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The Urgent Need for Environmental Education in Africa
04. April 2020 at 18:57
by Maulline Gragau
Following the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, several African countries created National Environment Authorities to increase environmental awareness among the people.

In recent years, many of these countries have also established Ministries of Environment and National Resources. In countries like South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and even Zimbabwe, environmental management and practices have been incorporated into primary, secondary, university and college curricula. Notwithstanding these laudable efforts, environmental illiteracy is still widespread at grassroots, among industrial and business executives, economists, civil servants, policymakers and implementers. This state of affairs underscores the failure of environmental education to integrate the underlying socio-economic causes of environmental degradation and pollution. Lack of funding and sound evidence-based comprehensive environmental policies and laws coupled with poor enforcement machinery have further reduced the effectiveness of ...

Rape/Pedophilia In Nigeria: The Way Out
11. February 2020 at 20:57
by Muhammad Gambari Aminah
It's about the consequences of being a gender casulity of rape. In the society where social Violence is allowed and permitted by the citizens which is not allowed in the world over. This article treats the ways how to be left of being a casulity of sexual harassment.

It's an abstruse or mischanced that happened mysteriously, to a gender that usually dig their soul into the hole of jaopardy, being a casuality of sexual harrassment. rather, or explained deep psychosocial heterogeneity. For rapists, rape is easy. And that must stop. Before I proceed, it's worthwhile the term 'Rape' be defined as: Rape definitions vary by state and in response to legislative advocacy. Most statutes currently defined rape as non-consensual oral, anal, or vaginal penetration of the victim by body parts or objects – using force, threats of bodily harm, or by taking advantage of a victim who is incapacitated or otherwise incapable of giving consent. Of course, it's unarguably if I choose to say rape is always through force. Furthermore, as it's stated, the term 'rape' as an unlawfully aga...

The Struggle To Guilty A Powerful Man Against a Weak Woman In a Corrupt World
08. February 2020 at 19:21
by Muhammad Bilal Tahir
This article explains to aspects of structural violence in many societies. The first one is "Structural Violence Against Women" and the second one is about "Structural Violence Against Weak People by the Wealthy Ones"

The Garden of Burning Sand was second of Addison’s best international sellers on human rights issue and modern days slavery. The book talks about a low syndrome girl who was raped by an elite class man. Her case was investigated by an American human rights lawyer and a local policeman. This paper will analyze two aspects of structural violence that existed in Zambian society. It will talk about the violence of rape against young women and the elite mafia who are hard to be proven wrong in Zambian society. 

A little girl with low syndrome was walking down the street in the dark when a man, in an SUV, offered her a candy. With the candy, the little girl lost her conscious and was taken by the man to be raped. (p 5) In many African countries, the rape of young girls isn’t an unknown thing, n...

Drop It Youth - Fight against Plastic Pollution
08. February 2020 at 19:06
by Sainath Manikandan
We live on a blue planet, with oceans and seas covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. Oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and generate most of the oxygen we breathe. Oceans are facing threats as a result of human activity.

Every year, an estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans. The forefathers of Abu Dhabi owed their living to the waters of the Arabian Gulf and it continues to teem with life. One of the world’s largest and densest colonies of dugongs live here, as do many seabird colonies. Several hundred thousand migrating shorebirds visit each year. Abu Dhabi also hosts approximately 110 km2 of mangroves. But these waters and the plant and animal species within them now face immense threats, on several fronts due to plastic pollution. My campaign aims to reduce the carbon footprint.

Goumbook, a social enterprise aims to promote sustainability in the UAE and has launched a nationwide awareness campaign called Drop It Youth (DIY) ur...

Do’s and Don’ts in a Writing Competition
21. January 2020 at 20:48
by Tochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba
Why do people enter a writing competition? Few enter to practice. Some enter to motivate themselves to complete their stories. But there is a reason why everyone who enters a writing contest needs… Win! As an editor, writer and a proofreader that have been judging a hundred writing contests during those times, I have discovered what it entails to ruin chances and win an entry.

