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Empowering People in the Academe to use Social Media on a Daily Basis
24. May 2019 at 00:28
by Francine Beatriz Pradez
In light of the #Cancelled trend and the toxic environment that social media posits, how do we encourage educators and students alike to utilize social media and technology to aid in delivering and extending the kind of education that we envision from inside the classroom towards the confines of our own homes.

Around the globe, over 60% of children aged sixteen years old and above have an account on a particular social network which encompasses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others.[1] This is not a surprising phenomenon. When you look around, schoolchildren are often preoccupied with their phones in an attempt to battle their fear of missing out on the latest happenings surrounding their lives and the lives of their peers. They spend 116 minutes a day sharing content and browsing images and videos on online platforms.[2]

         In most academes, social media is viewed as a menace towards the educational growth of learners thus the ban of its use with...

Music As A Mechanism for Social Change in Liberia
16. May 2019 at 00:06
by Janet M Kamara
There is a wave of social change sweeping across Liberia since the country ended fourteen-years of brutal civil wars through a comprehensive peace provision that was formerly synchronized by the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in 2003.

Liberia has since advanced its development programs and partially revitalized its priority sectors through a United Nations Mission(UNMIL); and a set of assistance provided by the United States, China, European Union, and other donor institutions, has buttressed the country in the rebuilding of its health care sector, education sector, and natural resource management sectors.

The country has also stabilized politically with two democratically-elected presidents since a 1980 coup that led to sequential eras of civil wars across the country. Liberia former President and 2011 Nobel Prize Winner, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, was elected in 2005 as the very first woman president in Africa’s p...

In need of a Need!
14. May 2019 at 21:26
by Mary Joy Orola
A popular cliche reads, 'The need of man is insatiable'. As true as this fact seems, it is a gullible catalyst for unnecessary amassing of debris that will eventually kill man; only one thing is needful...

A need is something that is an absolute requirement for survival primarily and every living thing, man especially has got survival instinct in him. On this side of Creation, we all do all we can to make ends meet, in order to keep body and soul together; no breathing human is exempted from the rat race for relevance, eminence, and excellence to keep one's social influence or prominence. If one doesn't achieve all in his life time , he transfers the desire to his children and that continues fro generations. There is, no end to the craving.

Why do we feel a greater sense of responsibility and desire to amass more even when we seem to have laid hold on our needs so to speak?

This could only mean one thing. THERE IS A NEED STILL LEFT TO BE MET!

Every man is in need of a NEED! Build all t...

The Cattle Wars of South Sudan
14. May 2019 at 21:25
by Maulline Gragau
The story of a family of a South Sudanese lady demanding 250 cows as bride price from a prospective bridegroom went viral for all the wrong reasons. Many people on the internet were quick to judge the family for what they thought was a way to get rich by "selling" their daughter. Whatt they failed to understand was that it goes beyond bride price.

The family found themselves on the wrong end as many who criticised them do not understand their customs and traditions. Granted that as with many good things there is always bound to be some level of abuse, it is not different in this regard. That said, the issue of bride price and its significance is an entire discussion on its own which is beyond the scope of this article. 

For many Nilotic communities in Africa, cattle are a hot commodity such that those who have them are willing to die protecting them and those who do not are ready to kill to acquire them. Previously, young boys who would go herding cattle would use traditional spears to protect the cattle however this has changed. Nowadays, many of these herders carry automatic rifles which have caused a tremendous shift in the age-old cattle raids issue. A...

Essay Writing Services: Unethicality in Legality
08. May 2019 at 09:00
by Gavielle Gerico Cruz
Essay writing services are online websites arranged by anonymous writers that offer a wide range of service. With just one click, you can have your essays made for you, and you can continue on with your normal life without having to worry about your paperwork. In today’s world, the usage of these websites have dramatically soared. But the question remains: Is the practice truly ethical?

