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Comfort zone. Do you need to go out it?
11. July 2018 at 14:50
What is the comfort zone? Why do many people affirm that you have to go out from your comfort zone? What to do if you can't go out it?
Comfort zone is some space where you feel comfortable. This is your routine life, personal space, places where you used to spend time and close people. Sounds great and it looks like you really don’t need anything else. However, there are two types of people: who guess it’s necessary to go out from it and ones who think there is no need to do it.

Let’s explore “for” and “against”.
Why do you need leave your comfort zone?
1. You will see more opportunities around you
2. You will be able to meet more new people
3. You will try something new
4. You will be not afraid of making changes
5. You will be always for explore something new, go wherever and whenever to find new emotions
6. You will feel energetic and independent

Why do you not need to leave your comfort zone?
1. You are always happy to be where you used to be.
2. You are happy to be with people who you know and it’s enough
3. You don’t need to try something new, everything suits you
4. You don’t need to make changes
5. You feel comfortable and don’t need more emotions in your life
6. You feel nice and stable

Differences between two types of people are because of their values and preferences. People who are for going out it think about emotions and moments. They strive the life full of energy so they do the best to find opportunities, try everything new and use all blessings they could. In their values, top 3 positions are freedom, active lifestyle and possibilities for development. People who are against it think in another way. They used to live a stable life. They are happy to live that life and they don’t need to change something and search something new because their top 3 values are constant and have already embodied, for example, good job, family and love.

Despite these two types are opposite, none of them is better or worse. They are just different and people of both groups can be happy and successful. Your luck, intelligence, success and wealth don’t depend on what type you are. It is also important what these words mean for you. Leaving your comfort zone just helps you to realize your plans and desires and staying in it helps you to support your life in the position you want. But sometimes people can spend all life in comfort zone and the question arises "Are your really happy or just feel comfortable?"

Nevertheless, you can change the type you are. It depends on your desires and feelings right now. If you used to be in your comfort zone and as usual, everything was okay but now you feel that you want something new, more impressions and experience, you need to go out from it: make some friends, go on a trip, visit any event, read a book or join sport club – any new activities can diversify your routine life and make you happier. If you were always for new emotions and events, trying more new for yourself and developing as much as possible but now you find out that it’s enough and you want a stable life with calm and harmony, you don’t need to go out from your comfort zone. Vice versa, you should do the best to make your comfort zone more suitable and cozier for you.

However, with leaving the comfort zone may be some troubles. Have you heard about people who are afraid of it? If you think you have a problem like that, here are some recommendations:
1. Don’t be afraid of being yourself. You are amazing as you are. If you don’t feel comfortable to make friends because of your self-doubt, appearance or other complexes, FORGET ABOUT THEM! People like optimistic, friendly and smiled people and if you forget about things that worry you, you will feel relaxed and happy so will be able to accept new people easier and faster.
2. If you feel alone and not confident in a new place, you will just need to keep calm. Find in this place something that remind you about places where you used to be. If you can’t, you should spend more time in this place to adjust quicker. You can also talk with somebody about it because sharing your feelings are always useful.
3. If you are afraid to try something because you can fail it, something can go wrong and you are not sure that it’s yours, JUST TRY! You can’t know it exactly without trying. I assure you that everything depends on you, your life is in your hands and if you say that you can’t something, it will so. Don’t hesitate to try new because you don’t know the result. If it’s successful, you will find a new hobby, deal or open your hidden talent. If it’s failing, it will be your priceless experience. Remember the clever words of an unknown author: "Comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there".

What is for you – it’s your choice. Only you can choose your lifestyle. In your vital deals, follow only your feelings and wishes. You are responsible for your life and no one could help you to be happy if you don’t make efforts. Leaving or staying in your comfort zone can help you feel better in different occasions of your life. Think what you really need and believe your mind.

Cite This Article As: Anna Kontseba. "Comfort zone. Do you need to go out it? ." International Youth Journal, 11. July 2018.

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