Let us get the obvious out of the way. Submitting grammatically correct and proofed entry in the needed genre that attains the needed word count and following the contest theme is just the minimum or the least requirement if you intend to win a contest. If you actually want to lose a writing competition, you can do all or any of the following:

-          Unknowingly or knowingly go against the grammar rules: if you intend to win, observe and discover the accurate and the necessary grammar. Again, I do not actually need to inform you about this or do I?

-          Do not proofread: Do I actually need to inform you to proofread? Personally, I am so lenient when it entails typos. If the piece is...

The Emptiness of Heart - The Buddha
19. January 2020 at 20:57
by Deepak Lal
The emptiness of the heart is what makes me remember the Gautama Buddha. It is the feeling of nothingness when you own nothing but yourself. Buddha tried to know the secret of happiness, death, life, sufferings. and how to escape from these all.

Understanding the whole scenarios behind the hidden curtains of unknowing minds, Human Being stays in a state of deep slumber and unconsciousness, that’s why he becomes unknown to the realities of life and happiness. Humans always want to unlock the doors of happiness for the peace of mind and heart. For this, Millions of people are born around the globe to teach you, give you thy keys, and make you a learned person in terms of your social life. They teach us the very lessons of living a life. Siddhartha Gautama is one of them. 

Whenever I hear or listen to the word Buddha, one thing strikes my mind that is Emptiness of Heart. Emptiness is throwing away all that you have, in order to make a space in a heart for the One Who is in us. It is the Human nature that he desires or longs for some...

Of Domestic Violence And The Youths
22. December 2019 at 17:52
by Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi
This article tackle domestic violence, that's affecting the world over. This problematic situation has damaged many young people's lifestyle. Due to the fact that, they have lost inventing caring from their parents. After they're no more living together, because of an effect of domestic violence. It talks about its side effect also.

Meanwhile, it's worthwhile before I proceed that the phrase "Domestic Violence" be expantiated. "Domestic Violence" according to Wikipedia Dictionary – also can be referred to as domestic abuse or family violence, is violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, in marriage or cohabitation. 

In our Societies, the pole of domestic violence had grown wider due to no much attention. The aftermath of brutality cannot be taken in to consideration. Before the intimate relationship, barbarity maybe committed by a spouse. It may happen even between partners – taking in heterosexual or same-sex relationship between formal spouses or partners. 

Among the challenges facing societies is their notion of forcing girls to get married in tender age. And by so doing, a...

21century University: Is Nigeria Worth The Standard?
01. December 2019 at 08:00
by Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi
The article is all about the 21-century universities In the world, who exposed simultaneously to an easiest way of running academic system In running their education sectors. Nevertheless, The article also itemized the ways how Nigeria Universities are running theirs which is not In-line with this century educational development. And it discussed the way out. The way they can make it to the top.

This is a great discussion, picking our cell phone to call the stratification of Nigeria Universities. either It's progressively raised up Into the 21centry world university. Interestingly, a vague sound may deep in Nigeria's throat. And dabbed her eyes like a fat clown, When we are trying to compare Nigeria 21-century universities with world best ones. Not to cause an unravel traffic conundrum. The Nigeria universities can gratuitously join the horn-blowers of other 21-century developed universities In the recumbent world. But, the darkness that shows in the cloud cannot show perhaps, If they worth the standard of other 21-century universities. There are things to be provided for the Nigeria Universities. So that they can stand tall like a jeriff to the world best Universities In the world. 


Of Social Vices and Youth
27. November 2019 at 08:01
by Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi
It's an article that tells the tale of a notorious Nigeria burger, who developed his inevitable interest. It shows the way of this inevitably inevitable problem in the society. The article also treats different things that causes social vices in our society.

Meanwhile, it's worthwhile before I proceed that the phrase "social vices" be expantiated. ''Vices", according to Wikipedia dictionary,it's a latin word -'vitium' which means defect or failing. Therefore, social vices are bad traits, unhealthy and negative behavior, that agree against the morality of a society and frowned at, by members of the society.