Essay writing services are online websites arranged by anonymous writers that offer a wide range of service. With just one click, you can have your essays made for you, and you can continue on with your normal life without having to worry about your paperwork. In today’s world, the usage of these websites have dramatically soared. This practice was dubbed as a “booming online industry” in 2017 by The Guardian (News website) having thousands of essays ‘made to order’ yearly. The demand for literary support has come about due to the everlasting predicament of present-day society: lack of time. But to what extent is this demand paid for? It has come to the attention of schools, universities, and the media that even under legal grounds, the practice of paying others to make essays for you and claiming these as your ...

When I wrote less..
08. May 2019 at 09:00
by Omkareshwar Jha
It's been a mysterious for a while and that while takes so many lifetimes to understand. Human psychology is more complicated when they try to be easy. Less or more characters of my life with you and your are doing well and that you are interested in me's and not themselves. When you try to be me who will be "You"??

Always good to hear about your experience with you and your. I am writing to apply my calibre and you??

When I wrote less seems complicated as if someone don't understand what I have been working on. But the secret is in reading the silent message that is not written. But the question is how can you read what's not written??

Think upon it for a while. And you be me you know it all. But how you will be me that's even a bigger question??

So what about human psychology in all this...

Well it's just you!!

The study of you is human psychology. And that you for you is "me" and not I. With such little ease I can say you be I but don't know who be you!

To find you in you is your job. I can stay with you but don't just rely on I. Rely on You!

Okay let's try again.. You be You but to know me You be ...

Mission Happiness
16. April 2019 at 09:01
by Bharti Kumari
Our generation is suffering highly from mental disorders, low level of happiness, and high disappointments must be taken into account. Together, we can make right things happen to make this world better place for each other.

As per data, provided by WHO around 450 million or 1 out of 4 people are suffering from mental health disorders. More than 40% of countries have no policies regarding mental health issue. There are several mental health disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsion where depression is ranked on 4th as disease burden cause. It is estimated that by 2020 it will be ranking 2nd. This data and reading about mental health sounds really big, and unrealistic to many. Many of us can’t imagine 1 out of 4 of us is suffering from a mental disorder, it sounds like umm no not us, right?

Major causes of stress and depression are found out to be any kind of abuse (majorly emotional), conflict, and loss of your close people, genetics and certain medication. If we discuss and go ...

My Job is to feed a Hungry Child
04. April 2019 at 09:01
by Nana Kwaku M Asamoah
For a lot of Ghanaians, having an opportunity to give back to society and make a difference in the life of someone is too often imagined as a far-fetched activity, one that only well-off individuals could afford. But the reality is that, a little selfless act such as feeding a person who is hungry will directly impact the very people you interact with each and every day.

Our country is everything that surrounds us, but an individual cannot care about all of the numerous/millions of issues and problems that occurs in the country. It is realistically impossible to suffer for every appalling acts of ill in the country or perhaps, agonize over every single poor person who lacks good drinking water, hospitals, basic sanitation, quality education etc…. This is why my ambition is not to concentrate on helping the entire country or help solve the issues of the entire country now, but to focus on lending a hand to a hungry child in my neighborhood and community. I improve the country by improving a tiny part of it.

Several years ago, I was convinced that solving the problems of country was the job of the government or so...

How Boarding Schools Prepare Students for Studying Abroad
03. April 2019 at 19:28
by Mohamed Emad
Go live with a complete bunch of strangers. Go leave your entire support system of family and friends behind. Go learn how to deal with a mountain of unfamiliar situations all by yourself. If you think about it, it’s not much different: Boarding school is just a mini-version of studying abroad.

Homesickness. If you traveled abroad at least once before, then you definitely know how it feels. If not, and you are planning to study abroad in the near future, then this is something you must be ready to face – and overcome. 

