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Of Nigeria and her seesaw
18. February 2019 at 09:00
by Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi
Who knows, mayhaps a soothsayer had forseen what would be the fate of Nigeria after Independent? Like Ola Rotimi's 'The Gods are not to blame' where a great seer of supernatural ghoul sees the pregnancy of the snail in the shell. A semblance of it as the playwright portrayed, King Adetusa of kutuje land placates the oracle to forsee the destiny of his new born baby. The oracle speaks, and the vulture was present for the atonement -- the rest is history. The analogy is of this country, we play the pattern of fiction but non-fiction happening to Nigerians from then till date.

To be on a virile of schizophrenic momentum reality. Maybe kiwi has covered their ears from hearing what the soothsayer said about the future. Or mayhaps fact has become victim of febrile fancy. That Nigeria was freed from the tangle of the whitemen is never an unleashement for freedom,rather a jostle for suffering. No qualms, those past leaders hitherto are of no populace interest, rather to amass personal wealth. To pinpoint this, let's flash back from the outset of self rule in this country; from one government to another. A lot had been affected by nausea, when having nestle promising nurture.

Having felt depressed of Nigeria entanglement, and the familiarity of poverty hymn sings to the stoic Nigerians ears since 1960s till present, still hoping that things would be better. According to a German-born Henry Charl...

Female child education: a wastage resources
14. February 2019 at 09:02
by Yasir Ibrahim
In our society today, it is believed that a male child will eventually be the head of the family. Therefore, educating the female child is not really compulsory and prevailing to that of the male child. Why is female child education a waste of resources.
Education is said to be the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Education is nothing but studying different kinds of subjects to gain knowledge and understanding and trying to apply it in daily life. Education is not only the book knowledge also learning something practically. For a modern society, education is very important. The old values of education and ethics have been sweeping slowly so it is the right time to get educated with inculcating the history to the student. There is nowhere one can teach culture, education in the right process to transform the culture to modern society. It is the perfect stage to mold a person into a complete leader with all the human emotions, values and heritage.

In our society today, it is believed that a male child will eventually...
ASUU STRIKE: OAU students risk “carryover” as infractions mar conduct of exams
13. February 2019 at 13:58
by Alfred Olufemi
With the indefinite postponement of some examinations in a Nigerian university, Obafemi Awolowo University, Alfred Olufemi can evidently report that some students will have to carry over some courses to the next session because of the ideological disagreement between lecturers.
With the indefinite postponement of some examinations in a Nigerian university, Obafemi Awolowo University, Alfred Olufemi can evidently report that some students will have to carry over some courses to the next session because of the ideological disagreement between lecturers.

Several national newspapers reported the confusion emanating from the discrepancies between Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) lecturers and their counterparts, who belong to the parallel union, Congress of Nigeria University Academics (CONUA).

While ASUU members have refused to attend lectures and conduct examinations in compliance with the industrial action declared by ASUU national body in November last year, CONUA lecturers have been attending classes and are participating in the on-going rain semester examination.

Students and lecturers earli...
Agriculture in our lives
30. January 2019 at 09:52
by Jubilee Floren
"once in our lives we need a doctor, once in our lives we need a lawyer, but everyday in our lives we need a farmer"
As I was walking all my way home I saw a signage with the words written "once in our lives we need a doctor, once in our lives we need a lawyer, but everyday in our lives we need a farmer" and that catches my heart. Agriculture supplies the basic necessities as a human . It provides us food that gives us energy to do anything we wanted and needed to do. My family and I is one of the Filipinos who consumes so much agricultural foods such as rice, chicken, pork, processed meat, fruits and vegetables since we do eat more than 3x a day and my brothers have huge appetite. Without those agricultural foods we can't get the right nutrition our body needed.

Agriculture are able to bolster income and savings, indeed I can really say that. Majority source income of people in rural areas are through agriculture. Agriculture c...
The Deaf World
22. January 2019 at 09:02
by Anna Baklytska
Have you ever seen a deaf person dance? I have. I watched this person with delight and pride… Yes, with pride (or admiration), that they hadn’t given up, but had learned to enjoy the music of silence, not considering themselves deprived and regardless of the absence of their hearing- they amazed people!
Honestly, I have no problem recognizing or seeing deaf people on city transport, or throughout the community. All one must do is see the sweeping movements of their hands with sign language.
Yes, it is an amazing language…We are not always able to convey our feelings with words. But in sign language, it is so much easier. For it is the language of the heart.

It is the love language of incredible kindness and sincerity. A deaf person will rarely deceive or flatter you- they are honest, trustworthy and naive like children. This touches the soul… I share this with confidence (or assurance). These people: are among my relatives, they are altogether close (or dear) to me.

My name is Anna. I am from Ukraine and would like to share with you some thoughts regarding problems of the deaf world within my country. When a hearing...
My Kind of Girl
22. January 2019 at 09:01
by Christopher Tawiah-mensah
"Who is your kind of girl?" I get this question a lot. Not because I am oh-my-god handsome or holy-smokes charming, no, no, no. Far from the 'charm of hands' and the 'smoky gods'. It is elementarily because I am single. As if that's the worst disease that can ever happen to a young man like myself, everyone goes "Why art thou single?!" Such questions do come in many translations-- the King James as well.. haven't come across the Revised Standard Version yet though.
The tides, 'Time and tide wait for no man', but I bet they certainly do squeeze a few halts on a single life and the episodes of singlehood. That's all they've been cursed to do-- to tick and to wave out moments, then weave them into untamed memories: the lazy sunrises and the orange sunsets, the noisy morning chirps of solos on the mahogany trees, and the unfeathered chick who wonders why mum hasn't flown yet amidst her many feathers. Anyway, I don't believe in a Mrs. Right lurking somewhere with a faulty GPS compass in her fanny pack, which blurs my location every time she palms it and alerts with a beep, anytime I get close; and I don't believe in fairy tales either-- love at first sight, true love's first kiss and its cohorts of fancies.

