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Education System
22. October 2018 at 09:02
Education is to learn the techniques to be applied in practical life rather than memorizing the formulae and long complex mathematical equations. The fault in today’s education system is that the student do work of computers as well as of a human. Hence affecting their educational carrier and grades.
In past, before giving a task to an employ there were training seasons to make the employs able to operate the machines. Later on that process become schooling resulting the present education system. In past there were not such efficient computers to work and hence human have to work more but now the course is has been changed completely due to modern technology. But unfortunately we did not changed that old system of education.

Besides having modern technologies to store the formulae, students are compelled to rote that complex formulae which should not be done. We should teach the students that how these formulae can be applied and what is the technique of this process not to use them like a hard drive of a computer.

Some of the students have good grades but they don’t know the actual path of a process and lake the practical skills. This is all due to faults in education system. These faults make them frustrated and educated illiterate. If education become more practical the students will become more interested and will perform better as compare to theoretical system. And at last we will get real educated people in society.

Cite This Article As: Malak Majeedullah Khan. "Education System ." International Youth Journal, 22. October 2018.

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