Basically, homesickness is the feeling of anxiety and loneliness when you are being away from home. Being pulled out of your usual ‘nest’ and thrown into an entirely new culture, forced to communicate only in a tongue not your own, is a radical change that gives rise to those negative feelings. Sooner or later, you will begin to miss everything back at your home country (your bed, your family, your country food, etc.). Eventually, you will become homesick, and the exciting journey of studying abroad that you always looked forward to becomes a gloomy nightmare you wish would end as fast as ...

02. April 2019 at 09:03
by Suman Mercy Sundar
Reality & Imagination have taken a toll already on Mental health & Physical health. These attributes highly reflect on our thought process and identify creation. Read this article to know what you are to Yourself. Before anyone else, what are you? To Yourself.


My mind cannot unsee the images screaming through my ears.

My mind cannot unsee the lies of a promised forever.

My mind cannot filter through the memories of cries.

My mind cannot hold back the raging anger for lost time.

I truly cannot unsee what it would be without anything being wrong with me.

There are always some times when I want to forget what I felt.

There are always times when I want to un-touch people and their reflection in my life alone.

There are times when I want to un-walk a path taken with a friend.

There are times I want to un-say things to My family.

There are times when we want to run into wild places with oddities for us to fit perfectly in. 

And then there are these gushing, golly smiles that make all this un-familiarity very much basic.<...

observation of the day
01. April 2019 at 09:00
by Omkareshwar Jha
Equality is wrong way that is conceptualize in our heads. Equality in rights, duties. Equality of gender. Equality in education & service. Let's explore the truth....

Equality is a wrong way that is implanted largely in heads. The direction itself is wrong. Because of past struggles & various infrastructure to torture the people's in slavery. The rights & revolutions took place & boomed the situation & we're in a better life right now.

For that time the requirements & mindset was struggling with situations & fights are going on at all possible levels of slaveries. Which was right that's why we're here in a position to take charge of the life that comes out of it. But due to slavery periods majority people's around the globe got a tendency to manage & maintain the self security & deep inside be defensive which seems right at surface level observation but when we analyse & go deep inside it's only a sensitivity that is always in alert mode with all senses ope...

Catching a glimpse of purpose (How I fell in Love with Adolescent Development)
30. March 2019 at 09:00
by Victor Oyelade
Sometimes all we need to catch a glimpse of our purpose is to travel to the extremes of the earth – those places most people will not go due to disease infestation, poverty and underdevelopment. You never know, your purpose might be right there, just waiting for you to come get it!

Although I wasn’t sure of what my passion is, by early 2015, I was a young, innocent First Degree Holder in Zoology waiting to be deployed by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). It finally came in May, anxiety rushed through my guts, I zoomed to the Café to print my call-up letter and see where I had been posted.

Right there, I was staring at the shock of my life! 

I had never been out of South-West (Nigeria) but I had been thrown to Zamfara state, an extreme end of North-West (Nigeria), believed to be the least developed part of our developing country.  The news was in town, “NYSC had sent call-up letters”. My parents called to ask where I had been posted, after I broke the news, there was silence over the phone, don’t be disturbed by it, we will work on a redeployment for you,

Mirror Mirror
21. March 2019 at 09:01
by Anujin Saruul
In the past, whenever I had to go on a date or attend an important meeting, I’d usually spend up to 3 hours in front of the mirror. Once the make-up routine came to an end, I would proudly say, “Who can be prettier than this girl?” But my inner mind was like, “Kendall Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian are still prettier than you , HAHAHA”.

I always seem to make myself somewhat sad, and unconfident, because I always believed that “pretty is not my thing”. So, I cleaned off all my make-up, undressed, ordered a pizza, and cherry coke. Anyway, I thought that I didn’t have to go on a diet because I was “ugly”, even when I was thin or fat I still believed I was ugly! Would you believe me if I said that it was everything I’ve thought for the last 5 years?

I later found out that it wasn’t just me, who was unsatisfied with the way I looked. About 97 percent of girls think that they are ugly, or unsatisfied with the way their body look or different type of unsatisfaction about their appearance.Only 3 percent of them thinks they are perfect.

Another reason why I was unhappy, was because of the...