When asked last who my kind of girl was, I bubbled a smile, pinched a thought and said " ...
Million Drops of Love
19. January 2019 at 09:01
by Edrell Cabatbat
Every drop that falls from the heavens splashes God's unconditional love. In fact, He disguises Himself in the form of raindrops to overflow His million drops of love.
The rain came, washing my pains
The rain fell, unclogging my chains
The winds roared, soothing my blaze
The clouds cried, was exultant in praise!

Dawn was breaking when cats and dogs start pouring
Outside, the drops of rain and the roofs start kissing
The sound of kissing was a melody worth listening
And the raindrops began singing!

Unusual it is for the rain to wake me up
My eyes see a spirit buildup,
My nose taste an air moist and new,
My soul was rejuvenated, it was renewed!

Strange is the feeling brought by rain
The rain came, it washed my pain
The rain came, it unclogged my chain
The rain came and the Lord started to reign!

Every raindrop is a blessing from above
God disguised Himself in the form of raindrops
To shower his million drops of love
I thank God for I can now soar
And I never felt this bl...
I don`t need YOU!
16. January 2019 at 22:52
by Mary Joy Orola
Have you ever heard or said things like these:'You can do whatever and go wherever you like, I don't give a hoot 'cos I can live without you!' 'I have had it up to the neck with you. You are an eye sore and I don't ever want to relate with you again!''Leave my life alone! I don't need your friendship, neither do I need you. Go your way and I will go my way!'Why should they be said? I wonder...
I was close by a queue one day and I overheard a conversation between two ladies(corps members):

‘I had to go and rent my own room so I could be far from any other corps member. I know myself; I am hot-tempered and I do not take nonsense. So it is better I stay on my own to avoid troubles and I can tell you I am doing fine without anyone”!

As I looked her way, I saw the sincerity and seriousness with which she was letting out her mind and it got me thinking.

‘Why would we have so much troubles relating with others?’ Without a doubt, this kind of conversation might have been uttered by virtually every human being. The levels might be different; some could be milder than the other or even said playfully, but I tell you, almost everyone has had, at one point or the other moments when they had to conceive th...
How far-reaching drought forges lives in Afghanistan
14. January 2019 at 09:00
by Abdullah Abed
While Afghanistan continues hitting the headlines for its decades long lasted armed conflicts, the misery has recently coupled with a severe drought harshly taking toll on people who are already known to the hell of loss. To picture the scale of the mishap, official entities, term the ongoing drought in Afghanistan unprecedented since 1971. Sake of severe lack of rain and snowfall in recent years, 20 out of the all 34 provinces, where roughly 15 million people depend on farming have been struggling with exceedingly strict drought.
It comes while that about all of the provinces affected by drought are already prone to murderous insurgency has been wrecked by different terrorist functions chief among them Taliban and ISIS militants. To measure the outcome of ongoing disastrous rebellion in the country, based on tallies released by the United Nations Mission in September, at least 8,050 Afghans were killed or maimed in the first 9 months of 2018 as result of ongoing armed conflicts across the country. U.N humanitarian agencies estimate that 1.14 million out of 2.2 million people who have been affected by drought in the country are in need of urgent food aid.

U.N figures suggest about 260,000 Afghans- most of them in north and west of the country - have been forced from their homes due to devastating drought. It follows the nationwide 2,000 people who have been int...
Student Mental Health Crisis
03. January 2019 at 13:22
by Ishaan Sachdeva
Canadian schools and universities are facing mental health crisis. All mental health organisations are focussed on complex solutions to this burning issue. While doing so, the simpler solutions are being overlooked. One such easier approach which promotes mental health is physical activity and promotion of the awareness of physical activity mental health connection is the goal of Active Mental Health Initiative, a Student led National Organization.
In a society where we are surrounded by confusing, complex and convoluted remedies for even the most minor mental health concerns, it can be hard to remember the benefits that can be derived from the simpler aspects of life.

Ontario colleges and universities are currently facing a student mental health crisis that impacts the lives and academic performance of the students. The causes leading to this crisis are multifactorial, including the challenges of transitioning from high school to university, adaptation to a new social environment, financial difficulties, stress of academics and decreased support of family. The positive aspect is that universities are addressing the challenges of student mental health by laying down wellness strategies and opening student wellness centres, specifically catered towards mental health issues. Many...
Mounting Prevalence of overlooked Mental Health Issues in Pakistan
19. December 2018 at 09:00
by Zainab Ali Asghar
In this article I want to make the topic of ignorance in Pakistan as the topic of complete importance and consideration. Moreover, it's a small step towards enlightening those narrow minds and alarming them with the best of what deadly disease mental conditions hold in them and how devastating it can be for an individual. Hence, to overcome these mental issues some solutions are also discussed which requires attention in Pakistan.
A silent killer,itself surrounded with silence in Pakistan!
Tranquility surrounds mental health conditions and psychological disorders in Pakistan.The enfeebling mental issues; depression and anxiety are high, followed by; bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosomatic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder,psychosis, etc.

Why are these epidemic mental conditions termed as a silent killer?
Indeed, mental health issues are such a cruel punishment. There are no fevers, no rashes,no blood tests to send people scurrying in concern,just the slow erosion of self,as insidious as cancer. And like cancer, it is essentially a solitary experience;a room in hell with only your name on the door. It ruins the mental stability of an individual and eventually makes the individual dead.

Why all these disabling mental conditions been ignored over...
Examining the Environmental Laws in Africa: Nigeria as a Case Study
28. November 2018 at 09:00
by Tochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba
Environmental Degradation has consistently resulted to undesired obstacles for economic and health development in Nigeria. Some of these challenges entail pollution, deforestation, improper pesticides and Global Warming. Despite the Environmental laws aimed at minimizing these challenges, the condition in Nigeria tends to degenerate as a result of the fact that these laws are not enforced effectively.
The purpose of a good and conducive environment cannot be given too much attention and importance. Environmental Laws occurs so as to reduce the threatening environmental challenges which occur from human exercises in the search for economic development and growth. The essence for environmental laws and regulations emanates from the fact that it brings about enhanced health and ensures favorable living conditions.

