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Reflection of a Young Sierra Leonean
16. December 2020 at 16:38
by Jeremiah Thoronka
Growing up in Sierra Leone was filled with hope for a better future. We sang the national anthem pouring out our hearts, we pledged, we happily sang about the then 12 districts and the 7 major rivers of Sierra Leone.

As the ages of been naive goes away, we started hearing some amazing stories of these major rivers, we were spanked to remember Rokel River (386 km), Sewa River (340 km), Jong River (230 km), Little Scarcies River (260 km), Rokel River (260 km) and Moa River (190 km), Great Scarcies (101 km) etc. 

As I reflect on how far we have come as a nation, what have we achieved from all these amazing rivers? The 50 MW Bumbuna Hydro project brought a lot of relief during its preliminary stages but has it lived up to expectations? A study conducted by Pöyry Energy GmbH for the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) found the theoretical hydropower potential for all rivers in Sierra Leone to be an estimated 4381 MW, quite exciting right? As a nation what have we achieved? It’s a ...

16. December 2020 at 16:29
by Harshitaa Ashish
2020 has been a very unexpecting year and the world has been attacked by a pandemic. People from from different backgrounds and conditions in the whole world are affected and are still suffering. In spite all the difficulties, people did not give up and are still fighting!

 The year 2020 had a good start; people hoped for better things but no one knew or could imagine that a pandemic was waiting for us in the same year. This all started actually in China according to the people and the news in the end 2019. The doctors found out that it was a disease called covid 19 and could not be treated easily and did not have any vaccine. This was very dangerous and created a very big impact and problem not only to the affected people but also to the whole world. This caused a global pandemic.

As I mentioned, it started in China and a few people were affected and it was also shown in the news but no one considered it very serious. But later on, when the people started to travel and communicate in different places, people noticed that many were getting infected and some also died. This terrified...

Evaluating the performance of OGDCL-NTHP Program
16. December 2020 at 16:29
by Muhammad Attique Shah
As we all agree on this little stance that education is backbone behind development of any nation. So this article tries to evaluate the performance of OGDCL-NTHP Program that is being run by Sukkur IBA University. Till now, more than 1200 students are pursuing free education in one of top ranked business schools of Pakistan.

According to Pakistan Higher Education Commission report for 2013-14, there are over 3 million students enrolled in grades 13 through 16 in Pakistan's 1,086 degree colleges and 161 universities. Majority of students prefer to study in their hometowns, and after subtraction of those, good guess would touch 0.5 million students who are studying in regular programs while preferring to continue their higher education in some prestigious institutes of the country. Most of students have satisfactory financial background to fulfill their educational needs. Some of them middle class background. While some, and this comprise of majority of students, are financially less privileged. This is the group where a poor guy is faced with inferiority complex. Of course, it seems bid difficult task to provide a world class educat...

Vesuvius: Everything about it ,and what if erupts in the near future
04. October 2020 at 09:01
by Mahd Sheriff
Just imagine you turn on the news to find out several cities wiped off the face of the Earth, gargantuan coal black clouds of volcanic ash covering the "yon rich" sky , air traffic seized, power-lines cut and the climate is about change, the story of Pompeii has repeated, this is everything about Vesuvius and what if it erupts in 2020(today).


Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano located in Italy which is the only active volcano in all of Europe and is considered one of the deadliest in the world.

It started forming about 25,000 years ago and has erupted more than 30 times. The incident of Pompeii is the most remembered event related to the Vesuvius volcano.

Pompeii was a vast archaeological site in southern Italy’s Campania region, near the coast of the Bay of Naples. until the thriving and sophisticated Roman city, Pompeii was buried under meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The preserved site featu...

02. October 2020 at 09:00
by Itunuoluwa Ajayi-albert
As Nigeria celebrates her 60 – year independence anniversary, the living standard of Nigerians calls for renewed official attention. Many Nigerians are still poor and hungry. Despite the government’s poverty alleviation efforts, a great number of Nigerians remain unemployed, homeless, and acquainted with the pangs of empty-belly hunger. Therefore, our celebration in the face of endemic poverty should be marked by creative solemnity cogitations.