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
11. March 2019 at 09:00
by Anubhav Harsh
Women empowerment is the ultimate need of the hour to witness the ideal notion of gender equality in the world. Gender equality is, first and foremost, a human right. Anyone in this world, is entitled to live life with dignity and freedom and without any kind of fear, regardless of gender.

It is a natural way and the only way. No one comes into this world by his choice of gender. So, naturally, gender based discrimination has to be of no existence. But, unfortunately, the gender inequality exists in the world. Gender equality is something that we have strived for, for a long time. Be it in terms of gender roles, right to education, right to reproduction decisions, etc. The times have changed tremendously, but much more needs to be done. Gender inequality acknowledges the fact that being of a different gender leads to difference in lived experiences.


Women empowerment is the ultimate key to achieve our goal of gender equality. Only if we will be able to let women enjoy the same rights, choices and freedom, then our society will be ideal as it should be. Empowering women is also an indispensable to...

The girl known by many names.
08. March 2019 at 21:40
by Apurva Mane
But she wasn't really the normal girl. Big fuzzy hair, dark skin, no idea of what she is wearing and why, don't know how to talk to other people were some of her attributes. Clearly, she felt she is not the most beautiful girl in the room everyone can die for.. But she knew that there is something about her so much more attractive than any of others...

Once I knew this girl who was known by many names in the society. Names that were given to her by different people with different flaws, different habits, and different thoughts. Some were her relatives, some were family members, some were friends, and some were boys having no other logical work to do obviously! They all gave her names as per their amenity. She on the other hand, gathered all of it and tried to do her best with all her vulnerabilities.

I can tell you she wasn't just a normal girl. Yeah yeah she loved to read books, eat cakes n chocolates, dance in bathroom laughing on her own which makes her quite normal. But she wasn't really that of normal. Big fuzzy hair, dark skin, no idea of what she was wearing and why, don't know how to talk to others were some of her attributes. Living like a wallflower wasn't ...

Role of Mohit Bansal In women empowerment
08. March 2019 at 09:03
by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Women are equal to men in every aspect. It is just that both have different bodies and different biological needs. But still she is not provided the environment to speak up about the sexual abuse. Mohit Bansal from Chandigarh is an active socialist who strongly believes in women empowerment. He inspires every women to step out from the shadow of people’ judgement and make choices in the light of their wisdom

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is an entrepreneur and a renowned photographer from India. Born in 1988, Mohit was into photography from a very early age. He has received a lot of awards throughout his career because of his excellent work. He is often regarded as one of the best photographers in India. From wedding photographs to capturing birthday moments, he does everything related to the photography. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh has worked with famous personalities like Mary Ellen Mark during the start of his career. Apart from photography, he shares a love for nature and wildlife and he often takes photographs of nature as much as he can.

Early Days

Born in ...

I saw you again
14. February 2019 at 09:00
by Jubilee Floren
Can someone notice a lonely Girl? Don`t lock yourself up in your room, open it and you`ll see the light you`ve been seaking.
I saw you
In the dark room
Doors were closed.

Don`t you have plans
to atleast
open the door?

I guess.
It is just you
Who locks up himself.

Another year has come,
A little sunlight reaches my room.
As the window opens
The wind blows on my face.

Another year has come,
No sunlight reaches my room.
The window no longer be opened
The winds no longer be felt.

Alone again,
Sitting in the corner
Wishing someone
To save me in this room. ...
My suicide: destroying our planet
12. February 2019 at 12:24
by Omkareshwar Jha
"Me" when you read this 2 letter word you said yourself. Tell me how it feels like. It's a sucide "my sucide"!! Now tell me how it feels while you read. Who's responsible?? Aren't you too.
This is the deepest blow of died emotion from my heart. That why "I" have to write it today. "I" means "you" yourself. Doing sucide every day. Today we can dare to say moon will be our home, someday mars will be our home, Kepler-438B planet be our home .....& a lot more. Why they don't dare to say that they save my home "my earth" that is our home.