Although, the significant environmental challenges in Nigeria which entail deforestation, oil spillage, ozone layer depletion, associated soil zones, acid deposition, desertification, pollution, global warming among others occurs as a result of the poor enforcement of environmental laws. This unyielding desired results or incompetence is as result of some obstacles of enforcement which varies from conflicts role in corruption...
Dada: A community buried in its own death
26. November 2018 at 09:03
by Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman
One could begin with the flies, smells of rotten food, remains of emptied bowel or a community hounded by questions of abandonment. Like the hustle and bustle of Lagos tripartite statue , its mightiness welcomes strangers and bid farewell to residents; its overpowering stenches of treachery debar the community from unraveling her potentials. Such is the plight of people living in the rural part of Nigeria where open spaces receive the blessings of the bowel, and culinary waste find solace in the open field at the backyard
Like many communities in the suburbs of Ilorin, Dada is a community famed for her pottery and artistic exploits - a standing wonder of the early centuries. However, the debacle of open defecation and dearth of a proper sewage system remained the eyesore of the community; in lieu of toilet, residents use open field to dispose waste.

Although this has often been attributed to poverty that makes it a challenge to build toilets, government indifference in providing waste management facilities has been instrumental in the environmental apocalypse the community is deeply enmeshed.

One of the days this reporter visits, he walked through the visibly boulevard of dirt blowing freshness of dirts that remain the symbol of the community - a prolonged agony weeping for rapid response amidst domestic waste and smells that hem the community.

Parliamentary Elections; another Test for Afghan Precarious Democracy
14. November 2018 at 20:48
by Abdullah Abed
I am submitting my article about Afghanistan's upcoming parliamentary election which has been dated for October 20 exclusively for International Youth Journal. it is my pleasure that you are taking it into consideration for publication.
By holding long delayed parliamentary election on October 20, Afghanistan is going to shape a new chapter in its recent political arena.

Based on Afghan constitution parliamentary election should has been held in 2015, but due to 2014 controversial presidential elections which coincided withdrawal of huge portion of international forces from Afghanistan, then newly elected president, Ashraf Ghani extended the current parliament period by issuing a legislative decree.

Though doubts were high about government’s sincerity and resolute intention for holding parliamentary elections at the beginning, president Ghani not only managed in a well and appropriate manner to deliver on his promise for bringing a new Lower House, he even went on to date presidential elections on 20 of April 2019, as his five-year term comes to end.

Philippine Tourist Destinations: Mini Boracay cases?
12. November 2018 at 09:18
by Francine Beatriz Pradez
Following the foreclosure of Boracay, should other tourist destinations in the Philippines undergo extensive improvement to meet international standards
The pronouncement of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to foreclose Boracay , a world renowned tourist destination, for six months had alarmed numerous sectors in the Philippines due to a possible drop in the tourism industry that shall upset certain economic and social factors. However, the rehabilitation of the so - called cesspool reignited a thorough observation of other tourist spots in the country such as the Tondaligan Beach in Dagupan City where twenty tons of garbage was scattered along the shore and in the ocean as reported by media outlets in 2017. With this staggering number confronting us, should we implement stricter measures to salvage nature’s gems?

In Boracay alone, the final blow came amidst the exceedance of the purported carrying capacity of the island with 16,796 more people who are either lured into the island w...
Agrobiodiversity and climate change
08. October 2018 at 09:00
by Santosh Bhandari
'There's one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate.' Apart from the bulk of fussy words, this quotation by the former president Mr.Barack Obama depicts the current issues and impacts of climate change.
John F.Kerry furthermore cites the solution concerning the matter 'The solution to climate change is staring us in the face. It's energy policy. If we pursue a global clean energy economy, we can cut dramatically the amount of carbon pollution we emit into the atmosphere and prevent the worst impacts of climate change.'

When it comes to this point of talk, it would be more relevant to say that climate change is the evil cause of everything, including agro- biodiversity deterioration. But, climate change is seldom a self induced entity, it is rather something facilitated by we beings. Blaming won't do anything good. In this stage of vulnerability, what we all need to put a full stop to these critical consequences of climate change is the realization and implementation of mitigation and adaptation procedures into daily life.

Once the...
Pakistan Agriculture
05. October 2018 at 09:04
by Asfand Ali Goraho
Agriculture is a vital sector of Pakistan's economy and accounted for 25.9 percent of GDP in 1999-2000, according to government estimates. The sector directly supports three-quarters of the country's population, employs half the labor force, and contributes a large share of foreign exchange earnings.
The main agricultural products are cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, and vegetables, in addition to milk, beef, mutton, and eggs. Pakistan depends on one of the world's largest irrigation systems to support production. There are 2 principal seasons. Cotton, rice, and sugarcane are produced during the kharif season, which lasts from May to November. Wheat is the major rabi crop, which extends from November to April. The key to a much-needed improvement of productivity lies in a more efficient use of resources, principally land and water.

However, change is dependent on the large landowners who own 40 percent of the arable land and control most of the irrigation system, which makes widespread reform difficult. Assessments by independent agencies, including the World Bank, show these large landholdings to be very unproductive. Paki...
03. October 2018 at 09:00
by Rohit Puri
Should Sexual education be taught in public schools? Don't you think that Sex is like a game? When two beings play ,they lose their energy and get pleasure as they get from other physical games.
Sex is study of characteristics of human beings(a male and a female). Our Society consider it a religious blasphemy, and do not about it in public. But they don't know that the causes of rapes, molestation and harassment, our society, is lake of Sex education. These social diseases can be prevent by spreading the awareness of sex education. Our generation should be aware of Child Sexual abuse, Harassment and many, and how to tackle with them.

Child Sexual abuse is also called Child molestation, in which an adult uses a child for sexual desire or stimulation. Child sexual abuse is occur in variety of settings, including home, school or work place where child labour is common. Child marriage is one of the main forms of child sexual abuse. UNICEF has stated that Child marriage represents the most prevalent form of sexual abuse. Effect of ...
She is family
02. October 2018 at 11:40
by Jubilee Floren
It is between the granddaughter, the grandmother and the daughter. Wherein the granddaughter was being molested by the second husband of the grandmother. And the granddaughter planted some hatred to her grandmother and the daughter wanted to take one side but the daughter understand every side of the story.
It was accident
No, it wasn't?
She's molested
It wasn't her intention.