The Cases 

Nigerian’s public wealth statistics do not look good at all. The analysis provokes feelings of discomfort and disquiet. According to the Nigerian Living Standard Survey (NLSS) report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) for the year 2019, 40:1% of Nigerians are classified as poor. The North was ranked poorest with 9 states in the zone placed among the top 10 poorest states. The top-three poorest states are all located in the North.

The prevalence of poverty in the North has been linked with the high rate of child marriages and piteously low interest in the education of the girl-child.

Statistically, national po...

02. September 2020 at 09:01
by Michelle Sayre
Everything entails twinges of pain and immense emotions through the dim portal of life until the incandescence of hope.The attack of my poetry: unshattered, is to breathe new sonorous melody of mêlée- confusion, a battle of mind and of inner demon, the caricature of everlasting uncertainties.

Those days are my shadow

Drowning me in a black hole

Those were the times

That I stumbled

And let my white dress

Stained with shattered pieces of me

So immensely opprobrious

So long I have not been me

So long that I can no longer see

To where it would end

And how long will I try to mend

Now in a nightly hour

I glee for I prayed

That I will bring back

The unshattered me

In a white dress.


The Deserted Life
29. August 2020 at 09:00
by Deepak Lal
Life is nothing but an unending, sometimes dreadful, and sometimes beautiful, journey of person where one faces lots of hardships so as to be concocted rightly. This article is a story during Covid-19, a poor student who overcomes all the hindrances comes in a way, his family faces the problem of poverty, his father cannot go outside to earn because of a virus, but He struggles to earn money from Home. He starts freelancing.

My father said, “We may not die because of virus, but surely will die because of hunger.” Future looked vague and obscure. Life felt more faded, and less exhilarated. It seemed as if everything has stopped, time and space has renounced the meaning of its greatness, and jubilant life has turned to the saddened journey. Thousands of expectations got executed by this pandemic. This 2020, can be called a black year, could have proved full of life, ecstasy, joy, blissfulness and love, but unfortunately, it has left the dark signs in the pages of history, and will be remembered as “The End.” This pandemic has filled the chest with the fear of death, hunger, and fear of people. It looks as if world has come to an end. This pandemic has driven lives to the desperate sorrows, especially of poor ones.


The Effect of COVID-19 on the Youth Population and Youth Organizing
23. August 2020 at 09:00
by Abednego Ishaya Wakili
Leadtots and Human Development Services to launch a rapid response funds, with support from National Endowment for Democracy (USA), to help young people who were beneficiaries of the Leadtots projects (inclusive of the Youth Civic Engagement Trainings, DE-Watson Leadership Academy or members of the Youth Political Hotspots in Bauchi, Gombe, Yobe, Taraba and Adamawa states) to lead projects that addresses community impacts of COVID-19.

It is no doubt that the world is already battling another global pandemic with the massive outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. This outbreak had come with numerous challenges on the poor health infrastructure in some nations, with Nigeria included. This outbreak has further posed survival challenges, to the low income Nigerians. In the midst of these challenges, is the misinformation and rumors multiplied across various media platforms which undermine the efforts that are being made to help combat the dreaded Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is particularly challenging for youth groups who seek to counter the effects of the outbreak on their own local contexts.

In the midst of these all, the younger populations are much of at the very receiv...

Rethinking city planning after a pandemic
05. August 2020 at 09:00
by Dinda Dewinta
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed many things in human life today, especially in urban activities. The city will never be the same again and the journey to the new normal begins now.

Coronavirus outbreak has been going on for approximately eight months. COVID-19 has devastated human life around the world with a total of cases nearly 5 million and total deaths more than 300 thousand. Many cities in the world are taking steps to lockdown to break the spread of virus. At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest challenges faced by cities. This problem is not only a matter of health crisis, but also social and economic crisis, which makes us rethink how the cities are planned and managed.

Questions about the future are obviously on everyone’s mind as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe and shutting down cities and states across the world. Coronavirus provides a huge innovation surp...