We as innovators do invent & that ability is fantabulous but why they destroy my home "my earth". I'm not going to listen your non-sense logics because you are pushing me to the death. The tests of nuclear weapons they call it security & defence. That's the silly mistake even a kid knows that it hurts, it hurts my earth it is killing us everyday. No matter who do that, no matter why they do that, no matter when they do that......
The reawakening evil of rape in Nigeria
02. February 2019 at 09:01
by Abdulrahman Abdulganiyu
It is unarguably, that everyone in this country( boys and girls, men and women, male and female) is entitled to self dignity, liberty and shall not be subjected to inhumane treatment and non should be deprived nor shunned, castigated and violated by any individual individual however high so ever or how low so ever placed.
The Laws of our country are rightly Placed and have laid relative punishment for violation.This right and protection is for all but it is so sadden that in this era of advancement such right and dignity are being deprived.

In order to let this article reach its peak, I will like to bring to the fore a term "rape". To partake among those patriotic people , those aiming and intending good for the country and seek and hope its eradication, I intend to give a brief definition of rape and its causes.

In a nutshell, rape is a Threat, Intimidation,force to have Sexual Intercourse or other sexual Activity upon another Person, without his/her Consent. Rape has become a global ill, so far that it is clear to every current reader what am trying to portray in this art. As I am writing, it has gotten to a stage that every morning ...
Qualities of a good student
01. February 2019 at 09:00
by Meshach Idoko
What makes a student good has to do with a lot of factors. But this article seeks to expound on the qualities of a good student. These qualities will improve every student learning capacity whether for a classroom or life.
There are different but similar definitions of who a student is. But, generally, the word ‘student’ denotes someone who is learning.

According to the Simple English Wikipedia, a student is a person who is learning something. Students can be children, teenagers, or adults who are going to school, but it may also be other people who are learning, such as in college or university. A younger student is often called a pupil. Usually, students will learn from a teacher or a lecturer if at university. They also do much reading. A student can also be a person studying for a specific profession. Where the teaching is called “training” the student may be called a “trainee.” (

Whatever level or field, a student is a student, because he or she has subject him/her self...
That's "You"
01. February 2019 at 09:00
by Omkareshwar Jha
That's you. Me or anybody else can't tell you better then the mirror of yourself. That can see itself with closed eyes.... Come a little deep today & it will start something new from today!!
We today live in harmonious world today. That project that everything is fine.
I'm willing you to give a reference from an old Hindi movie that is everybody's experience.

"Bura kije, Bura hoga ; Bhala kije Bhala hoga. Yahi likh-likh ke kya hoga. ...." & the song goes on. Let me first translate it with best of my knowledge. It means "When we do good, good happens; When we do bad, Bad will happen. So why to write it over & over again.. ...."

I'm not talking about morality, I'm strictly speaking on the basis of the logic. Because the people's who read this all relate humanity not morality. Don't look at me like that haha let me complete then i accept your judgement with my knees down.

Imagine a real life scene with closed eyes & deep breath with absolute neutrality. Imagine that there is a place w...
Influence of mass media on society: an islamic point of view
28. January 2019 at 11:31
by Yasir Ibrahim
This article looks into the problem emanates from the mass media and how it affects our religion.Mass media is generally known as the channels through which messages are sent and received between the sender and the receiver. It involves the use of different technological processes that facilitates effective communication between large number of people. The mass media is a fundamental part of our contemporary life saddled with onerous task, as one of the agent of socialization.
In the name of Allah, the most Glorious, the most Merciful. Verily the best of speech is the book of Allah and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (S.A.W) The worst of affairs is the newly invented affairs in the religion and every newly invented affair in the religion is an innovation and every innovation is misguidance and all misguidance is in the hell fire. May Allah protect us.

