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Decline of the power of Pakistan People’s Party
16. July 2018 at 21:27
The article deals with the declining street power of Pakistan Political Party. The party had the honor of being a ruling part of the country but now they are just remained in Sindh province.
Recently, the chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Zardari was seen active in a election campaign which was seen with many cars, buses and bikes all together to show their street power while making Bilawal; sit on a +4 wheeler lorry. On reaching to every city, the workers raised the slogans of Wazeer_e_Azam Bilawal which depicts that. They think that He would be next prime minister of Pakistan. I don’t know the crux of their ambiguity but at least I am sure that People, from their rally, have been clear about declining street power of Pakistan Peoples Party. Similarly, the party have also been caught for swallowing more than 90 billion rupees. Which were issued to spent on Larkana.

The lust for money and greed for power have made them out of their conscious level that Bilawal’s car killed a girl under wheels because she was crossing the road. Similarly the appointment of a pop singer Zamin Ali makes it bid ambiguous that; what the hell the part is doing with their people. Can someone tell me. How Zamir Ali, a pop Sindhi singer, was appointed as a TMO? Oh my God, the so-called lords of people appointed him on a position which purely belonged to those. Who have a god grip on management sciences, I am damn sure that he wouldn't be knowing the ABC of management and administration of a region except singing songs and entertaining the people. At least I won't vote PPP who is accused foe doing this bullshit blunder.

Few friends told me that you are indulging yourself in danger and your family at the verge of hurdles, difficulties, obstacles, hedges and hedgerows before your carrier. After listening this, I replied him; I belong to a Family; who is admired for making throne of Yazeed; bow before humanity, then how come it possible that I shouldn't do that? Instead, every Hussaini is liable to raise their voices against every type of barbarism, brutalities, bloodthirstiness, ferocity oriented harsh behavior of people, and wickedness of few witches and devils of a group.

I still witness the firm support of my favorite one Imam Hussain, SallamUllah Alaehi, blessed on Nelson Mandela that proves that Hussain SallamaUllah Alaehi is there for every cruelities going in the world, Then why we are still focusing on bullshits that; what is the sect of Imran Khan or Sain Kazim Shah, at least I won't make it a criteria of voting someone rather I would keep ahead the humanity ahead and one who is worth mentioning in that, I would vote them.

Cite This Article As: Muhammad Attique Shah. "Decline of the power of Pakistan People’s Party." International Youth Journal, 16. July 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/decline-of-the-power-of-pakistan-peoplersquos-party

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