 For those who have ears to hear, and of course those who blind but not mindedly, would sense menace should we continue mistaken right for wrong and wrong the rights. Though ,not all who engage in what society frowns at, are of willingness but just as a say has it -" Show me your friend,and I will tell who you are". Through chosen a wrong friend , a semblance of soap and leave as different entities which become one,when stitched together for long.

Brace up and move on
19. November 2019 at 08:01
by Ovbokhan Okuonghae
Life is in stages. Every stage requires time, patience, commitment, hard work and determination. The beginning of every stage is not always easy and exciting but it is always demanding(afterall, nothing good comes easy).

Your end can be greater than your beginning!!

Many people most times feel that they are of no good simply because their first attempt did not go as plan. Often, they compare themselves to many others who may have past that stage Of their life. Both consciously and unconsciously they admire them and may inadvertently wish they are them.

Frequently, they forget that the people they so much admire now were once in their shoes, they have also been told "No", "you are not getting it", you're not good enough countless times. Regardless of all these, they Pushed on.

It is germane to establish here, that there are stages in life. To attain the height, you must have to start from the beginning. This is unarguably true because you can not build an upstair(house) without first building a dow...

When value beats connection
28. October 2019 at 08:00
by Ovbokhan Okuonghae
Nigeria as a country has positioned herself in a position where if you don't know 'top men and women who are well placed', you go nowhere irrespective of your qualifications. This has made millions of Nigerians to conclude that school is a scam! Hence, they're not going to school again. Is this the solution?

In a country where qualification(s) do not guarantee or qualifies for a white collar job with an enticing pay, what becomes of the numerous graduates produced every year? What repay their sleepless nights and dedication to their individual and group assignments in their various higher institutions? How can they look back and say thank God my sacrifices back then were not in vain? Will they ever feel they've wasted their time and resources seeing that one cannot get good job unless He or She has “good connection”? How can they satisfy their parents/guardian/sponsor who had to work day in day out to be able to pay their fees and make sure they are comfortable while in school? 

These are questions that have stolen sleep from the eyes of corps members, graduates in general over the years. Many have concluded that scho...

Nothing About Us Without Us
24. October 2019 at 09:09
by Abednego Ishaya
Each time I hear of various complains made either on the newspapers, magazines, television, radio, social media, etc; it grieves my heart so much, such that it puts me on the thought towards finding a key and vital solution to the problem(s). And, in my quest towards answering for the above, I had an encounter with the Leadtots 2019 Youth Civic Engagement Program, which granted me the understanding that there is “nothing about us, without us”.

The world is a dynamic place, it is a changing environment. And, nothing we see, that is/was not influenced by a particular cause.

As time passes on, we continually hear of deranging circumstances that have bedeviled us either as individuals, a community, as a group of persons, as a state, as a nation, continent and of course as in the world at large.

The Nigerian nation (as indeed some other nations) has been faced with the scourge of insurgence, religious fanaticism, corruption etc; but we’ve taken little or no consideration on the fact that we are the cause.

Insurgence will continue to berate us for as much a time, until we learn to unite as a people, shunning away our various d...

Taste Success With These Quotes By Bill Gates
21. October 2019 at 08:00
by Kunal Bansal Chandigarh
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is the second richest person in the world and there are a lot of reasons for that. And if you have seen such immense success in your life, it’s normal for you to be wise. Bill Gates is also known for inspiring a lot of people with his legacy and the things he says. While being one of the richest, he is also one of the most quotable people in the world.

Bill Gates started coding at the age of 13 and this set an example for everyone who wanted to start early in their lives. I personally am very inspired by this great man and I want to share some of his quotes that inspire me to achieve immense success in life. So, here are some quotes by one of the richest people in the world that will inspire you to be greatly successful:

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”

Feedback is very important if you are providing any kind of product or service. While positive feedback can motivate you to work with more enthusiasm, negative feedback can have an impact equal to that of 20 positive ones. Negative feedback can make you understand where your product or service is lacking which in turn will help yo...