She woke up in the dark
Where world is beautiful.

You don't have to blame her
She don't know, it was love
Love drives her.

She don't know, what is her judgement
She understand every side. ...
Digital Entrepreneurship Today
01. October 2018 at 22:20
by Esimaje Michael Onoseme
Digital Entrepreneurship is the way to go at the moment. A Properly Developed Digital Entrepreneur can survive the Harsh Scotching Effect of Job Insecurity Across Africa.
Digital Marketing is simply using electronic media such as the web, social media, email, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about customer’s characteristics & behaviors. Most Nigerian firms and Companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. Here in Nigeria E-commerce giants like jumia, konga, aniwura, jiji, etc has immensely revolutionized into mobile app, web app and internet application.

Digital Media Marketing Cycle
The digital marketing cycle illustration is to better our understanding on the concept of making an enterprise via digital marketing and the entities involved in ensuring that successful targets are met. Digital marketing objectives for an enterprise or firm can be to create awar...
Concretization is a big disaster
26. September 2018 at 21:35
by Omkareshwar Jha
We can make such storage tanks that are made of concrete without a small leak of water from it. Also in prospect of underground water level and flood are a big matter of concern & we are somehow lacking to understand why this is happening a big picture might have more than one parameter. But atleast I wanna share one big parameter of our development is making roads but it becomes disaster without knowing proper science & management.
When we make concrete roads during rainy season the water don't go underground and it gets discharged and our fresh water that we can use is only about 1% on the planet a big source of which is underground water. For daily purpose we use that water for our daily activity & drinking purposes. And rain is the cyclic natural process to recharge the water of underground. But when we make concrete roads everywhere, big part of rain water goes else where and underground water don't get charged up.

And there is a drastic decline in the graph of underground water level. And the water we take out from underground is mostly drained out from our system and it goes in the river, lake and oceans etc.. that increases the level of rivers and lakes at a continuous fraction of rising water level resulting in flood and other such disaster. We all r...
We All Bleed Red
23. September 2018 at 17:14
by Christopher Tawiah-mensah
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, time applies equally to all. The rich, the poor, the young, the old, the smart, even the young lady in the mini skirt who just roped her neck to a branch of the Iroko tree in her father's farm, has her fair share of time. Only that she wants to end her clock right about now. The newspapers stare silently from a telescope distance.
Girl, 24, hangs herself to a baobab tree one front page reads the next day. Another spells A 24 yearbold irl hung herself to a fig tree they didn't even bother asking what type of tree it was, but who cares. As long as the story sold and the cedis flowed, it was game on.

I witnessed the inauguration ceremony of the Kempinski Hotel in the Gold Coast City, Accra and was wowed into many wishes; I just hope this was on a full moon so they may have a chance to surface, I don't quite remember; the brights were way too mouth opening. Of course I wasn't invited to the ceremony, neither was I an Uber driver nor a passer-by. Who would just pass by a view of such royal demeanor? Not me. I was a friendly neighborhood stroller who is rather obsessed with looking at buildings and sceneries his pockets are too s...
International Youth Day Celebration
03. September 2018 at 21:34
by Kushal Naharki
Youth Thinkers' Society Lamjung conducted Panel Discussion on "Safe Spaces For Youths" on the occasion of International Youth Day 2018.
On the auspicious occasion of International Youth Day 2018, Youth Thinkers' Society-Lamjung organized Panel Discussion on "Safe Space for Youth" between the representatives of Local Youth Clubs and the representatives of the local government, District Youth Committee and different youth activist at Pipalbot Resort, Sundarbazar Lamjung. This program was supported by VSO ICS , District Youth Committee, Sarbodaya Sewa Aashram and COPPADES.

With the vision of interacting youth with the local bodies, the platform was so set that the youth can freely express the problem that they are facing despites all the efforts carried out. There was participation of 60 youths including the representation from 11 local youth clubs. The program was divided into two sections. The first half was Panel discussion and group discussion on th...
The Agricultural Sector: Path towards achieving a wider range of CSR in Nigeria
01. September 2018 at 13:31
by Abednego Ishaya
In a world of diverse needs (that calls for different actions to be taken by various corporate organizations), for which the government alone might not necessarily meet up to. There appears to be a gap between the understanding the community needs and what the corporate organizations take of their view.
Thus, in Nigeria, the responsibilities already taken by various corporate organizations can further be broadened if another focal is given to the Nigerian agricultural sector, which accounts for the means of livelihood of most of its citizens.

The happenings in different societies have place the need for innovative ideas that can help improve upon the social standard of different societies, within the Nigerian state. “…while income inequality between countries may have been reduced, inequality within countries has risen”. This would play out the importance of social initiatives, in achieving the goal of reducing inequality within countries, and improving upon social life.

So many social initiatives are been effected by different corporate organizations, especially in the oil and gas sector, such as: awarding of s...
Bisaya I am
25. August 2018 at 18:41
by Febeto Potutan Jr.
When a dialect is spoken by many, it'll eventually become a language as Bisaya in the Philippines.
In southern island
of an archipelago
called Philippines
I proudly live.

It is green, wide
and magnificently

Bisaya I consider
no dialect but
surely a language.

We talk in distinct
language but we stand
in one feet.

And when northern
people talk behind
our backs or spread
nasty rumors about
us, we simply call
them ignorants!

Because this
is our island
they know so
little about....
Holliston Health Agent in Hot Water Again
15. August 2018 at 20:21
by Hksolution Sol
The Massachusetts Attorney General has been asked to investigate the Town of Holliston after receiving numerous complaints against a town employee. Reports indicate that on multiple occasions, Holliston Health Agent, Scott Moles, entered residents’ property and illegally seized personal items. According to sources, Moles told any resident who resisted to “get a lawyer”.
It seems that at least one alleged victims took Moles’ advice. An attorney for a local resident contacted the Holliston Police and, after making them aware of the situation, the items were immediately returned. Additionally, one victim alleges that she was repeatedly harassed by Moles and once even found him outside.