Echoes from a Small Town of Manesar
27. June 2020 at 22:49
by Vallary Gupta
The heritage structures need to be enveloped and encompassed within the newly created precincts. They are the lifeline of a place, the storyteller of the reason of our existence that hides beneath the layers of stones and traditions. Man must progress and move. Modernization and urbanisation are the keys to the lock that opens up the gates to growth. Though, the price that we pay is inhumane.

We live, we create, we leave impressions in every minuscule thing we do. The imprints continue to speak the saga of our existence for the ages to come. We aspire, we move and we leave behind our roots that continue to reflect our pristine culture.

Today, is a reflection of an unfulfilled desire. A tree ceases to exist without its roots and so are we, a hollow empty cage of stardust without our heritage and culture. The greed for luxuries keeps us moving, a desire for comfort drives us towards a never ending race at cost of nothing but our very own ethnic pride and art.

The world is moving from an agrarian economy to industrialisation and new technologies. Consequently, it draws the crowds to the urban centres resulting in urbanisation. The trend of urbanisation ca...

The Role of Business in Contributing to and Addressing to Sustainability Issues.
23. June 2020 at 23:24
by Muhammad Athar Azad
Education on sustainable development will promote the enthusiasm for the prudent and judicious use of resources so that future generations may also be able to use it. Education on sustainable development will lead to environment-friendly commitments and policies to design. The business also contributes to developing sustainable issues like climate change, water pollution, waste production, air pollution, deforestation and many more.

The Role of Business in Contributing to and Addressing to Sustainability Issues:

Education on sustainable development will promote the enthusiasm for the prudent and judicious use of resources so that future generations may also be able to use it. Education on sustainable development will lead to environment-friendly commitments and policies to design. For this purpose, the united nations have taken the initiative to start a program to promote the spirit of sustainable development to encourage the changes in knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to guarantee more sustainability in the society for all. In the world with a population of more than 7 million and limited resources, we need to develop an understanding of living sustainably.

The business ...

Love: Beyond An Act 2!
14. June 2020 at 22:06
by Mary Joy Orola
Tyler: I like you. You are a very bold girl.Girl 1: Thanks so much....Girl 2: Uh uh! I heard when Tyler said he likes you.Girl 1: Yes! That isn't a big deal. I stood up to the bully and he likes me for it. It's normal.Girl 2: Really?! You must be daft. No boy likes a girl like that. He wants you.''Girl 1 wonders why Girl 2 is taking the whole thing beyond what it looks like.''

Why do people attribute love and relationships to sex and romance between a male and a female?

85% of the articles and pictures on love and relationships online all portray romance and sex. You hardly can find a write up or picture on love that is separate from sex. Even physically, when someone says ‘I love you’ to another, it is automatically interpreted as ‘I want us to be romantically involved’ or ‘I want to have sex with you’.

So, how do we explain the Love that exists among friends; the love displayed by parents to their children and vice versa; the love between co-workers; the love expressed by students to one another in school; the relationship of couples aside sex?

Things are getting so worse that children, students, teenagers, even adults cann...

14. June 2020 at 21:59
by Victor Oyelade
A popular Girls' Welfare Advocate on my facebook timeline advises girls to stop visiting guys for now so they don't become victims of #rape. It’s a sad development – True. However, emotions only aren’t enough in solving this challenge at this timeIn my opinion, girls putting a hold on visiting males will only be a temporary solution, if it is at all.The solution...

A popular Girls' Welfare Advocate on my facebook timeline advises girls to stop visiting guys for now so they don't become victims of #rape. It’s a sad development – True. However, emotions only aren’t enough in solving this challenge at this time

In my opinion, girls putting a hold on visiting males will only be a temporary solution, if it is at all.

The solution that will curb RAPE both in the short term and long term is a STRICTER LEGISLATION with weightier punishments for perpetrators. Talking About Ideas: Argentina, UK and Several European Countries have punished Rape Offenders with Long Prison Sentences or Chemical Castration (for reduced prison terms).

A THOROUGH AND ABSOLUTE ABOLISHMENT OF CHILD MARRIAGE in Nigeria by the Domestication and enforcement of the Child Rights A...