Kalabagh dam and its controversy
02. October 2019 at 15:56
by Engr Saeed Ahmed Jattak
It is never late if it has been realised that it would be the time to do it. Kalabagh Dam is among the controversy of politicians only for their unplanned policies not trying to provide the benefits to the nation. We have to change our thinking to a well planned solutions, opposing every good for the survival of politics can destroy the whole nation physically and economically.

Kalabagh is located in the north-west end of Punjab where Punjab meets Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This area is famous across Pakistan for its Iron Ore reserves, Nawab of Kalabagh, and the dangerous bridge. It used to be a wooden bridge, but now a road has been built on it and it's not that dangerous anymore But, Kalabagh's most famous Dam that was never made. It is quite strange Tarbela Dam and Kalabagh Dam were scheduled to be made together But, back then, WAPDA officials and Government ministers believed that Tarbela Dam alone is enough for next 50 years.

If the area of Kalabagh Dam is check out on Google Maps it would realize that Indus has a huge amount of water. Second thing can be noticed is the mountains, which is naturally creating a Dam. The mountains are located three direction...

The impact of customer relationship management on organization profit of In Soma
29. September 2019 at 08:27
by Abdisalan Ahmed Hussein Fidow
The purpose of this study to investigate the impact of customer relationship management on the profit of organization In Somali. The study used the domestic theory to analyze data by applying statistical package for social science (SPSS version 20.0) special regression model tool was used our study.

 The result The CRM are high influence Organization profit, so that CRM was the responsible employee retention. Somali business have not use Management information system. Also the researcher finding Somali full capacity internet. Also the researcher finding Somali have not use e-commerce, the reason the people did not known Online Business and mostly citizen have not master card or credit card.   The main objective of the study  to investigate the effect of CRM on the profit of organization in Somali and to explore the CRM important of business in Somali. Also the researcher finding Somali have not use e-commerce, the reason the people have no Knowledge in Online Business and mostly citizen have not master card or credit card. Somalia companies have not department of CRM  to keep customer s...

Effect of Childbirth on the Pelvic Floor And Physical Therapy
25. September 2019 at 08:01
by Anand Vaghasiya
Treatment of pelvic floor impairment has become more visible and accepted in the physical therapy community over the past 10 to 15 years.the specialty area of Women’s Health was recognized on a national level at Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), at which 60 newly certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialists (WCS) were acknowledged for their achievements.

Advanced and in-depth study of anatomy, including internal muscle assessment, physiology, evaluation, and treatment continues to be highly recommended for therapists who specialize in this area.

Effect of Childbirth on the Pelvic Floor

Neurological Compromise

 Stretch and compression of the pudendal and levator and nerves occur during labor as the baby head travels through the birth canal; this stretch can be as much as 20% of the total length of the nerve. This compromise to the nerve tissue is most intense during pushing(the second stage of labor), through the completion of vaginal delivery.

A Brave Woman Who Rescued Her Family From Recent Punjab Floods
11. September 2019 at 08:00
by Kunal Bansal Chandigarh
Punjab recently faced and is still fighting with what is being called as Punjab’s worst flood in 30 years. According to the news on the channel NDTV, the ministry of home affairs sent an inter-ministerial central team to eleven flood-hit districts excluding Punjab.

The Cheif Minister of the state was surprised because of the exclusion and appealed funds from the central government by claiming the event as a national calamity. Now, a central team is set to go to Punjab to analyze and control the situation.

The state’s ministry has blamed the Bhakra Bias management board claiming that the reason for the flood is them releasing excessive water in the Sutlej river. This can possibly be the main reason as there has been no rain in the area from the last seven days.

The Cheif Minister of Punjab ‘Mr. Amarinder Singh’ has claimed one thousand crore rupees after declaring the event as a national calamity. He also stated that even if the fund doesn’t arrive, then also he will make sure that the rescue operation is carried out properly.

Rise in Zogolism
03. September 2019 at 08:01
by Isiaka A Kromah
With the increasing number in Zogolism ,if no preventive measure is taken , 2 out of every 5 young people will be a zogo in the next 8 years : A case study of Liberia .Based on much research and investigation done.