Photo courtesy of Town of Holliston her bedroom window upon exiting her shower. Holliston has been served with a Presentment Claim, a required prerequisite to a lawsuit against the town, as well as a demand for restitution in the amount of 8 million dollars. The claim seeks damages against Moles as well as against the town of Holliston for its failure to supervise its employee.

Prior to working for Holliston, Moles worked for the Town of Millis, Massachusetts. It is unknown if similar behaviors were the reason...
Sustainable Agriculture
09. August 2018 at 22:20
by Ranjana Chippa
Sustainable agriculture is the production of plant and animal products, including food, in a way which uses farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, communities, and the welfare of animals without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The key to sustainable agriculture is finding the right balance between the need for food production and the preservation of environmental ecosystems.
Sustainable agriculture also promotes economic stability for farms and helps farmers to better their quality of life. The importance of sustainable agriculture is rooted in three issues that are very much linked to one another:

1) Fossil fuel depletion,
2) Climate change due to CO2 emissions, and
3) The increasing costs of energy and water

Need of sustainable agriculture: Due to population increase, it is estimated that by 2050 we will need approximately 70% more food than is currently being produced in order to provide the increasing population with their recommended daily calorie intake. The Sustainable Development Goal to “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” recognizes the inter linkages among supporting sustainable agriculture, empowering small farmers, p...
The Fate of Girl-child and Education
09. August 2018 at 22:12
by Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman
“Education has in its characters a formation of character, but to deny certain individual access to it on the basis of sex is a crime against humanity. The education of a girl-child not only exorcises the society but also makes the world a better place to live”
The Fate of Girl Child and Education

“Education has in its characters a formation of character, but to deny certain individual access to it on the basis of sex is a crime against humanity. The education of a girl-child not only exorcises the society but also makes the world a better place to live”

The Nigerian constitution clearly stipulated a free, compulsory and Universal basic education for every child of primary and junior secondary, school age. However, given the rate of poverty in Nigeria coupled with culture of the Nigerian people, the literacy level of girls in the country is appalling compared to their male counterparts. About 67% of Nigerians lives below poverty line, as a result, parents fall into dilemma; the education of one has to be sacrificed for the others who will pilot others to the promise land. Suffi...
The Love that Constrains!
04. August 2018 at 18:46
by Mary Joy Orola
"Why do I have to condone rubbish? I don't take nonsense! You step on my toes, I deal with you!'' These and many other like them are found on our lips at certain times of conflict. Conflict, as I have come to discover, is a great tool for development in all spheres if we can cultivate a welcoming demeanor at such times.
We will never know we have the capacity to exhibit some traits that are out of course until we go through some challenges, have a change of environment or status, and meet certain set of people.

I came to the Northern part of Nigeria for the first time by NYSC mobilization as I was posted to Gusau, Zamfara state. Being a new feat for me, I was anticipating my stay there. I even had the vision of reaching out the gospel of Christ to the inhabitants as wisdom will teach me. Little did I know that my ambition was just borne out of enthusiasm and I will have encounters that will either prove the vision true or just a wish. After encountering the climatic and atmospheric conditions, recklessness and nonchalant attitude from Bike riders, exploitation and language barrier first hand, my energy was sapped and my anticipation became sour.

I ...
Maximizing your default in-built human capacity
26. July 2018 at 21:13
by Abednego Ishaya
One problem being faced by most students is; the understanding of how they can build capacity for their future through maximizing their in-built human capacity. But first, the discovery of your potentials is paramount, which will then land you on the route towards maximizing your default in-built human capacity.
Being a young talent and purpose driven individual, you will agree with me that there are so many things that tends to fascinate me as an individual. Just like what I use to tell my colleagues and anyone I come across in life; that “a person might not be good at everything, and a person might not necessarily be the kind of an individual you would have wished him or her to be, but there is this one thing (or even more) that he or she derives satisfaction, joy, completeness, happiness and fulfillment in doing that."

That one thing is something I call “an in-built personality.” It is something that no matter how bad a person might be in other aspects; this one thing always tends to give out the best in him or her. This one thing is just like our normal communication gadgets that do have its default settings; of whic...
The Small Businesses in Somali
17. July 2018 at 23:09
by Abdisalan Ahmed Hussein Fidow
There are many entetpuners in Somali , this study will argue the small business in Somali and so the main benefit of Small business. However the trade rose significant with the economic growth , since 1970 the Somali people crowed the cities and towns, They need Businesses after that grdual arise for export and import so the trade will have a positive impact on Economic growth in Somali.
To start a business in Somalia opens great opportunities. But according to the current situation, it’s not so good as it was before. The economy is growing stronger with each passing day. This has led to an increase in business opportunities in the country. I have compiled a list of the top 50 business ideas that you could consider to make the most of the present economic boom. Somalia is recovering its past glory! Its economy is getting stronger.

Accounting for over 15% of employment for the people of Somali , agriculture is vital. There are different types of crops that can be grown in the country ranging from cereals to fibre crops and flowers, Banana , etc. Although the trade is export and import are thus seen as source of Economic growth in Somali.

Benefits of Owning Small Businesses
The owners of S...
My Anxiety and I
12. July 2018 at 17:25
by Christopher Tawiah-mensah
No, no, no, no, you have it all wrong. You twisted the whole and branched to a rather sharp exit. My horoscope forbids me to explain myself after I spell out all the necessary preambles like a good old quizmaster. Too bad there was no hint of coffee in the air- it would have jerked your mind to the words I spoke. Or to the countless gestures I howled and hiked, hoping you'll dig the signals and save me from myself.
The shaky notes on the call, the throbbing hearts and whispering pines of prayers, the loose greetings, the smirk of a smile, they are all side effects. I have a touch of Anxiety. 'Breathe Chris, breathe... The earth is still round. We all bleed red. You got this. God's got your back!' my words of calm. I have it as a reminder on my phone and a gospel in my mouth. A gospel only I can have.

