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Face Reality, Need Wipes
09. June 2018 at 21:49
“No, this can’t be happening!” The loudest scream furiously yelling inside my mind. The humble protest with the kind of life – POST. LIKE. SHARE, I got from a lot of users.
I have seen everybody’s personal profile and it was (partly) amazing! They captured the best photo angle matched with #nofilter, #OOTD and the like. Before I forget, my heart extends a thoughtful thank you for downloading me on your computer and smartphones. I appreciate (some of) the changes happening to me right now and I hope you too because I will tell you something.

I feel… sad, no, pained rather. The biggest thorn branches out squeezing my bold blood – my purpose. And thick clear liquid flooded on my face, I cried. I cried because of someone. Someone who shared post coming from satirical website engulfing my face with mud. The mud on my face making me abhorrent to you. I am slowly losing my face, my identity and confidence to serve you.

The shared post goes like this…
“The great wrestler is gone! He was involved in a car accident.” I immediately checked the source and other details and found it was…a hoax! John Cena, my idol is alive. He is alive!
Master, let’s get serious. I am ready to die for you, just don’t be like that ‘someone’. Do not let someone die in fake news.

I thank heaven, for still there are still strong warriors to combat fake news. The National Union of Journalist of the Philippines (NUJP) lives under the banner “We cannot stop fake news (from being made), but we can stop sharing them.” Will you live the same?

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institution published the steps on how to spot fake news and I hope it would be a great help. First, you need to check the sources and check your biases. Second, look for supporting sources and read beyond. Also, know if it is a joke and lastly and most importantly, consult your librarian or an expert teacher.

You imagine the face of the Earth was mired because of fake news, inciting nations to war. Tell me where you will live? Just keep the answer within your heart.

Now, will you be my wipes to wipe those mud and join the crusade in spotting and not sharing the modern lie?
Cite This Article As: Cristian Jay Piñon. "Face Reality, Need Wipes." International Youth Journal, 09. June 2018.

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