With the increasing number in Zogolism ,if no preventive measure is taken , 2 out of every 5 young people will be a zogo in the next 8 years : A case study of Liberia. Zogo a term used in Liberia to refer to those street hooligans, drug addict,hoodlum, property and valuable items Snatchers, car loaders and thief who have taken this other dimension of life base on different activities in the country.

Zogolism - a system of life adopted by ill minded young people base on the activities they have involve themselves in ( taking in Drugs and illicit substances ).

Firstly, smuggling is one key variable that has facilitated the widespread emergence of criminal organizations in Liberia. Criminal groups take advantage of state weakness to produce and move various products both within Liberia and in...

Some Quotes By Elon Musk That Will Motivate You To Follow Your Dreams
03. September 2019 at 08:00
by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Elon Musk is one of the biggest names in the world today and he deserves to be. He is the founder of Tesla (an electric automobile organization) and SpaceX (a space exploration organization). Elon Musk is a real visionary who just wants to work for changing the world. He even released the patent of electric vehicles that he had for Tesla cars and said that anyone can use this technology.

Elon Musk is an inspiration for a lot of people (including me) and knows how to motivate people with the things he does and says. He is a highly quotable man and his quotes can get you in the mood to work your butt off.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor”

If doing or accomplishing something is very important to you, you’ll do it no matter what. Even if the odds are against you, you’ll give it your all and the only thing on your mind would be accomplishing that goal. If we start considering everything as important as that goal, nothing and no one will be able to stop us.

“If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it's not”<...

On Hip-Hop’s Birthday: Some Inspiring Quotes By Great Rappers
01. September 2019 at 08:00
by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
It was hip-hop’s birthday (August 11, 2019) and I know I should’ve written this article yesterday. Well, better late than never! Hip-Hop took birth in the harsh streets of Bronx, New York on August 11, 1973, at the “Back To School Jam” hosted by the man deservingly considered as the father of Hip-Hop: DJ Kool Herc. Since that day, Hip-Hop has experienced a growth that changed music forever.

All along the way, we got to listen to many lyrical miracles by many greats of the genre/community/culture. Not only did they raise the standards of Hip-Hop, but they also succeeded in inspiring a lot of people with their songs and the things they said/say. So, it’s only fair to relive their words on the birthday of Hip-Hop to rush inspiration and motivation throughout our bodies.

“Damn right I like the life I live because I went from negative to positive”

-The Notorious B.I.G.

Starting off the ride with un-arguably one of the greatest rappers in the history of Hip-Hop. The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls said what he said here because he had a very humble childhood and he grew up in one of the harsh parts of the USA. When you’re in such conditions you’re bound...

15 Nigerian students reportedly lost to suicide cases in 8 months
24. August 2019 at 08:00
by Alfred Olufemi
Asides the two cases from FUNAAB, checks by this reporter revealed that over thirteen suicide cases amongst students in various tertiary institutions were reported between January till August 2019. However, while the mysteries for the causes of some are yet to be unraveled, this reporter's analysis showed that most of the students took their lives owing to depression from poor academic performance, failed relationships and financial...

A final year student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), during an interview with this reporter , disclosed how two students of the school have committed suicide in a semester. The student preferred to be identified as Joseph spoke of a certain Tobi Miles nicknamed Rodriguez, who posted his picture on social media with the caption ‘I left the pains’ before he took his life last Thursday. He allegedly killed himself over financial constraints.


The Dean, Division of Students’ Affairs (DSA) of the school, Babatunde Idowu, confirmed the case and noted that the deceased was a student of Pure and Applied Botany. This reporter learnt that few weeks ago, a female student of the school, who was withdrawn for poor academic performance, took her life. Mr....

Unseen, Unloved and Unheard
20. August 2019 at 08:06
by Safiullah Shaikh
Transgender community are no alien creatures to this world yet the fact that no one wants to talk about them cannot be let alone. They are deemed as an intruder to this world and their peculiarity is still even and prevailing. Their unacceptability has posed a question mark on humanity. The time has come to phase out these stereotypical scrutiny, open arms for them and make the world a better place to live in.