The phone buzzes steadily. My heart races greedily; takes to its heeless heels. Whether a 100 meter dash or a hurdle, it cares less. An adrenaline rush sets in, I scuttle across to reach for the call. 'Is it a friendly or an unknown or a known but we-don't-usually-talk fellow?' oodles of smoky questions talk my head off. I smell a gas leakage. My 'Hello' bounces off the zinc roof top, makes an annoying dance and sticks out its tongue while looking in...
Lamjung Model United Nation 2018
11. July 2018 at 15:03
by Kushal Naharki
Youth Thinker's Society-Lamjung organized Lamjung MUN 2018, national level UN simulation as the third iteration of the Lamjung MUN, with EIMUN (Everest International Model United Nations) as it strategic partner in Beshisahar, Lamjung from 23rd to 25th of June, 2018.
Youth Thinker's Society-Lamjung organized Lamjung MUN 2018, national level UN simulation as the third iteration of the Lamjung MUN, with EIMUN (Everest International Model United Nations) as it strategic partner in Beshisahar, Lamjung from 23rd to 25th of June, 2018.

There were two committees World Food Program and Economic and social council. I was dais member in WFP Committee as Co Chair. It had Mr. Rohit Tandulkar as Chair and Miss Pallavi Shrestha as Director. The following resolution was made during the committee session of the WFP Committee.

World Food Programme
Sponsors: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Russia, Syria
Signatories: Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Congo, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, UK, Ukraine, USA
Topic: Promoting fo...
Global Climate Change Impacts on Earth
10. July 2018 at 19:17
by Nisha Meena
The global climate is changing: the impacts associated with the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities–changes in mean temperature, shifts in seasons and an increasing intensity of extreme weather events–are already occurring and will worsen in the future. Millions of people, particularly those in developing countries, face shortages of water and food and greater risks to health. Adaptation measures that reduce vulnerability to climate change are critical, especially in many countries where the risks are here and now.
Without action in the form of adaptation of social, human, economic, and natural resource management systems, these weather changes are predicted to result in decreasing surface and ground water availability, flash floods, degradation of soil resources, decrease in crop yields, greater vulnerability to crop pest outbreaks, and declines in forest and pastureland ecosystem goods and services, thus rendering agricultural and herding communities extremely vulnerable to weather related losses of life, livelihood, and food security. Climate change affects every aspect of society, environment and economy requiring adjustments in behaviour, livelihoods, infrastructure, laws, policies and institutions in response to experienced based expected climatic events. Solutions must be integrated to address the interrelationships between water, agriculture...
01. July 2018 at 21:16
by Febeto Potutan Jr.
This poem depicts the current situation of our Mother Earth where humans, who are supposed to be the caretaker of the planet, ended up as the destroyers. This piece intends to be as a wake-up call for everyone that before it's too late we have to make an action and a change that will begin from us.
Things were no longer the same;
the sweet sounding chirps of the birds
became a requiem as they fell in numbers,
the vibrant and verdant field of greens
were visited by plagues and became barren,
the sun have shed a lonely beam of crowns
instead of striking a blissful rays of touch,
and the wind that was once oozing with joy
is whispering for sadness and craving for cure.

Things were not getting any better;
the rushing water in rivers and streams
ended up begging for rain to quench its thirst,
the diverse species within the healthy biosphere
suddenly went endangered and soon to be extinct,
the splendid beauty of the towering mountains
has become a ravening milieu of human necessities
and the earth’s protectress against UV rays
became a feeble, fragile and weary diadem.

We were no longer the stewards ...
Finding local solutions to the global problems in Climate Change
01. July 2018 at 21:11
by Zulfiqar Ali Ramzan
Climate change is happening and it is going to change adversely in the coming years. And one has to find the best possible solution for this. But it cannot happen, if one person or an entity is held responsible.
In fact, we all are living in this world, and we have to protect it, and make it habitable for the future generations to come. However, the solutions provided are not going to help us out if we do not act as soon as possible. Climate change is a real phenomenon, which if, not taken seriously, can make life extinct on this planet.

Firstly, to understand climate and its relation with the world, we need to understand what climate change is and how it affects us. Climate change: the change of weather in a particular region over a long period. However, contemporary change has covered all the regions of the world, simultaneously. The temperature is rising, despite the 2 Centigrade markup set in Paris Agreement, 2015. And it is the developed countries who are blaming developing nations for this reason. Temperature rises due to more industries...
Environmental Benefits of a Roof Garden
29. June 2018 at 22:17
by Nisha Meena
A roof garden is any type of vegetation established on the roof of a building. Apart from the decorative benefit, roof garden serves the purpose of providing architectural enhancement, temperature control, recreational opportunities, habitats for wildlife and food.
The method of cultivating food on the rooftop is referred to as rooftop farming. It is usually carried out with the help of container gardens, air-dynaponics systems or aeroponics, hydroponics or green roof. Additional platforms known as "aero-bridges" can also be formed between high-rise buildings in addition to the roof space.

Types of Roof Garden
The following are the three basic types of roof gardens classified based on roof vegetation and maintenance.

Extensive roof gardens
This type of roof garden requires minimum layer of soil substrate and hence it is easy to maintain. These gardens are suitable for storehouses, garages, roofs or other additional buildings around the house. At the same time, it has less aesthetical value as the types of vegetation that grow on this is very...
Maturity & Experience
26. June 2018 at 20:26
by Omkareshwar Jha
There is always a question that arises that how some peoples handle complex things with ease and few peoples complicate everything. The experience is the gift of everyone's life but the maturity is the willingness to learn out of that experience. Experience is simply means the events of the life the peoples have seen very much in their lives by the passage of time. They seen more situations and that comes by the time that are actually teachings of life.
Maturity i am glad to say that not everyone gets matured enough out of that experience. We all know that we must respect the experience but we always must be willing to work and act with our maturity as that is the only true understanding of the self. Because how you act and behave will define your role and impacts you and other that is a logical thing. We perceive everything that happen with in us that is all the very basis of yogic sciences and fundamental understanding of our self either.