A Scientist's Perspective on Human Rights and Resilience
09. June 2020 at 21:55
by Maulline Gragau
What are human rights? Do citizens, migrants, legal and illegal aliens, and minors have the same rights? Should individuals all over the world enjoy the same rights? Human rights are universally accepted as the equal and inalienable rights of any person, inherent due to the sole reason that they are human.

A United Nations (UN) committee, headed by Eleanor Roosevelt, drafted the document that defined and universally granted the basic rights to all human beings, terming them the equal and inalienable rights of every human being. The Declaration, known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), was adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1948. The UN, formed in 1945 and a successor to the defunct League of Nations, was the first to put up a formal global setup to define human rights. Individual countries had their own codes concerning human rights prior to the UN stepping in, but with the atrocities of the Holocaust still fresh in the world's collective conscience, the UN's authoritative intervention became crucial.

Resilience can be defined as the ability to withstan...

The African Child
05. June 2020 at 22:49
by Mary Joy Orola
Ever heard of the saying, ‘Your root determines your walk’ or ‘No matter how far and wide you travel, you cannot forget your root’? Whichever saying you are accustomed to drives home the point that one’s life in its entirety – may it be lifestyle, speech, mannerisms, attitude, and the likes – is a product of wherever one originates from. This is usually portrayed when one behaves in a certain manner.

The African child is a typical example of a traceable root because of his various experiences starting with his family, to the neighbourhood, school, and even religious centres. The average African child, a case study of a Nigerian or Rwandan is expected to understand and cope with hardship. Luxury seems to be alien to the average African child, not because every family in Africa has been cursed with poverty or hardship or that Africa herself is not entitled or does not enjoy luxury and good things of life, but there is a peculiarity of hard living attached to Africa which fortunately, also earns her accolades of strength.

Consequently, as Africans, our strength lies in our hardship. Actually, it is what makes an average African persistent at work, in bu...

Ecosia: A Few Clicks for a Better Future
09. May 2020 at 20:37
by Swetha Tandri
The internet is regarded as one of the best innovations of modern society, providing an endless supply of information. But our supposedly harmless Googling actually releases as much carbon dioxide as the entire aviation industry, poisoning the air we breathe. What if there was a way to reap the positives of the internet while simultaneously replenishing our atmosphere? Step aside, Google. Ecosia is now our best bet.

What do educational tools, news coverage, and entertainment all have in common? All can be accessed through Google. Founded just 20 years ago, Google is now an endless hub of resources at our fingertips. Need the nearest coffee shop? Use Google Maps. Need the time and weather? Call out to the Google Home App. Need to access helpful tutorials? Visit Google’s own YouTube. Boasting more than 63,000 searches per second per day, Google is a symbol of our interconnected world. 

Googling has become an extension of our minds: the average American spends 24 hours per week, accessing the internet through a smartphone, using Google Apps with ease like an extra limb. What if we the consumers could use our fundamental act of browsing to tackle crucial climate problems and make headway in achieving a sustai...

Is Life Simple?
01. May 2020 at 22:15
by Mandy Sharma
In these times of pandemic, the life has retarded from pace to slow! we all were running here and there trying to make adjustments with the speed and at the same time cope with the stress and anxieties endowed with it.

Looking at 'Life' and how everything has changed instantly, I wonder, "Is this pandemic good for people like you and me?".People who had been caught up in this labyrinth of mundane race of rats where we jiggle continuously thinking just going this one more inch, hard, will eventually lead us out of troubles and bless our lives with the materialistic ornaments that we'd desired. Well, hell to do with it! nothing like that ever happened and we seemingly got lost and vanished our own beings into some kind of imposter.

And, now while taking a sip from my coffee(because, it's the sleep buster that i had gotten myself addicted to) i wonder should asking wikihowpsychology today, or reading, blogs or articles from medium are going to b...

The Power of Our Desires
01. May 2020 at 22:08
by Abednego Ishaya Wakili
How are your desires guiding you through the path which will lead you to the success of the life which you have been made to live for? When your desires are put right, the later story will be well said of.