I certainly long that there must be a choice to a children to pick the sexual orientation he/she wants to be before their introduction to the world, a male, a female or the one that we don't more often than not discuss, the one that comes thoroughly out of the spectrum or we can say nobody desires to be because of what a transgender goes through. In any case, the truth portrays an altogether extraordinary picture since it's not we who get the opportunity to choose our gender, even while counting on choices of sexual orientation I didn't take the trans as an option since one rather beyond words wouldn't think about it as a decision, bearing this in mind, a question that frantically should be in light is consider the possibility that a child is by birth a trans, since he was not the one to choose what he is, so f...

Do this when you feel sleepy at work
16. August 2019 at 08:03
by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Everyone gets sleepy while working once in a while. Although it’s not that big of an issue, it can land you in trouble at work if a senior or even worse, the Boss catches you. In today’s busy and competitive world, we need to be the best version of ourselves and that can only happen when we are wide awake and active. This means that staying attentive while working is very very important.

Most people struggle with staying awake and attentive at work and start relying on energy drinks. What they don’t know is that energy drinks can have a really harmful effect on their health. Trust me, I’ve gone through a similar phase in my life where I was addicted to work and started relying a lot on those miraculous yet dangerous beverages. Now I know I shouldn’t have done that and that there are a lot of natural ways to stay attentive and active while working.

I decided I wanted to change my life and I figured out these ways with the help of my friend. I observed, tested, and noted down the ways that work the best for me and I would like to share them with you all. I know there are people out there who struggle with a similar thing and I’m here to help them. So, let’s get started without any further unnecessary del...

Multiple intelligence versus Inflexible Teachers
27. July 2019 at 11:03
by Isiaka A Kromah
At certain point in life we have all in one way or the other feel marginalized or probably believed we are not up to a specified task based on how we relate to it or handle it . Well this is about how people whom we see as our heroes and future builders (Teachers ) failed to adjust to our different conditions and capabilities of learning . This is about how creating a conducive environment for us all will held a better outcome to our Nation.

           Multiple intelligence versus Inflexible Teachers

Multiple intelligence (MI) is that God's given way and means through which we are at our best especially when it comes to acquiring knowledge or in solving a specific problem based on a subject matter under inquiry.

While inflexible teachers are teachers who doesn't alter, neither adjust, nor change their instruction depending on who is in the classroom and the extent to which those students are achieving .

We have all been consider a dump learner in one way or the other, while coming up as a young people base on different activities of life . We faced those challenges day by day in our quest of learning or doing something . A person who gets the exact answer (what the teacher expect ) is consid...

The Changing Employment Scene in Kenya
27. July 2019 at 10:59
by Maulline Gragau
There have been massive changes within the sphere of Kenyan Labour Laws especially in the issue of the worker’s rights and it is essential for every employee to be aware of these changes. These massive changes include the enactment of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the scrapping of the pre-existing labour laws for more comprehensive statutes and the creation of new policies and case law.

The most significant changes within the legal framework of labour rights have arguably occurred in the area of the statutory framework. These changes have run from the  Constitution up to the five core statutes: Employment Act 2007, Industrial Relations Act 2007, Work Injury Benefits Act (No. 13 of 2007), Occupational Safety and Health Act (No. 15 of 2007), and Labour Institutions Act 2007.


A.   The Constitution of Kenya 2010

It makes a number of significant departures from its predecessor. One of the most significant changes is in the area of Economic and Social Rights, which hold significance to the Kenyan worker who has been granted a brand new set of rights and free...

How we were coaching fellow inmates for WAEC - Students' ordeal in Akwa Prison
27. July 2019 at 10:58
by Alfred Olufemi
Meanwhile, in different interviews with this paper, three of the seven, Messrs Ezeimo, Owhonda and Nnamani shared their experiences and thoughts on the welfare state and challenges in the Akwa prison.


A week following their release from the Akwa prisons in Anambra state, some students of Madonna university detained for five months, shared their prison experiences with IYJ's Alfred Olufemi.