So How to get mature out of any experience? Well one of many ways is by simply observing and growing by our social,moral,spiritual,emotion and intellectual intelligence. well it seems that few peoples find it difficult to do so but reality is different.

Let's see how?? Well everything that we require to learn about our self i...
Go to the woods it will teach you more than books
24. June 2018 at 19:35
by Nithin Valsamma Rajan
Every day can be a working day to learn from nature. Nature is a store house of wisdom and the lessons she teaches us are powerful. Great philosophers in the world have been students of, learning from nature. The style of learning is by observation and the process can be really interesting.
St. Bernard of Clair Vaux said “Believe me, you will find more lessons in the woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters”. What we see, what we hear, what we touch, what we smell-everything around us is a gift from nature. Nature is the world around us, except for human-made phenomena.

The 21st century is often remarked as an ‘epochal time’ in the life of humans. On the one hand they stand mesmerized by the developments in almost every sphere of their life and on the other, stand perplexed almost in a state of dilemma with all the debacle and debris around them with the onset of a postmodern and a globalized world. At this juncture one realizes the significance of being flexible, tolerant and inclusive in the multi-faceted and pluralistic world marked by malice, strif...
Message or Emotion?
17. June 2018 at 19:59
by Valeriia Tsytsyk
Have you ever had the experience of buying something or doing something, feeling so excited and later, wondering why you did it or actually, what was the force that pushed you to do what you did? The truth is more than simple: 95% of our decisions are made emotionally and unconsciously, and rationalized later, consciously. That is the reason why emotional advertising has made many companies successful ones. Hence, does the message play any role at all, or has it has been irretrievably replaced by emotions?
Can you come up with an example of a word which embodies power, strength of persuasion, and beauty, and one that gives you freedom of choice but, simultaneously, forces you to take action? Advertising! It is the commonly accepted fact that the modern world of advertising is a place of bright, catchy, and groovy images or ideas. We face it every day, in every aspect of our lives; and since we live in the material world, where everything, or almost everything, can be sold and bought, ads have undoubtedly become part and parcel of our lives. There are billions of different ways to catch somebody’s attention, and it is no secret that advertising agencies use all the available tactics and strategies to achieve their essential goal – to persuade us. However, which way is the best way? What feature is the most important, and what kin...
Thai Consumers Behavior towards Fast Fashion
15. June 2018 at 20:54
by Ni Putu Maha Lina
Clothing has always been regarded as one of the primary needs of human being. This concept can be reflected in current clothing trends for teenagers. Teenagers aware of the latest fashion trend, what update is and what will be upcoming. They are addicted to follow the fashion trend that is growing over time. Teenagers’ intention to follow current fashion trend has captured by a retail store.
This big opportunity is seen by the retail store that brings them to create a new kind of fashion, named fast fashion. This paper examines that there is a significant relationship between the motivation of buying fast fashion and the frequency of purchasing fast fashion in Thai teenagers. The result show a relationship at p < 0.05 level (x = 16.995a, df = 9, p = 0.049). The results show a significant number at the level of significant. A mix-methodology approach is used to gather quantitative and qualitative data to observe Thai consumer’s behavior towards fast fashion. The populations for this study comprise residents of Bangkok in 2016 of ages 18-35 years, with 100 subjects partaking in a questionnaire, and 10 subjects partaking in in-depth interviews. Results show that the motivation of buying fast fashion is significantly pus...
Over-Cultivation: A big problem for environment
14. June 2018 at 17:10
by Nisha Meena
Over-cultivation is an action that has brought about a lot of devastating effects on the globe. Just as the terminology suggests, it is the practice of excessive farming on a piece of land to the point of degradation of the soil as well as the land itself. Farmlands are desired for their rich base in nutrients especially for the soil, in order to provide the necessary nutrient to the crops. Rich soil means a priced land.
Continued cultivation of the crops on the same soil without additional input reduces the marginal productivity of the soil due to exhaustion of nutrients, thus the land depreciates. Over-cultivation has various causes and as such, adverse effects.

Causes of over-cultivation:
Perhaps the most important cause of environmental degradation is population pressure leading to over-exploitation of land and intensified stresses on the natural resources. There is an ever increasing number of births which translate to increased population levels in the world. This is visible in the ever growing count of people during censuses.
As a result, in order to sustain the growth, food production must be increased. In an effort to attain food security, governments have encouraged their residents to...
Small Area Estimation: Study of Poverty and Income Distribution in the Province
13. June 2018 at 21:52
by Muhammad Basorudin
Small Area Estimation (SAE) is the popular techniques to estimate population in small area which need for availability auxiliary variables in area level and unit level.
We are students of Politeknik Statistik STIS, Indonesia. We have implemented fieldwork practice (PKL 56) in 2017. We did a survey at Province of Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia. Our goals are estimating poverty rate and income distribution until the small area (village), comparing kind of methods of measuring poverty and income distribution, and analyzing the relationship between poverty rate and other issues.

The core theme of PKL 56 is Small Area Estimation (SAE) for estimating poverty and income distribution. The sub-themes are poverty in terms of employment, health, maternal mortality rate aspects; multidimensional poverty index, income and expenditure, subjective poverty, chronic and vulnerable poverty, intergeneration poverty, poverty which is reviewed in-home business, household, social capital, and education aspects. The sur...
Importance of Clean Water in our Life
11. June 2018 at 13:14
by Nisha Meena
71% of the earth surface is covered with water. It is vital to all forms of life found on the earth. It is found below the ground, oceans, large water bodies, and small water reservoirs. Water is also available in many forms like vapor, clouds, precipitation, surface water, glaciers and polar ice caps.
The life cycle of water runs all around on the earth continuously through evaporation, precipitation, runoff, rain, etc. Apart from this, we lack clean drinking water in many areas of the country. Water scarcity is the lack of access to the safe water. Slowly, it is being hard to manage the quality of water for the people who lack it. In some areas, lack of water is the daily problem. People have to suffer a lot the scarcity of water. It takes a lot of efforts, cost and time to manage the access to water to all especially in the areas of water scarcity. It is a big issue to many countries worldwide. People having sufficient water do not understand the importance of water and they waste a lot of water on a daily basis in many unnecessary activities.

