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Confused seperation
27. July 2018 at 00:53
I have been to Lahore my friends accompanying me and our last show which we were eager to be a part of was Wagah boarder .Yes we reached there accordingly and everyone was excited and slogans of ''Pakistan Zindabad'' all over and patriotic songs were played etc etc. But not so long the other side (indian) catches my attention and a boarde planted in between to demarcate (the two nations).
The word nation took me to the pioneer of the two nation theory Sir Syed Ahmed Khan "muslims and hindus belong to two different religious philosophies ,social customs and literatures" it took me a while to memorize this definition in my childhood by the way. Anyways my eyes were constantly shifting sometimes towards them and then on our people and i was playing a game used to play in childhood of finding the differences between the two pictures but unfortunately in vain and haven't found any.

Yes yes i haven't found any remarkable difference except they were large in number was not much difference in clothing not that difference in dancing. I kept on searching more by gathering more events back home .We people see their dramas they see ours. Pakistan is their second home of Bollywood .The boldness which is shown in these Bollywood and Lollywood industries is going head to head in both countries like the missiles and atom bombs comparison I find no marginal difference in our marriage ceremonies and occasional parties and theirs .So the social customs come into play here must be omitted from the original definition.

Now lets talk about religious philosophies .I think philosophy is a hard and heavy word and it should be kept apart from the nation and is destined to thinkers and philosophers only, it is happening in actuality .Most of the awam don’t cares and philosophers of deen (maulvis) are though considered respectable at some extent and only when they are needed in mosque or janazah. Rest they are rest in peace .Literally speaking now-a-days no father even think that his son should be a maulvi “maulvi bhi koi profession hy ”.So the result is that now our every second talk is non ethical and is out of the course of Islam. So better to extrude the word ‘religious philosophies’ from the so far hanging definition.

The third and the very crucial term upon which there were hundred of killings and turbulence was literature. Don’t tell me that I am writing all this in English for you people because we are attracted and judged only my our smartness in English nothing more in both countries .We are given high ranked jobs on our level of English. My friends at Wagah along with other people were very patriotic and a tone of hatred was there for the opposite sides but I was wishing if this doorway is opened then will it matters!

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