Madonna, the first Catholic University in Nigeria, in February arrested six students and a lecturer over a Facebook post revealing the inhumane treatment of students in the university.


One of the posts by the students on Facebook reads, “Good lecturers are scarce. Madonna University administration should be nice to our lecturers or a good number of them will resign.”


Agenda 2063 and The Africa We Want
11. July 2019 at 22:49
by Maulline Gragau
“The window of opportunity to harness the demographic dividend is time bound and requires immediate investments,” - Dr Babatunde Osotimehin, Former UNFPA Executive Director. For a long time, Africa has been described as a poor colonised region. However, since colonisation, a lot has changed.

Education has spread, and life expectancy has increased. Many, if not all countries are independent, and many have seen gains in civil liberties and political participation. Even as some African countries are making headlines with crises and conflicts, others are making headway with steady growth, rising investment, increasing exports, and growing private activity.


Despite being the largest source of raw materials with a projected GDP of $29 trillion by 2050[1], Africa has never become a real game player in the game of capitalism partly because of her internal contradictions such as unscrutinised policies and institution of reckless political decisions. To date only the resources of the continent have ...

The inception of 4th Industrial Revolution: Technology’s Insurgence
08. July 2019 at 09:55
by Jawwad Shadman Siddique
According to some experts, we are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. And, its one that will make those that came before it look like mere dress rehearsals for the main event! But what is it and why should we care?

Sometimes, it seems that human history has been one big and continuous roller coaster ride. First, we discovered fire, and then agriculture. Then came the wheel, and the cities, and manufacturing and trading, followed by steam power, electricity, mass production, synthetic chemicals, computers, the internet, gene editing blockchain, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. Scientists are now even talking about growing people in laboratories, and one day, possibly downloading our brains into computers.


This is one mind-blowingly craze technological roller-coaster ride we are on, and its getting faster and weirder by the day. Its an exhilarating ride but also a scary one; specially when you think what might go wrong. Over the past three centuries, one wave after another technological revolution has impacted...

Message to Newly Admitted Students
01. July 2019 at 19:59
by Omoyemi Ogbe
Nigerian students both in Universities and Polytechnics often desire to graduate with distinction, but most of them usually finish with 2.1 or 2.2. Their inability to actualize their academic desires can be attributed to lack of determination and plans in their academic pursuit.Apart from the excuse that the Nigerian academic environment is hostile, a lot of students only want to graduate with first class without shedding a bead of sweat.

If you avoid these five mistakes and face your studies, you'll most likely graduate with a distinction.

Nigerian students both in Universities and Polytechnics often desire to graduate with distinction, but most of them usually finish with 2.1 or 2.2. Their inability to actualize their academic desires can be attributed to lack of determination and plans in their academic pursuit.

Apart from the fact or the excuse that the Nigerian academic environment is hostile, a lot of students only want to graduate with first class without shedding a bead of sweat.

There are many factors that can hinder a student's pursuit of distinction in higher institutions. Campus distractions are there to steal their time, but these five mistakes play a major role in derailing a student's dream of graduating with distinction. If y...

Harsh Realty Highly Neglected - Child Abuse in Afghanistan
01. July 2019 at 19:56
by Abdullah Abed
Me and my generation who were born in 1980s, then as children and now as young men/women can’t recall but war, bloodshed, hardship, immigration and plenty of the miseries still Afghan struggling with. As war's nature applies no exception in harming to people from any walk of the life but children pay much higher price than any layer of community.
Me and my generation who were born in 1980s, then as children and now as young men/women can’t recall but war, bloodshed, hardship, immigration and plenty of the miseries still Afghan struggling with. As war's nature applies no exception in harming to people from any walk of the life but children pay much higher price than any layer of community.  

Upon penning this article, as journalist, I recall my reports over multiple Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and landmine blasts in several provinces very recently in east and south of the country where children were struck by insurgent groups particularly, this is plus the mortality and injuries come to the children as result of suicide bombings, artillery shillings and … in different parts of the country.

It is believed tha...

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International Youth Journal