As we all know that around 2 or less percent water is fresh water on the earth and fit f...
Seeking Education in Pakistan Seems Quite Doable Now
11. June 2018 at 13:14
by Muhammad Attique Shah
The article focus on seeking education in Pakistan as it seems quite doable now. Looking at the HEC ranking; IBA Sukkur University is at 4th best business schools in Pakistan but few elements, which one might not know, makes it the best business school in Pakistan.
Now coming to my argument; I proclaimed it to be best business schools in the country, is really based on few bottleneck elements for we Pakistani to seek the education.

First, the essence of seeking education in other universities is quite impossible for a lower income class child, even it seems like a shattered dream of a child; to study there. But here at Sukkur IBA University, the scenario is quite unlike. Even unlike may be a less worth mentioning word, but it’s the minimum admiration. One can account Sukkur IBA University for. Take the example of a child, who was borne in a financially fragile family. His father was wondering whether he would be able to get his son enrolled in the best universities of the country. The situation seemed quite ambiguous since he was surrounded by issues where it was hard to make both ends mee...
Ghanaian Youth Advocate represent Young Reporters for the Environment Ghana
10. June 2018 at 18:03
by Francis Ametepey
Achieving these ambitious Goals(SDGs) requires a profound transformation in the way we live, think and act. The role of Education in achieving all of the 17 SDGs cannot be ever emphasized.
In 2015, the Global Community launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) addressing issues related to Poverty, Hunger, Health, Education, Energy, Industry, Inequalities, Climate, Ocean Life, Peace, and Partnership etc. Achieving these ambitious Goals requires a profound transformation in the way we live, think and act; and the role of Education in achieving all of the 17 SDGs cannot be ever emphasized.

A strong education system broadens access to opportunities, improves health, and strengthens the resilience of communities – all the while fueling economic growth in a way that can reinforce and accelerate development. ESD provides the skills people need to thrive in the new sustainable economy, working in areas such as renewable energy, smart agriculture, forest rehabilitation, the design of resource-efficient cities, and s...
Water Conservation: Challenge for coming generation
10. June 2018 at 11:25
by Nisha Meena
Our ancient religious texts and epics give a good insight into the water storage and conservation systems that prevailed in those days. Over the years rising populations, growing industrialization, and expanding agriculture have pushed up the demand for water. Efforts have been made to collect water by building dams and reservoirs and digging wells; some countries have also tried to recycle and desalinate (remove salts) water.
Water conservation has become the need of the day. The idea of groundwater recharging by harvesting rainwater is gaining importance in many cities. In the forests, water seeps gently into the ground as vegetation breaks the fall. This groundwater, in turn, feeds wells, lakes, and rivers. Protecting forests means protecting water 'catchments'. In ancient India, people believed that forests were the 'mothers' of rivers and worshipped the sources of these water bodies.

Water conservation includes all the policies, strategies and activities made sustainably manage the natural resource of fresh water, to protect the water environment, and to meet the current and future human demand. Population, household size, and growth and affluence all affect how much water is used. Factors such as climate change have increased pressures on natural water...
On the Binary Concept of Politics
09. June 2018 at 15:15
by Jubilee Balonkita
The Philippines is currently in a state of political divide more prevalent than it is has been for so many years. It is a battle of reds versus yellows, but this time, the reds are not leftists but the supporters of the president himself. What future will this bring for the Philippines? -- And what more can it take?
The Philippines is currently in a state of political divide more prevalent than it is has been for so many years. It is a battle of reds versus yellows, but this time, the reds are not leftists but the supporters of the president himself. What future will this bring to the Philippines? -- And what more can it take?

Red was the color of leftists. The so-branded "terrorist groups" who salvage innocent civilians for the sake of political delineation. But ever since Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte came to office, red became his color. He once vowed to make peace amendments with the leftist group, but just in 2017, he ceased the peace talks. Some say it's had to be done while some say it was a mission failure.

Yellow was the color of the Aquinos from the world-renowned Benigno &qu...
The Man, His Works, and His Ruins
08. June 2018 at 22:06
by Aaron Jay Quitain
Over the years of our existence, we, as human beings, have proven our capabilities and witnessed the accomplishments of our brilliant minds. But are we on the verge to unleash our greatest breakthrough as the supreme species of our planet... or are we a few steps from our own downfall?
The earth, a tiny dot in a dark infinite universe circling around a gigantic ball of fire for quite a long time. The only planet we know so far to perfectly harbor life. It is fascinating how a reaction of light, rocks, metals, organic molecules and other elements turned into an arena of immense and complex systems. An enormous biodiversity where all living and non-living organisms seems to interconnect with each other. It provides us the air to breathe, the water to drink, the food to eat and the land to live in, which are the essential elements to help us all survive. From its majestic mountain ranges, valleys and plains to its ravishing rivers, lakes and seas: the world was beautifully created to serve as a haven for every living creatures. All of these exist in a layer of firmament which is thick enough to protect us from a harsh colo...
Planet of earth: reinvigorating to planet of beasts
08. June 2018 at 11:45
by Muhammad Attique Syed
The Earth is being taken to a wrongly prevailed path; where every person is tilted towards self benefit rather than rethinking on current policies which could be beneficial for entire humanity. This article touch the crux of such dilemma and ask humans to rethink on it; where they are moving the Earth.
The attitude and behavior of the members of any group reflect their belongingness. So, in same way how one can call Earth, a planet where humans live too. It came to me; that compelled me to go through few statics, which show how many precious lives of people have marched to the mouth of death?

The very prominent are the killings of people, held in world war 1, where millions of lives were unsuccessful to further live in this planet. Very, soon, it repeatedly, got me to go through another similar incident, while leading to the causes of first world war. It jolted my mind to see this brutality, continued and happening in the form of crusades, where the members of the same specie fighting each other while leading the life to the verge of a destruction and people caught for more than a century.

We further continued to continue the leg...
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