People most often talk of their plans in life, the achievements they hope to have achieved in life, the kind of life they hope to live, the course they hope to study, the kind of job they hope to have, the networks they hope to have, and sometimes even the kind of family they envision to have. Aspirations have a natural way of inclination to the unfolded future reality.

But the caption would still be – “what is the driving factor towards achieving all of life’s dreams and aspirations”? Whilst in the thought of that, I came across Engr. Temitope Oshuntuyi, who is a life coach and the founder of the mathematics for life foundation, who spoke on the said concern of our desires being the needed push out towards taking us to the bream of our aspirations, at the Studen...

Environmental issues in Films
23. April 2020 at 23:02
by Sainath Manikandan
Plastics are not our body's best friend. We have been using the plastic materials for over 5 decades now. There are millions of tonnes of plastic that we produce year after year. And the number keeps on increasing at a drastic year every year. Our marine environment is facing a huge threat due to these plastics and so do our environment.

There are many items that we use are made from plastic such as bags, bottles, plates, cutleries, and so on. Out of these only a bit are recycled. Most of these wastes ends up in landfill and in our seas and oceans.

The documentary that I am going to share with you is “A Plastic Ocean”. The screening of this film was done in a meeting of Drop It Youth ambassadors. The director of this film is an Australian journalist Craig Leeson. They showcased how the plastics have caused serious damages to our environment and also to our marine environment.

The director had wanted to film the blue whale but it showed us the thick layer of plasti...

Travails of the girl child
18. April 2020 at 22:22
by Abdulrahman Abdulganiyu
Inside life, women or girls around the world witness challenges of their fundamental right. Discrimination, violence and harassment of female sex has dominated the four angles of the world and shaped the daily news in the media. Throughout the world, fundamental human rights has castigated the topic of gender inequality. Law of every nation has provided -in their constitution- clearly by treating the right of quality in no preference to any sex.

It is a statement of fact that females around the world witness infringement of rights on a daily basis. Discrimination, violence and harassment of female sex have contributed a tad to the dimension of public discourse globally. The advocacy for "women and men, and girls and boys, to enjoy the same right, resources, opportunities and protections", as defined by UNICEF, is conflagrating by the day. A thrilling sign that gender equality has come to stay. 

Gender equality is the state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation, and decision-making; the state of valuing different behaviours, aspirations needs equally, regardless of gender.

The girl-child is given less priority at home than the male child, usually because of the no...

We can eliminate street begging and poverty
18. April 2020 at 22:15
by Malak Majeed Ullah Khan
Our aim will be to uplit these people up to level 3 or 4 or higher level and then we will hand over them to the other foundations. If these are children we will send them to schools, and if unfortunately, these are of adults age and have missed their schooling time, we will help them by giving some technical education or skills and will polish their skills a so that they can get a job or will arrange a stall for them at the least.

We all love to watch documentaries of the people who did alot for the socity, thet are really the sad, adventurous but motivating videos. I would like to ask what is your contribution to society up to now?

 For me, I observed that there are a lot of people begging on the streets, most of them are under age or there are women having children of schooling age. But she is unable even to dress themselves or buy food for themselves, then how can she send her children to school? Obviously it is impossible for them. So I started collecting data and observe the behaviors of charity foundations and NGOs and other organizations that how they work and besides there are thousands of such foundations and NGOs, why they are unable to get in touch with these poor people who sleep on roads and beg for food? 

 I fo...

Kinda Kind
16. April 2020 at 00:07
by Christopher Tawiah-mensah
"If you were presented with the option to choose between being right and being kind, choose kind - Unknown. Growing up in the Westlands of Africa, where "Every man for himself, God for us all" is the anthem on the streets and within the four corners of homes, the picture of empathy is as blur as the dotty stars and light bubbles we see after rubbing our eye balls to an itch. Mum says do not go when a stranger beckons in aid. Daddy adds " Everyone is wicked and wants to kill you."