If you look at the definition of social media you will find that it is the interaction amongst people in which they create, share, or exchange information, and idea in virtual communities and network. And Islam appreciate and welcome all forms of advancement as far as it does not go against the teaching of Muhammad (S.A.W) so my brothers and sisters if we look at the time of Prophet most of the people are unlettered that means they rely on memo...
How incessant robbery attacks poses security threat to Nigerian community
24. January 2019 at 10:20
by Alfred Olufemi
Residents of Ile-Ife, Osun state of Nigeria, have been assaulted, sustained injuries and lost valuables to Incessant cases of robbery attacks. The menace has been on the high side in recent times, Alfred Olufemi can report.
In the last four weeks, more than six houses were confirmed to have been invaded by burglars. However, the affected houses are situated in student- dominated areas such as Parakin, Asherifa, Adesanmi and Ibadan road.

Recall that in December last year, it was reported that a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Abiodun Babatola was murdered by armed robbers while phones, laptops and other valuables were carted away in Adam and Eve hostel, a private hostel facility.

In the words of the caretaker of the hostel, Mr. Sunday, who corroborated Premium Times report on the murder, “the deceased only came to visit a friend but it was saddening that he was stabbed in the head while other valuables were stolen. It was a day I cannot forget.”

Meanwhile, this correspondent gathered that, a group of bandits invaded a duplex along...
I don`t need YOU! pt. 2
21. January 2019 at 09:01
by Mary Joy Orola
'No man is an Island!' This saying has been used and passed on from one human civilization to another. It is so because man was not meant to be an island because the world where in we are planted is relational and anything otherwise is regarded an aberration!
’…See, I don’t do well with people not because I don’t want to but life experiences have made me wise, so I stay off! More so, I have found out that I am a melancholic and have a little bit of choleric in me, so I don’t butt into people’s lives; I let them live their lives while I live mine.”

The statement above was made in a conversation and the question that popped up in my mind was: ”How do you live then?” Really, living is beyond existing or surviving; it is being WHOLE and that requires relationship’

Yes, it is a known thing that we came from different backgrounds and have different personality traits; it is also true that we all have experiences that we might have gone through or still going through that possibly would want us to not give a ‘damn’ about p...
Pilferers of fortune: of the girl-child and sexual predators
18. January 2019 at 15:26
by Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman
It was a shocker. An incendiary bomb was at the verge of exploding. It was an unprovoked outburst of emotions; a spontaneous show of a value-impoverished society. To be sure, I zoomed the content of the news I was reading as I worked my phone through the Cyberspace.
It was not a conflict situation, but much more. And most unspeakable of all. The headline sent a pulse, I shivered and trembled. It was about a catastrophe looming, waiting to explode if nothing is urgently done to reverse its unprecedented accelerating pace.

From time primordial, man has lived in the lair of his own conceit. Women are subjected to oppressive living. Doubly disadvantaged by gender discrimination and all sort of gender based violences. Their education are often compromised and are always at grave health risks, and threatened by violence. However, a lawless society is a sin-free society. Successive governments, over the years, have silenced our cries - an unruly sun that withered and robbed the compound petals of her fragrances, and the malfeasance that soiled our pride. Their views and concerns remained the incomplete ...
Nigeria Students: silent victims of ASSU strike
17. January 2019 at 09:03
by Nurudeen Akewushola Yahaya
The article is about the ongoing ASUU strike that disrupts the academic activities in all Nigeria universities and emphasises the effect of the strike on students.
When negotiations cannot solve the problem between two parties in conflict, the matter will be prolonged until one party bows to the pressure of the other or a third party intervenes. The above aptly describes the ongoing face-off between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

We should recall that the last meeting between the two parties ended without any resolution. Though issues discussed were not disclosed to the public, but those who know the action and its interpretative meaning could guess right that: the government may wish to re-enact its deceitful method to lure the angry lecturers, while the lecturers may not be ready to dance to the tune of government’s deception again.

