innumerable perpetrators find any dead end? What should be done to wipe away this psychological trauma, chronic depression, and bullying? The list of questions is endless, so does our hope. Hope to break the confinement that women and children create by isolating themselves, Hope to rage against humiliation firmly, Hope to still live with a similar sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth as ever before and thereafter. Becoming withdrawn and even suicidal because of threats vulnerabilities and intimidation cannot evade this crime. What should prevail is; “the dominance of legal and ethical right”.

Two major subjects of abuse are children and women. Childhood sexual trauma has profound and pervasive effects on the development and consolidation of the body image and mind. For example, it can appear in the manifest content of the dream at an early stage. It places children who experience it at increased risk for precocious sexual behavior, academic problems, maladaptive behavior, sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, sexual revictimization and psychological problems such as depression and anxiety as they progress through childhood into adolescence and adulthood. In case of women, the so-called “modern community”; is rather destroying the indigenous life system and values under oblivious part and pressure of "DEVELOPMENT". Such development where women are commodified; where human rights, dignity, and individuality slaughtered and where penetrated subjugation exist is actually no development, rather its a phase of worldwide “DEHUMANIZATION”. Statistical figures and data show the condition in less developed countries is even worse off. Women are highly prone to unobtrusive sexual touching and seductiveness to violent acts such as rape and ritualized sexual abuse due to their socio-economic status and confinements.

Abuse to gain power and exert control can occur at any age and is not biased towards gender or sexual orientation. Similar feelings of depredation are observed among men. Because of the social stigma around male weakness and imposition of unrealistic expectations of unwavering strength, men reinforce helplessness with denial and aggravated feelings of victimization. As known, this social evil has clutched all segments of the society to deprave safe living. So what can be done for an inclusive growth? Abuse is always unacceptable. There is nothing positive, normal or deserved form of this crime.

Firstly, a complete mental revolution is in vast need. As a part of our core educational system and normal development, we should be teaching every girl and boy to respect each other in every form and spirit. The degrading mentality should be brainwashed well at its root in time or else serious repercussions in the form of mental retardation or dementia are likely to prevail both as a cause and effect of indecent mentality. Leaving behind the gender stereotypes, notions of fear and powerlessness; assertive training and learning of healthy self-image and mutual respect should be inculcated. Resorting to self-medication and drugs abuse might seem to be an easy option but it should be substituted by observing meditation and mindfulness as medical studies show greater chances of relapse after diagnosis of PTSD. Both the genders should build an everlasting assurance of comfort and safety. Mental hygiene should be taught as a subject in itself. More than preaching feminism stress should be made to practice it as the sense of being empowered should be innate rather than imposed. So let us arm kids with knowledge that might save them from being victimized.

Parents involvement in teaching their children early about unwelcoming touch and body safety can seem to be a daunting task to start with but it is never too soon for the assaulters, so why should parents delay to provide precautionary wisdom to their kids to escape and deal with this crime smartly! It all starts with an open conversation without judgment and assumptions. Acceptance has to dissolve abandonment. Similarly, acknowledgment of the past is equally important to make the future better. Hence those who don't disclose their experience and feelings just because of shame, fear or mistrust are actually creating obstructions in their own healing process. The debilitating symptoms to suppress problems and pain needs to be replaced by abstinence and positive reassurance towards a fresh new beginning.

Secondly, instead of observing unraveling effects of feeling helpless, rush for a legal remedy. Law mostly gets subdued. Although unfathomable and insufficient in many countries, its presence is redemptive and purposive. The legal structure regarding the laws related to Women and Children Rights should be made more stringent, firm and clear to be followed both in words and actions. Stiffer statutes regarding gender-based vulnerabilities should address the issues by giving legal protection in its extreme form such as femicide. For example; the kind of initiative Brazil has taken in this regard. Greater awareness among countries is to be made regarding significant federal laws like Violence Against Women Act and Family Violence Prevention and Services Act in associated efforts with Human Rights Commission to reduce Child Abduction And Abuse. An internationalized platform with the effective mechanism of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights has to function efficiently to prohibit hostility, violence and racial hatred by law thereby giving protection from abuse, sexual violence, and intimidation. Complete emancipation of women and her equality with men as one of the goals of our social development, whose realization no power on earth can prevent shall create a happy, safe and abuse-free environment to live peacefully. Beyond the exhausted weight of obliterating identity, THEY SHALL clench for being a true combative spirit!

And AM no longer the prisoner of my gender, unable to retaliate against injustice! How horrors of young days still prevent me from. I had confined it to myself what happened then. All have their ways of teaching me the ‘best'. Might be if I hadn't gone through that, I would probably. My mentors wanted me to be unreserved, my people expect the same. My worry always was like how to explain. How that fiend grabbed and touched the way he wanted. I was ignorant but felt something nasty happening. All was gone until I saw him again knowing what he did meant. Might be if there wasn't the endeavour of discomfort of a ‘man'; my insights won’t have trembled. My little ardour too desired a lot of me the way I always imagined myself, still although insane. My worry always was like how to explain. How I felt impured when I was just nine. I tried to come over saying that it was nothing, be fine. All went wrong with this disgust of mine. Might be he deserved an animus and punish to thereafter humanly shine. My psyche lacked maturity and heart the grit to whine. My worry is now my strength to give it back in the same coin. How could I ever make him release what he did. I for sure can’t plunge to his level but will do it in my strand. All and none have changed me. Might is still not so lost for I stood up for silent realisation of. My own self-adhesive being and of an inhumane death. My worries of unstitched fibres of nightmare are now gone forever.
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