Here I am, a man in tarted clothes asks for a sip of my sachet water to quench his harmattan thirst. Some people say, such instances are orchestrated to exchange one's destiny. Others say, your wealth is traded when you comply. Too many superstitions and concoctions to topple over before listening to one's own voice. My belief tells me to grant his wish and lip a prayer afterwards for protection- the least I can do.

The drum of kindness is beaten differently in our part of the world, Africa. The narrative transcends the physical into the spiritual. For the average Ghanaian, everything is spiritual, but for corruption ("which is as old as Adam" His excellency the former president, John Agyekum Kuffour spelt out in one of his speeches) and lateness, with our 'Ghana-Man-Time' for an excuse. These two, most beli...

Logistics Apps: Potential To Mobilize The Entire Industry
16. April 2020 at 00:02
by Ritesh Patil
Uber-like app solutions are already popular in the transportation and cab industry with growing number of taxi businesses investing in their own white label taxi app to stay competitive and grow their businesses. Not to be left behind, the logistics industry that covers trucking and freight businesses, cargo delivery companies, pickup and delivery services, etc., are also embracing mobile apps like never before. The driving force is clear.

2016 and 2017 have seen a lot of dynamic activity in the logistics and transportation industry. Some interesting industry trends are being witnessed at a global level. Interested to check what these trends are? Then read on

  1. Traditional supply chains are being fragmented into smaller manageable parts – including nearshore and offshore locations. Also, the number of connections within the route is increasing to cater to the growing popularity of on-demand delivery services marked by shorter delivery time and significantly better overall experience.
  2. Shipping and transportation of goods have moved from being a tactical choice to a strategic choice with massive business critical ramifications. One key reason behind this rationale is that players are increasingly recognizing the immense revenu...
Safeguarding the Future of the Younger Generation: A Lesson From the Lumpfish
08. April 2020 at 22:45
by Chukwudike Ukeje
The world is advancing at a fast pace. It is beyond doubt that human race has made significant achievements in the last few decades. Child mortality has been reduced drastically, and we have succeeded in almost eradicating polio from every country. As well, Communication barriers have been broken down through the invention of the internet, mobile phones, and the computer; thereby creating a more globalized and inter-connected world.

The world is advancing at a fast pace. It is beyond doubt that human race has made significant achievements in the last few decades. Child mortality has been reduced drastically, and we have succeeded in almost eradicating polio from every country. As well, Communication barriers have been broken down through the invention of the internet, mobile phones, and the computer; thereby creating a more globalized and inter-connected world. In addition, life expectancy has been increased appreciably and illiteracy rate reduced. So, all is well?

The world is in a mess”, these were the exact words of UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres at the climate change deal at Paris in 2017.  The world is in a state of controversy that threa...

The Urgent Need for Environmental Education in Africa
04. April 2020 at 19:57
by Maulline Gragau
Following the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, several African countries created National Environment Authorities to increase environmental awareness among the people.

In recent years, many of these countries have also established Ministries of Environment and National Resources. In countries like South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and even Zimbabwe, environmental management and practices have been incorporated into primary, secondary, university and college curricula. Notwithstanding these laudable efforts, environmental illiteracy is still widespread at grassroots, among industrial and business executives, economists, civil servants, policymakers and implementers. This state of affairs underscores the failure of environmental education to integrate the underlying socio-economic causes of environmental degradation and pollution. Lack of funding and sound evidence-based comprehensive environmental policies and laws coupled with poor enforcement machinery have further reduced the effectiveness of ...

Rape/Pedophilia In Nigeria: The Way Out
11. February 2020 at 21:57
by Muhammad Gambari Aminah
It's about the consequences of being a gender casulity of rape. In the society where social Violence is allowed and permitted by the citizens which is not allowed in the world over. This article treats the ways how to be left of being a casulity of sexual harassment.

