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Cultural exchange of Ukraine and Nigeria: interviewing
24. June 2018 at 19:24
Today you have an opportunity to learn more about Ukraine and Nigeria and values of citizens in these countries. You can also read what Nigerians know about Ukraine and what Ukrainians know about Nigeria. Moreover, you are able to compare two cultures and find out the feelings of Nigerian who has come to Ukraine.
Every country has its own unique culture. It is so interesting to open new cultures, people’s traditions and find out other lifestyles. The most powerful and wonderful way to know more about a certain culture is visiting the country where this culture is. However not all people can afford it so there are other ways to satisfy your interest: reading and communication. You can read more about culture or you can communicate with citizens personally using the Internet. Today you can improve your knowledge by reading this article. So let’s start our cultural exchange. Comparison of people’s values in these two countries.

I’ve taken two interviews of one Ukrainian and one Nigerian man. Of course, values of one person cannot tell us about values of whole country but culture influences on citizens a lot so we can find some common and some different. I asked them to give me top 5 of their values. Here are the results of this Experiment:

Sam, 29, Nigeria
1. Decency
2. Honesty
3. Cheerfulness
4. Gratefulness
5. Positive mindset

Mark, 23, Ukraine
1. Family
2. Health
3. Own business
4. Friends
5. Opportunity to find out something new

You can see that the word “values” can have different meaning for different people. Here are the examples what Ukrainians and Nigerians thoughts are.

Knowledge about countries
We are back to two previously asked people.

Mark, 23, Ukraine: I don’t know a lot about Nigeria. I know that this country is on African continent. The first association is black-skin population. I know that there are the Tuareg people in this country. I think it’s hard to compare Ukrainians and Nigerians because there are many differences in culture in particular religion. There are many Muslims in their county but Ukrainians are chiefly Christians.

Sam, 29, Nigeria: Before my arriving to Ukraine I have heard more bad than good. However, I knew that Ukraine was under formal Soviet Union and they practice socialism. In addition, it has low economy, attractive educational system and more active women than men.
The feelings of Nigerian who has come to Ukraine

Sam, 29: My first impression about Ukraine when I had come here was the people. They impressed me the most with their willingness no matter what. I like respect in the citizens of my country the most but in Ukrainians, I enjoy willingness to help. Even if they are in a hurry doing something or going somewhere, they will still wait patiently and offer whatsoever help you need. That’s so mind-blowing for me. The parents show so much love and care for their children that you will quickly want to go and have your own children. They give them time and always play with them. I’ve really learnt a lot from them. The people are just so amazing and lovely. They are accommodating and caring. Of course, it doesn’t mean all of them but most of them. There will always be exceptions, just like in any setting. Moreover, I broke my stereotypical thinking when I had come here. I have heard Ukraine has the highest number of HIV patients in Eastern Europe. I’ve heard Ukraine wasn’t so corrupt but people complain about politicians. Comparing Nigerian and Ukrainian cultures, I can say that the main differences are that there aren’t many ceremonies in Ukraine. In these two countries, there are different children upbringing and respect for adults. I like Ukraine and I’m glad to be here.
Cite This Article As: Anna Kontseba. "Cultural exchange of Ukraine and Nigeria: interviewing ." International Youth Journal, 24. June 2018.

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