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Does the Soul Exist?
08. July 2018 at 20:43
Have you experienced the whisperings within your being? Unbiased, Unprejudiced, Unpreprocessed! To examine subtle connection that reflects the presence and mysterious activity of consciousness in the world that there will be structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events that engage our minds and hearts. Trying to change, social, national or global realities without working on human consciousness means there is no serious intention.
Consciousness can be a big factor in creating change on the planet. Sending thoughts of love, healing intent, prayer, good intention, and more can have a powerful influence on what you are directing those feelings towards. Foundations rest upon insights through excerpts from Preserved scriptures and life experiences of Mystics, Singularity in thought from the moment of transcendence through a cosmic consciousness only in purpose for the development of Human potential. Does the Soul exist?

Descriptions of consciousness coincide precisely with the descriptions of the universe in quantum physics.

How can time be subjective to the human mind? (How long is 5 minutes? – it depends on whether you have 5 minutes left in an exam or five minutes in an elevator full of people). Only if the mind itself operates differently or through a different organ than the physical body can time be relative. Physical objects all experience time at the same rate, because all objects are traveling at the same speed (C) through time. The fact that time is subjective to the human mind means that consciousness itself travels through a substance that can travel at different speeds through time than the body. The body and the mind must be made of two distinct substances, because the body’s experience of time is constant, while the mind’s experience of time is subjective. The mind, or spirit, must be made of a substance that can travel at differing speeds through time, i.e. it travels faster at some moments and slower at others, thus producing different experiences of the same amount of time.

1. The spirit is made of a substance (tachyon particles? etc.) that can travel faster than the speed of light, and thus can go back in time. In this way the spirit/mind can retrieve memories, which are re-experiences of the past.

2. The spirit exists ‘consciously’ in at least 5 dimensions and thus can step out of time, the 4th dimension, (i.e. as a 3 dimensional person can step out of a 2 dimensional space, which would seem impossible to organisms only conscious of 2 dimensions) and can move to any place on the space-time continuum. This allows the spirit to exist in a space outside of the 3-dimensional universe (i.e. it is undetectable instrumentally) and explains the retrieval of memories (re-experiences) seemingly instantaneously by the brain. This is the most likely explanation.

Both cases suggest that memory is not merely a stored chemical compound (which even today has not been found and cannot be explained) in the physical brain, but that memory is actually the reliving of past experiences through the medium of the soul. This explains why individuals can actually hear, see, taste, smell, or feel objects and experiences from their past. The ability of the mind/spirit to retrieve this information is affected by the degree to which the mind/spirit is bound to the physical body. A mind/spirit less bound to its physical body would in theory result in higher memory recall in a particular individual and a mind/spirit strongly tied to its physical body would result in a greatly diminished ability to recall memories.

How does the mind/spirit affect an individual’s experience of time ??? This must be somehow in relation to the speed at which the mind/spirit is traveling (particle theory), or in relation to its position on the time/space continuum (dimensional theory). Different forms of stress manifest themselves in different experiences of time, thus the different types of stress must cause the mind/spirit to react in different ways. This may be better understood if different types of stress are examined.
Fear (as motivation for action) = speeds up time
Joy/Fun/Excitement/Enjoyment = speeds up time
Fear (as inaction/immobility) = slows down time
Uncomfortability/Awkwardness = slows down time
Boredom = slows down time
Pain = slows down time
Desire (want for something lacking) = slows down time

The most notable parallel between the two lists is the place of fear on both lists. The major difference between the two types of fear has to do with the difference between something that is a motivation and something that appears to be an unavoidable obstacle. The first fear includes the avoidance of pain or suffering (which explains the motivation), while the second fear involves certain and unavoidable pain or suffering. The difference between the two is then fear of the possible and fear of the inevitable (or something that at least appears inevitable).

Amazingly, this difference between the two types of fear also seems to point out the difference between the mental and physical states present when time is experienced quickly or slowly. The speeding up of time is present when pain or suffering is avoided (or not present), while the slowing down of time occurs when pain or a suffering of some kind is experienced, whether mental or physical.

Substance of the Soul
There is a sub-atomic particle, discovered in 1956, called the neutrino. This particle, because of its extremely tiny size, and elusive behavior is difficult for scientists to study. The missing 9/10ths of the universe is thought to be comprised of neutrinos and neutrino-like particles. Although neutrinos have mass, they pass right through physical matter. It has been estimated that a neutrino from the sun would stand a good chance of penetrating a thickness of lead stretching from Earth to the nearest star without colliding with anything.

Recent developments in physics, astronomy, and neurology provide an unexpected breakthrough into the understanding of psychic and paranormal phenomena. The atoms of our physical bodies contain the much finer and faster vibrating neutrinos and neutrino-like particles. These finer and faster vibrating particles compose the substance of the soul(theory), that is joined to our physical body by a magnetic cord that breaks at the moment of death. The soul breaks loose from the body when the body is no longer able to function as a home for it.

When one applies one's self to consistent power meditation, one's chakras vibrate at faster speeds. This takes training, preparation and readiness, but through the higher speeds, approaching the speed of light, one is able to access other dimensions at will. Humanity currently resides in a lower dimension. This has much to do with our earth and its position in space. In higher dimensions, colors, shapes, sounds, and thoughts are more vivid. One can see through walls and have the sensation of omnipresence. Telepathy is extremely enhanced and other senses become much stronger and more open beyond anything most people have experienced.

As a child I was drawn to questioning the concept of Soul.
A Certain Sanskrit song compelled me to memorize it, although at the time not understanding what it meant. For decades this particular song followed me around nudging me to remember and comprehend the fullness of the words. Consciousness expresses itself through creation...
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