It's an abstruse or mischanced that happened mysteriously, to a gender that usually dig their soul into the hole of jaopardy, being a casuality of sexual harrassment. rather, or explained deep psychosocial heterogeneity. For rapists, rape is easy. And that must stop. Before I proceed, it's worthwhile the term 'Rape' be defined as: Rape definitions vary by state and in response to legislative advocacy. Most statutes currently defined rape as non-consensual oral, anal, or vaginal penetration of the victim by body parts or objects – using force, threats of bodily harm, or by taking advantage of a victim who is incapacitated or otherwise incapable of giving consent. Of course, it's unarguably if I choose to say rape is always through force. Furthermore, as it's stated, the term 'rape' as an unlawfully aga...

The Struggle To Guilty A Powerful Man Against a Weak Woman In a Corrupt World
08. February 2020 at 20:21
by Muhammad Bilal Tahir
This article explains to aspects of structural violence in many societies. The first one is "Structural Violence Against Women" and the second one is about "Structural Violence Against Weak People by the Wealthy Ones"

The Garden of Burning Sand was second of Addison’s best international sellers on human rights issue and modern days slavery. The book talks about a low syndrome girl who was raped by an elite class man. Her case was investigated by an American human rights lawyer and a local policeman. This paper will analyze two aspects of structural violence that existed in Zambian society. It will talk about the violence of rape against young women and the elite mafia who are hard to be proven wrong in Zambian society. 

A little girl with low syndrome was walking down the street in the dark when a man, in an SUV, offered her a candy. With the candy, the little girl lost her conscious and was taken by the man to be raped. (p 5) In many African countries, the rape of young girls isn’t an unknown thing, n...

Drop It Youth - Fight against Plastic Pollution
08. February 2020 at 20:06
by Sainath Manikandan
We live on a blue planet, with oceans and seas covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. Oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and generate most of the oxygen we breathe. Oceans are facing threats as a result of human activity.

Every year, an estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans. The forefathers of Abu Dhabi owed their living to the waters of the Arabian Gulf and it continues to teem with life. One of the world’s largest and densest colonies of dugongs live here, as do many seabird colonies. Several hundred thousand migrating shorebirds visit each year. Abu Dhabi also hosts approximately 110 km2 of mangroves. But these waters and the plant and animal species within them now face immense threats, on several fronts due to plastic pollution. My campaign aims to reduce the carbon footprint.

Goumbook, a social enterprise aims to promote sustainability in the UAE and has launched a nationwide awareness campaign called Drop It Youth (DIY) ur...

Do’s and Don’ts in a Writing Competition
21. January 2020 at 21:48
by Tochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba
Why do people enter a writing competition? Few enter to practice. Some enter to motivate themselves to complete their stories. But there is a reason why everyone who enters a writing contest needs… Win! As an editor, writer and a proofreader that have been judging a hundred writing contests during those times, I have discovered what it entails to ruin chances and win an entry.

Let us get the obvious out of the way. Submitting grammatically correct and proofed entry in the needed genre that attains the needed word count and following the contest theme is just the minimum or the least requirement if you intend to win a contest. If you actually want to lose a writing competition, you can do all or any of the following:

-          Unknowingly or knowingly go against the grammar rules: if you intend to win, observe and discover the accurate and the necessary grammar. Again, I do not actually need to inform you about this or do I?

-          Do not proofread: Do I actually need to inform you to proofread? Personally, I am so lenient when it entails typos. If the piece is...

The Emptiness of Heart - The Buddha
19. January 2020 at 21:57
by Deepak Lal
The emptiness of the heart is what makes me remember the Gautama Buddha. It is the feeling of nothingness when you own nothing but yourself. Buddha tried to know the secret of happiness, death, life, sufferings. and how to escape from these all.

Understanding the whole scenarios behind the hidden curtains of unknowing minds, Human Being stays in a state of deep slumber and unconsciousness, that’s why he becomes unknown to the realities of life and happiness. Humans always want to unlock the doors of happiness for the peace of mind and heart. For this, Millions of people are born around the globe to teach you, give you thy keys, and make you a learned person in terms of your social life. They teach us the very lessons of living a life. Siddhartha Gautama is one of them. 

Whenever I hear or listen to the word Buddha, one thing strikes my mind that is Emptiness of Heart. Emptiness is throwing away all that you have, in order to make a space in a heart for the One Who is in us. It is the Human nature that he desires or longs for some...

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