The presidency even confessed to the public that the lecturers’ demands are valid, but thereafter adopte...
Drug Addiction is Deadly
15. January 2019 at 09:11
by Mohamed Okash
Humans love drugs because of its addiction; they sell their health, their souls, and their physical organs even their own children just to get to their beloved narcotics. Globally, 3.3 million die each year for the use harmful alcohol and some 31 had drug use addictions (WHO, 208).Putting place a restrict rules is inviable to reduce and prevent the growing number of the young people effecting the drugs. Accessible Drug tests should be widely used in Work Places, schools and college and many others places in order to limit the drug usage and its addiction. Drugs are dangerous and deadly.
Humans love drugs. A statement so trues it’s almost an understatement. Humans love drugs because of its addiction; they sell their health, their souls, and their physical organs even their own children just to get to their beloved narcotics. The appeal of drugs is very difficult to ignore; they provide an escape from the troubles of the real world, from all the disappointments, failures and insecurities to a surreal almost abstract representation of the real world where punches on you don't land, insecurities vanish, your worries disappear and you simply are the king of the world. Mind-altering narcotics work in an extremely different variety of ways. Some are called depressants, they slow down the function of the brain by slowing down the messages going to and from the brain, and they give a mellow relaxed feeling. They include alc...
What An Abundant Life in Present
13. January 2019 at 15:57
by Muhammad Bilal Tahir
Living a meaningful life isn’t a goal to be achieved in future or an event from the past that gives us the feeling that we have lived an abundant life. Instead, the art of living an abundant life comes from the present. The question of living an abundant life is usually formed in a way in which the subject is asked if he or she will have lived the abundant life when they get old. Many human beings die a sudden, tragic death in a very young age.
Because the time of death is not fixed, instead of questioning if we will be able to live an abundant life, we should question if we are living an abundant life in present. The honor/identity that you are born with, the willingness of attaining knowledge, search of true love, and the struggle to achieve all of these things help a human being living an abundant life in present.

Human beings are born with certain identities that they continue to live with for the rest of their lives. Such identities include tribes, casts, religions, ethnicity, family background, and social status.. The honor of being born in a particular family or religion has shaped the way we view the world. It also brings for us the responsibility of achieving our dreams while staying honorable under the guidelines of our family ideology. While discussing the matter...
Narrative of a Yali Beneficiary - A call for youth awakening in Leadership
09. January 2019 at 09:06
by Esimaje Michael Onoseme
My eyperienece as a participant of the Yali RLC Accra Program Online Chort 7 Experience.
Key take away from the program
My key take away from the program is never start a business to make money but to solve a problem and provide a solution. This I learnt from one of the sessions on entrepreneurship.

Challenges or possible reasons for discouragement e.g the attitude of the organizers, your internship or community Service
My biggest challenge during the program was the uncertainty that enveloped the program from start to finish. From the postponement of kick off to the change in the layout--- that is we were promised that we have a 5 weeks of online and 1week onsite training at the Regional Leadership Centre Accra. It was really hard to plan around the program. But thankfully I was one of the few people who completed the program against the odds.

Future plans from here</...
Be happy
14. December 2018 at 09:02
by Mahmoud Fakhry
If you were looking for sadness then welcome to my world, if want fake smiles then welcome to my world, if you are looking for any un-honest, non-coming from the heart then hello to my damn world. Is that a little aggressive? I don’t care.
For every moment I spent sadly I write to you hoping you a great life. I don’t care anymore, every moment I spent sadly is because of you, don’t act like innocent cause you are faking my friend. Don’t make yourself as society’s victim cause you ’re not either me, we are ourselves, victims, we are the one who’s killing ourselves. And you know what.

I am not blaming you, my dear friend, the only one I am blaming is myself that had believed in the existence of good. No there is no in this world to be more specific no one is making the life good for you, you are fighting alone, in your life’s battle and in others battle. Even if you were 60 years old and you don’t know the truth of human being, then you are a kid.

So, listen to me kid you are the reason of your sadness and your happiness...
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